An AI ChatBot Trained on Website Content

I’m testing out an AI chatbot that’s trained on my website using SiteGPT. Still early, but check it out…

I’ve trained it on 25 links in all that include things like…

– About Me
– Posts about my advertising philosophy
– Ads FAQ
– Ads Glossary
– Important and relevant blog posts

It’s still a process of tweaking and refining. I feature some of the highlights here, but it’s definitely not perfect yet. There have been some frustrating moments.

It utilizes ChatGPT, so any issues I’m still having are likely more to do with ChatGPT than with the app itself. It’s also working on GPT-3.5 right now, so I’m sure it will be quite a bit better on GPT-4.

This is the way I’ve envisioned leveraging AI to offer value. A chatbot that is trained on my content and can quickly and easily answer questions and direct visitors to specific content, products, and ways to reach me.

I’m currently beta testing it with my PHC – Elite community, but if all goes well I’ll expand the content it’s trained on and roll it out to a broader group.

Have you tried anything like this?