Embedded YouTube Video Custom Event

This might be my favorite custom event.

When someone plays an embedded YouTube video on my website, an event fires.

That event captures:

• URL it was on,
• Title of the video,
• Percentage of the video that was watched
• Total time watched in seconds

I add a column to my Ads Manager to see how often people are watching these videos from my ads.

You can even set this event as a performance goal and optimize for it. That might make sense if the video is the focus of a page. You could create a custom conversion using this event based on a specific video watched.

If you wanted to do some crazy detailed retargeting, you could also create a custom audience based on that video.

To set up these events, I’m using Google Tag Manager to manage my pixel. Since YouTube is a Google product, GTM has built-in triggers that make these events possible.

You can learn more about some of the custom events I’m using here:

9 Custom Events That Fire on My Website

Are you using custom events?