Budget Scheduling

Check it out, Meta is rolling out Budget Scheduling…

When you set a daily budget in the ad set or while using Advantage Campaign Budget, you may see this option for Budget Scheduling:

Budget Scheduling

“You can now schedule budget increases in advance based on certain days or times when you anticipate higher sales opportunities, peak traffic or other promotional time periods.”

Check the box to increase your budget during specific time periods. Provide a date and time for when this change will start and end.

Budget Scheduling

You can increase by a dollar amount or percentage compared to the base daily budget. You’re able to add up to 50 time period entries.

This will be super useful for budget planning during the holidays. You may set a daily budget through the end of the year, but increase the budget during promotions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It’s not clear whether there’s a risk of re-entering the learning phase, but Meta has been much more forgiving there lately.

Do you have this feature yet?