Tip: Contact a Meta Ads Rep

There’s a new way to contact a Meta ads rep…

Advertisers often complain about an inability to get help when they need it. I spotted something new that might help, assuming you have it.

In Ads Manager, see if you have this icon on the bottom right. It’s a phone, all by itself. Hover over it and it reads, “Talk to a Meta Marketing Pro.” Click that.

You’ll then get a contact form. Provide contact info and then you can select from available time slots. If you don’t like those times, click “Find other slots.” You can then manually select an available time by date. Then click “Schedule a Call.”

That’s it! Of course, those of us who have spoken with ad reps will tell you it’s not easy to get a good one. Many are simply sales reps trying to get you to spend more money. You are likely to know more than many of them.

But if you have a problem and are struggling to reach somebody, this may be a good option.

Try it out and report back!