Do Old Verified Pages Get Benefits?

What happens to my verified Facebook page?

Now that Meta is rolling out Meta Verified for businesses on Facebook and Instagram, I’m curious how this impacts businesses like mine.

I haven’t signed up for Meta Verified, but my Facebook page was verified YEARS ago (I’m old). My Instagram profile was never verified because I never really used it until the past year or two.

Those with the old school verification have the exact same blue checkmark as businesses that get Meta Verified. Does my page get any of these other benefits?

Do I get better support? Will I show up at the top of search results? Will my page get featured in these Meta Verified carousels?

I assume not, I guess. But it also wouldn’t shock me if pages like mine are grandfathered in. Otherwise, why give us the exact same blue checkmark?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I guess we’ll see once some of these benefits become visible.

Did your business get verified under the old method? What do you think?