Automatic Delivery Recommendations

Should you automatically apply delivery recommendations? Let’s dig in…

You may have seen this message in your Account Overview: “Automatically Apply Delivery Recommendations.”

Meta’s documentation says this about Delivery Recommendations:

“Delivery recommendations are suggestions in Meta Ads Manager to help improve the performance of your active campaigns. They’re based on the current or predicated performance of your campaigns and other advertisers’ campaigns across Meta technologies.”

And then…

“For example, combining ad sets and campaigns, understanding auction overlap and managing creative fatigue.”

This is where I struggle. I do see Meta’s delivery recommendations. I rarely accept them. Especially when they want me to combine ad sets.

I understand why they want me to combine them. But it’s usually two ad sets from completely different campaigns. It would mean giving up on one of the campaigns (if it was the only ad set in it), and I’m just not ready for that yet.

I’m just not comfortable handing that decision over to Meta.

Look, I finally came around to going broad and using all placements. Let’s slow your roll here, Meta. You don’t get to do everything automatically.

One thing at a time. How about you?