Are Blogs Making a Comeback?

Are blogs making a comeback in 2024?

Some might say they didn’t go anywhere, but let’s be honest. Blogs have fallen down the marketing priority list in the past few years.

I keep seeing marketers predict that blogs will be big in the new year. The argument the way I understand it is that people are losing trust in other forms of content.

This is likely driven by how short-form video gurus have taken over social. Everything is about quick hacks and get-rich-quick schemes. So a return to the simplicity of blogs could be in demand.

While it makes some sense, it also happens while traffic sources to blogs are dwindling. It’s why I found it so startling that I kept seeing this prediction.

Social devalues links in favor of videos. Search engines are devolving into AI-powered answer engines. Email open rates are falling.

How could blogs possibly overcome these negative trends to return to prominence?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for this to be true. My blog is a huge part of my business, and it was the source of my success in years past. I even wrote more than 100 blog posts just this year.

But I’m also a realist. I started my blog at the best possible time more than 12 years ago. The type of content I created was in high demand. But user behavior has changed. The landscape has changed. While I’ve kept my blog going, it’s why I’ve pivoted to short-form video.

The next big thing? Consider me hopeful, but skeptical.

What do you think?