Advantage+ Audience vs. Going Broad

I can’t wait to test this…

If you don’t provide targeting suggestions with Advantage+ Audience, your audience will be built using AI based on pixel activity, conversion history, and ad engagement.

I want to split test two ad sets:

1. One that uses Advantage+ Audience without targeting suggestions
2. One using the old targeting method but going broad without any audience inputs

I want to see if this is more effective than the old approach of going broad.

If there’s no difference, that tells us that this has been happening when going broad anyway. If that’s the case, Advantage+ Audience is mostly a branding addition.

If there’s a noticeable improvement when using Advantage+ Audience, that’s obviously a good thing. Many of us had already seen some decent results going broad. It also means that these things likely weren’t happening before.

One of the primary reasons advertisers were using to go broad was that the algorithm was doing essentially what Advantage+ Audience does: Building your audience based on pixel activity and conversion history.

We’ll find out if it was.

Of course, I don’t have this yet, so I’m stuck waiting for now. But I can’t wait to test it out and see what happens.

Do you have Advantage+ Audience yet?