Beneficiary and Payer Requirements for EU

Beneficiary and Payer requirements are coming for all new, edited, and duplicated Meta ads targeting people in the European Union.

If you target any countries in the EU, you will see a message in your ad set requiring additional information. This is due to regulatory requirements in the European Union that will require transparency about who benefits directly from your ad and who is paying for it.

You need to indicate the Beneficiary of the ad and Payer, if it’s different from the beneficiary.

The beneficiary is the entity that benefits from the advertising. This should usually be obvious based on the brand you are promoting.

The payer is who is actually paying for the advertising. You might have the parent company pay for the ad that benefits a subsidiary. This is of course especially important for politics and social issues.

Beginning June 21, this will be required for all new, duplicated, or edited ads targeting the EU. Otherwise, it will not be published.

This information will be available in the Meta Ad Library later this year. It will remain available for one year after your ad serves its last impression.

I’m curious if this will prevent some advertisers from running ads in the EU. Will it scare them off? Will they be confused to the point of not wanting to bother with it?

It’s possible that this could present an opportunity for those who continue to advertise there. Competition and costs could drop, at least temporarily.

What do you think?