Ad Set Spend Limits and CBO

Should you use ad set spend limits and minimums?

If you turn on Advantage Campaign Budget (also known as CBO), some advertisers choose to use ad set spend limits or minimums. In some cases, the fear is that Meta will overspend or underspend on one ad set over another. But in most cases, this kinda defeats the whole purpose.

You turned on CBO because you were putting your trust in the algorithm to distribute your budget optimally. These types of restrictions could prevent that optimal distribution.

Meta even discourages the use of these minimums and maximums. They recommend using them in very unique situations.

Meta’s example was when you have separate ad sets for different states. Your brand is established in one state and not in the other. You know the algorithm will prefer the state where you’re established. So maybe set a minimum to make sure you get some distribution in the new state, too.

But in reality, you should probably just use ad set budgets in this case. If you don’t trust the algorithm to distribute your budget optimally between ad sets, use ad set budgets instead.

Ad set minimums and maximums are like going halfway with CBO. Either trust it and use it the way it’s meant to be used, or don’t!

No judgment. Do what’s best for you.

What do you do?