Breakdown by Country and Audience Segments

You probably don’t know about this breakdown

Meta’s best new feature is audience segments. After you define them in ad account settings, you can break down results of Sales campaigns to see how your ads were distributed. You hopefully know this already.

Audience Segments Breakdown

But there’s another breakdown, too.

How it Works

Breakdown by geography, and then select Country and Audience Segments.

Breakdown by Country and Audience Segments

When you breakdown by audience segments, you get separate rows for Engaged Audience, Existing Customers, and New Audience. But when you breakdown by Country and Audience Segments, you get even more visibility into how this is impacted by location.

Unfortunately, I don’t see conversion results with this view like I do with the main breakdown by audience segments. It’s possible that this is a bug since many of my breakdowns aren’t working properly right now.

But even without conversion data, you get general metrics broken down like the amount spent or CPM. In my example from the video, the difference in ad spend dedicated to my Engaged Audience wasn’t that different by country, but there’s a much bigger separation for New Audience.

Breakdown by Country and Audience Segments

This breakdown can help you spot other trends and disparities related to your audience segments that are isolated by country.

Is this something you’ve used?