Do You Remember Power Editor?

Only the real ones remember Power Editor…

The life of Power Editor covered about a six-year span beginning in 2012. At first, it was a Chrome plugin that was originally created for editing your Facebook ads in bulk.

You had to DOWNLOAD your ads into Power Editor every time before using it — don’t forget! And you needed to upload when you were done.

It was crazy buggy and frustrating. But if you were serious about Facebook advertising, you only created ads using Power Editor or a third-party tool.

You’d get access to special features that were only available there. Some of those special features…

1. The News Feed Placement. I had completely forgotten about this. You could show Promoted Posts there, but not other ads.

2. Ads on Mobile Devices. Again! Completely forgot. Ads were originally only on desktop. Mobile placement access first came to Power Editor and the API.

I was digging through the old crates and I found these old posts that I wrote more than a decade ago. The first was from June 2012 and the second was from April 2013. While I wrote plenty in between on Power Editor, these two had so many screenshots it brought back feelings.

In so many ways, Power Editor birthed my business. The confusion and frustration that it generated from people who were serious about advertising created an opportunity for me.

Were you there for Power Editor? What do you remember?