Audit the Website First

Before taking on that new client, you must do an audit of their website. A website audit is like a home inspection before you make that big purchase. You do not want surprises later.

Your performance will be measured by your ability to drive website conversions. While that’s fair, you only impact half of that equation.

You could develop the perfect campaign that inspires action on your ads. The ideal customers click because they want to buy this product. And then the page loads. And loads. And loads.

Or they get to the product page, and it looks like it was designed in 1997. Broken links. Confusing flow. Built on a cheap or outdated platform.

Then the results start coming in. Or the conversions don’t come in at all.

The client is disappointed and the focus falls on you. YOU promised to get them sales!

Don’t let this happen. Know what you’re getting into.

If you audit the website and spot problems, make it clear to the client how it will impact your efforts. You will likely see fewer website conversions. Have them commit to correcting the problems first if you can.

Otherwise, just move on.

The website is one of the six priorities I wrote about when picking an ads client. Read it here.