Are AEM Changes Due to Improved Modeling?

Recently I spotted the following message when hovering over the header row of the Results column in Ads Manager:

“Changes to how conversions are reported: As part of our ongoing efforts to support advertisers through industry and regulatory changes, we are making changes to how conversions are reported, such as expanding our use of conversion modeling. You may see more complete reporting.”

First… COOL! More complete reporting. Love to hear that.

But this came up in my community’s recent strategy session as a potential explanation for how Meta is able to remove some of their requirements related to Aggregated Event Measurement.

They no longer need advertisers to configure and rank their events because modeling is so good.

That’s a reasonable assumption, but I’d love to hear it from Meta. And I’d love to hear Meta explain not only if it’s due to modeling but precisely what they’re doing now instead of relying on the configuring and ranking of events from advertisers.

Without that, we’re just guessing. And that’s kind of annoying.