300 Custom Audience Limit

A 300 custom audience limit? How long has this been a thing?

Recently I saw this error on my Audiences page:

“Too many custom audiences. To regain access to audience sizes for your custom audiences, you must have 300 or fewer custom audiences.”

300 Custom Audiences

First of all, huh? I’ve never seen this limit mentioned before.

Meta’s own documentation says that you can create up to 500 custom audiences per ad account.

Custom Audiences

Of course, the limit of 300 is a soft cap. It doesn’t mean you can’t create more. You just can’t view audience sizes if you have more than 300.

What was annoying was that there was no way to find out how many custom audiences I had (from what I could tell). So I just went through and deleted a bunch I didn’t need anymore.

Part of the issue is that it’s too easy to create duplicate custom audiences. Meta could make this easier if it alerted you when you tried to create a custom audience using the same rules as an active custom audience.

This really shouldn’t be that difficult to detect. I’m sure I have about double the number of custom audiences I need because of this. If I can’t find a custom audience quickly in a search, I just create it again. I can’t be alone in that.

Overall, it’s not a huge deal either way. Custom audience sizes aren’t something I give a whole lot of attention to these days. I just found it surprising!