Camera Setup for Recording Videos

Here’s my camera setup for recording videos.

I don’t use a DSLR or another camera. I just use my iPhone 14 Pro. Here are the main things that I do…

1. I prop my phone up on a small tripod on my desk to get the proper eye level so that I’m not looking up or down at the camera.

2. I turn on Cinematic Mode to get that blurred background look.

3. I use the rear camera rather than the selfie camera since the quality is slightly better.

4. So that I can position myself while using the rear camera, I mirror my phone to my iPad. This allows me to keep it in portrait and keep the grid (which I don’t think can be done with Continuity Camera). This also allows me to have notes or do a screen recording on my main monitor at the same time.

5. All of the jump cuts and zooms are done in editing using Screenflow.

Hope this helps!