Consistent Eye Level in Your Videos

Here’s a tip to help you keep the eye level right in your videos.

This is one of those things that I’ve seen shared lots of times by videographers. It’s not original, but it’s my contribution.

Videographers say that it’s important to keep your eye level consistent so that a video isn’t jumpy. And I’ve gotta say that they’re right.

First, you should use the grid tool in your phone to set up so that your eyes are along the first horizontal line. It doesn’t need to be perfect, of course. I tilt my head and bob around a lot. No big deal.

But that only solves for the primary shot. If you add jump cuts, zooming in and out, this creates a challenge. How do you keep your eye level along that original line?

That’s where you need to add a line as a layer to your editing. This gives you a guide when you’re moving your video to keep your eye level consistent.

It’s a small thing. But these small things add up!