3,000 Sales for a $10 Budget?

Someone asked my chatbot this pretty insane question, and the answer they were given was pretty darn good…

Every day, I go through my chatbot’s log of conversations. I find it truly fascinating the things that people are asking and the ways that the bot answers those questions.

My bot’s been trained on my content, so it should use that as its background, but it does get creative as well.

Sometimes people try to trip it up with crazy questions like this one:

“How to gain 3,000 sales with a 10 dollar budget”

The answer my bot provided is actually quite decent while finding a way to remain polite. I probably would have told them straight up that it won’t happen. The bot says that gaining 3,000 sales with a $10 budget is “quite challenging.” Which is true!

But the strategies the bot gives are in line with what may be recommended for a small budget:

1. Target existing customers
2. Retarget abandoned carts
3. Optimize for Reach

I know that some would recommend always going broad, but I do think this is a reasonable approach for the smallest of budgets if you still want sales. You want to go after the low-hanging fruit, and these recommendations go there.

The Reach optimization suggestion only makes sense if it’s in the context of abandoned cart or other hyper-targeting. But again, we’re assuming the smallest of budgets.

I love that the bot says to “set realistic expectations” since the question was NOT at all realistic. But it still provides some steps that are in line with what they are asking.

Always so polite.

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