Advantage Custom Audience Strategy

Try this to target warm and cold audiences at the same time…

The first thing I’m going to tell you to do isn’t unique. Within your audiences, add all of your broadest custom audiences:

– Customer list
– All website visitors last 180 days
– Facebook page engagement last 180 days
– And Instagram account engagement last 180 days

Don’t forget that Instagram account engagement! Maybe it’s just me, but I often forget it.

So far, it’s probably the largest warm audience that you can create. But we also want to reach people beyond these groups.

So check the box for Advantage Custom Audience. Meta will then go beyond your target audience if it will lead to more conversions.

This is a good way to promote a product without going entirely warm or entirely cold. It’s a cousin to lookalike audiences, except that the starting point is your custom audiences (lookalike audiences would exclude those groups).

This can also help solve the frequency problem if your remarketing audiences are small. Meta should push more and more outside of these groups.

I’ve done something similar to collect leads. I’ve spent over $3,000 to reach more than 175,000 people. The campaign has been running for a couple of months and the frequency is only 1.8.

Try it out and report back!