Changes to Facebook and Instagram Shops

Today (August 10) is a big day for Shops. Hang with me because Meta’s page of dates is super confusing…

The main thing to understand is that Meta is forcing businesses to enable Checkout with Facebook or Instagram. No more links out from your Shop to your website to complete the purchase. There are some caveats.

This is a recap, but read Meta’s documentation as well.

1. No more Shops in the US onboarded using third-party partners as of August 10 without enabling Checkout with Facebook or Instagram.

2. Businesses in the US will no longer be able to host a Shop on their Facebook page or Instagram account without Checkout enabled.

3. Shops in the US that were created without Checkout enabled will still be *accessible* until April 24, 2024. I assume it won’t be available from the Facebook page or Instagram account.

4. Shops in 21 international markets can continue to use Shops without enabling Checkout until further notice (lucky them!).

5. If you don’t have a Shop with accessible Checkout, you’ll no longer have access to features like product tagging and creating new custom or lookalike audiences based on people who visited their shop.

It’s a lot. It’s confusing. I think this is how it will work, but feel free to read Meta’s documentation as well. The main thing is that your Shop probably needs to enable Checkout with Facebook or Instagram if it isn’t already.

Are you on top of this?