Do Not Touch an Ad That’s Working

Do not touch an ad that’s working.

If you’ve been in Facebook advertising for a while, you’ve likely heard this a million times. You’ve probably even experienced some valuable lessons.

Unfortunately, I found myself in this situation recently. I just couldn’t help myself.

I was running a Facebook lead ad that was getting pretty good results. Every day, the Cost Per Lead was dropping. Unfortunately, there was some stuff going on in the back end with CRM syncing that was a problem.

Looking back, my next move wasn’t the best one. But I did it. I duplicated the form so that I could move to a different lead syncing tool and easily keep track of which tool was syncing from which form.

At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t making a change to the campaign, the ad set, or the ad copy or creative. I wasn’t really even making a change to the form since all I did was duplicate it. As far as the user would know, nothing was different.

And then, of course, everything tanked. BADLY. Even after I switched back to the original form, I couldn’t get those results back.

Truly, this is dumb. It makes no sense why this has to happen. As smart as the algorithm can be, this is not one of those examples.

Unfortunately, we may need to make changes sometimes. And we want to make those changes without fear of the campaign blowing up on us.

How about you? Do you deal with this?