A Rant About Meta Verified

It’s time for a rant about Meta Verified

I’m starting to see this promo on my Instagram profile, nudging me to get Meta Verified. And I can’t help but be a little ticked off about it.

First, there’s the matter of governmental ID. If you were previously verified on Facebook, Meta shouldn’t need documents to verify you on Instagram. It would take no effort for them.

I’ve been verified on Facebook for years, way before Meta Verified was a thing. It would be super simple, if they truly valued authenticity, to simply throw that little badge on my Instagram profile.

But they want money. So is it worth it?

Well, “proactive account protection” doesn’t feel like a benefit if that account protection is as proactive as what the current verified users get. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to report accounts trying to be me on Facebook, and my account is verified. How is that “proactive”?

And while “direct support” sounds great, it’s only interesting because of the infamously bad support we get now. You’re telling me that advertisers who spend thousands of dollars per month will continue to get bad support, and all you need to do is get verified and spend $12 to get verified?

That either sounds like BS or a really bad business model.

And finally, there is the “status” of getting verified. First, you have to keep paying for it or lose it, which is kinda weird if Facebook cares about the authenticity side. Second, if anyone can get verified now, it truly waters down the benefit of status related to verification.

I just don’t see the motivation for making verification worthwhile. What do you think?