Content Creation Takes Time

You’ve got to be patient with your content…

I’m in the middle of a content audit, going back through blog posts from 11-12 years ago. What stood out to me was how I struggled.

For so long, I lacked a strong voice, a consistent style, a topic focus, and confidence.

I faked it for a while. It’s funny because I forget how difficult it was and how long it took me to truly find my footing. Going back through those old posts was humbling.

Understand that I wrote 600 blog posts during those first two years. It took until I got to the 450-500 range where I was like, ”Yeah. That looks like something I might write these days.”

My point: This takes time. You can’t blog, create videos, or start a podcast and give up in a few months because you think it doesn’t work.

You might be frustrated by your progress. You may worry that you aren’t finding that voice or content focus. But your content today is not what your content will be a year from now.

Even for me, I’d say that my content is still evolving all the time. Learning to be better every day.

Be patient, trust the process, and create a ton of content. The more you create, the faster you’ll learn.

It’ll come.