Are You Using Link Clicks Wrong?

That doesn’t mean what you think it means!

One of Meta’s most prominent metrics is Link Clicks, and most advertisers have no idea what it means.

Link clicks include clicks, taps, or swipes on links to websites, app stores or app deep links, click-to-message CTAs, Shops, lead forms, Marketplace, playable experiences, and videos. This also applies to CPC and CTR related to link clicks.

What you probably want is Outbound Clicks. These only include clicks to websites, your app in an App Store, and app deep links.

Or you may want Landing Page Views, which are counted when a person loads a web page or Instant Experience. Landing Page Views require you to have the Meta Pixel installed.

You should notice that you’ll typically get the most link clicks, followed by Outbound Clicks and then Landing Page Views.

Make sure you follow the right metric based on your needs.