A Year and a Half of Videos

Today marks a year and a half since I started publishing at least one new video every day. It’s time to get a little introspective…

An Accomplishment

I realize that this is an insane accomplishment, and I’m super proud of it. But what makes me even prouder is that two years ago I wasn’t creating any videos at all. I didn’t commit to short-form video creation until September 30, 2022.

The entire process of recording and editing videos intimidated me to no end. I had no clue where to even start. But that was one of the keys: I started. And I improved my process a little bit every day and built confidence.

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by the idea of creating videos, just know that this was me just a couple of years later. Since then, I’ve published around 700 videos (I’ve lost count at this point).

It’s really difficult to get going. But creating something — anything — to get started is the most important step.

Lessons Learned

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to ignore the vanity numbers. They can be helpful to a point because you have to measure something, but views and follower growth will come and go. Obsessing over them will drive you crazy.

There was a time when those numbers helped me. My TikTok following, in particular, was steadily increasing during that first year. But, I’ve also had a lot of slow periods. This second year has been much quieter in terms of growth than the first.

I guarantee that I would have quit multiple times if I tied accomplishment to these numbers. That’s why this streak has been so important. Not wanting to break it keeps me going more than a focus on the number of views or followers.

Why I Do This

There are other clear signs that this is something I should do. I know it’s worthwhile because I consistently get people signing up for my membership or booking a one on one and they tell me they did because of they videos.

Because of these videos, they feel as though they know me. That’s powerful.

A secondary benefit has been that this process keeps me sharp. It forces me to stay on top of things and come up with new ideas every day.

I can then leverage this content in multiple ways. I’ve even created a section of my website for these videos, and I turn them into quick blog posts like this one. This has been huge for email subscriptions and driving traffic to my website.

Not Stopping Soon!

Honestly, it’s one of the biggest reasons why it would be difficult to stop. Every day, I email a growing group of people who want to be notified when one of these video posts has been published. That’s helped provide a consistent foundation for traffic.

It’s been fun, and it’s been challenging at times. But most importantly, it’s been rewarding and 100 percent worth it.

I hope you’ve found value in my videos, and I’m not stopping any time soon. Thanks for watching!