Aggregated Event Measurement Tab Gone

It finally happened, my Aggregated Event Measurement tab went away…

Meta made it official nearly four weeks ago, but my Aggregated Event Measurement tab in Events Manager is finally gone. My Events Manager did get a new look in the meantime, but it took a while to get this update.

Just a reminder about what this means and doesn’t mean…

It doesn’t mean that Meta got rid of Aggregated Event Measurement. AEM is Meta’s protocol for handling iOS opt-outs. They can’t just get rid of it.

What it means is advertisers no longer need to do anything related to AEM. No configuring and ranking events. No requirement to verify domains.

So, how will Meta maintain AEM and remain within Apple’s rules without our help? About four weeks later, we still don’t know.

We’ll undoubtedly start getting reports on whether there’s been any impact on conversion reporting soon. In the meantime, mostly ignore small sample size claims about that impact (you’ll get plenty of them).

Stay tuned!