Do Not Optimize for Link Clicks

If you want to drive quality traffic with Facebook ads, do this instead…

Create a custom event that fires when something happens that signifies a quality website visit. Then use it to measure your results. You may be surprised by what you see.

When optimizing for a link click or landing page view when driving traffic to a blog post with Facebook ads, you will get a good CTR. You will get a low CPC. But the quality of those clicks is likely to be garbage.

How do you know? That Quality Visitor custom event. In my test, a Quality Visitor was someone who spent two minutes on a page and scrolled at least 70%. It cost over $50 to get a quality visitor by optimizing for link clicks and over $13 when optimizing for landing page views.

But when optimizing for that Quality Visitor custom event, it costs me around $1. It may result in fewer clicks and a higher CPC, but the clicks are much more likely to be quality.

Quality visitors are much more likely to do quality things that you want them to do down the funnel.