The Day I Launched

I wasn’t planning to write about Facebook ads. I wasn’t expecting to start a business.

What I did know was I didn’t have a job and I needed to do something. That website started as my online resume. I hoped it would help me get a job.

I used a free design template. I’d create my first logos myself — and they were absolutely awful. I was not and am not a web designer.

And then I started writing blog posts. The topics I covered were all over the place: social media for personal use, marketing, the job search, everything.

I want you to know that I did not jump into this with a plan. But my website would eventually drive more than 30 Million page views and counting.

The rise of my website is a great lesson. If you’re struggling to get started with something because you’re waiting for it to be perfect, you’re going to keep on waiting.

What I did was possible because I just got started. I showed up every day. I made a whole lot of mistakes. Those lessons helped me refine my writing and find a focus.

Today, I’m grateful for having had the courage to create this site without a vision. And for pushing through the endless reasons why I just couldn’t do it.

Get started, my friend!