Edit the Image Template Optimization

Everyone hates the Image Template optimization from Advantage+ Creative. But you might actually be able to make it look decent…

The Image Template optimization adds a solid bar and your headline across the top of your ad image. Advertisers complain about how terrible it looks, and clients complain that it often conflicts with branding colors and styles.

Image Template

It’s almost as if Meta intentionally makes this enhancement look bad to stand out (because ugly ads work sometimes). It looks that bad. I’m probably like most advertisers and I usually just turn it off.

Well, we might be able to fix that.

Once you’ve finished creating your ad in Ads Manager, click the Edit button under Advantage+ Creative.

Image Template

Find the Image Template preview and click “Adjust fonts and colors.”

Image Template

You can then adjust the text style and the background color. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s a way to change the text color (only text style) or size, but this is a start.

Image Template

I’m no designer and I still struggle to make it look good with edits, but at least this is an option. You may have better luck than I do.