AEM is Changing and I Have Questions

The big news last week is that advertisers will no longer need to configure and rank their eight web events for conversion optimization. Additionally, they’ll no longer be required to verify their domains to configure these events.

But, Aggregated Event Measurement isn’t going away. So… how is this possible?

Aggregated Event Measurement is Meta’s protocol for handling iOS opt-outs. Previously, advertisers needed to configure and rank their web events to help stay within Apple’s rules.

Apple’s rules aren’t changing. So, how is Meta able to make this change?

Does Meta have more data now through machine learning and think they can handle it on their own? How can they replace these steps?

Most importantly, will it impact results??

I just can’t imagine that Meta would make this huge structural change while knowing it would negatively impact attribution. Unlike the original iOS changes, Meta was not forced into this change.

Meta wants and needs advertisers to get good results. So, do they expect that attribution will remain unchanged following this update? Will it actually get better?

This is one of those cases when it would be really nice to have an official statement from Meta to explain this rather than some vague and quiet announcements.