AI-Powered ChatBot with Chatbase

This is the latest iteration of my AI-powered chatbot.

I’ve experimented with seemingly every possible app, but this is likely the direction I’ll go. This time, I’m using Chatbase.

I’ve trained this bot on more than 140 pages of my website. My hope is that it will be able to behave as an extension of my content.

I’ve created two chatbots. One is trained entirely on Facebook ads-related content. The other is trained on short-form video tips and strategies.

I’ve added the bot that’s trained on short-form video information to my Short-Form Video Blueprint training. Adding this bot to the training can make that bot super focused on that content and give the students of the training access to quick answers.

I see huge opportunities for these bots. I’m planning to add one to my core website to quickly and easily answer visitor questions and direct them to related content.

I plan to open up beta access to my main bot soon. Message me if you’re interested!