Problem: Update Article with New Image Size for Facebook Optimization

Facebook Thumbnail Image Optimization

Facebook has made thumbnail images for shared links far bigger. This is an incredible opportunity for marketers who want to drive website traffic. But it also creates new hassles.

[NOTE: For more on the various new ad image sizes, make sure to read this post.]

Going forward, you should make sure that your article’s featured image has a 1.91:1 aspect ratio (mine are now 700×366 pixels). This is an easy fix.

But what if you want to reshare old posts? Even if you change the image sizes associated with those articles, you’ll notice a problem.

The Problem with Updating Image Sizes

Let’s take this blog post as an example.

I published it prior to Facebook’s change, so it utilized a 600×571 pixel featured image. At that time, I really didn’t care about the thumbnail dimensions since it didn’t matter a whole lot.

But now, it’s important that it’s bigger and has approximately the right dimensions to take advantage of that new added real estate. If you aren’t careful, Facebook will drop you back down to a small, square thumbnail.

So in the example above, I went ahead and created a new featured image that is 700×366 pixels. Here’s that image…

Facebook Graph Search Pages Liked by People Who Like

So now when I go and share that blog post to Facebook, it should pull the new image, right? Well, let’s see…

Facebook Link Share Old Image

Nope, that’s still the old image!

Even though that image no longer exists on my blog post, Facebook continues to pull it.

The Solution

What we need to do is clear Facebook’s cache. We do that with the Facebook Debugger — also known as the Facebook Delinter.

Simply enter the URL of your blog post at the top and click the “Debug” button…

Facebook Debugger Delinter

The result? Now when I share that link to Facebook, the associated thumbnail is my new image!

Facebook Link Share New Image

Piece of cake!

More on the Debugger Tool

This is a tool you need to get to know. If you manage a website, Debugger will tell you what specifically is wrong when articles aren’t being shared appropriately.

I’ve found that oftentimes all I need to do is debug a link to fix it. It’s saved me from what has otherwise been hours of headaches!

  • Caspar Aremi

    It’s one of the most useful ‘hidden’ tools they have. A few times I’ve tried to share links both as a page or on my personal wall and it just shows a URL, or it shows an image totally unrelated to the page I’m sharing – or one of our authors has put in the wrong image and it needs changed later, but is showing the old one on Facebook. Throwing it in the debugger (I still google ‘facebook linter’ every time I want to find it though!) sorts it out every time.

    • Jon Loomer

      Exactly! Before I found this tool, I used to change the URL of my blog post. Very useful!

  • Mike Johnson

    I use the Debugger all the time since I use custom Open Graph titles, descriptions, and other content for all of my blog posts and pages. I find that it gets facebook to crawl your site and update their settings to reflect what you have changed since the last time they read from your site.

  • Dan Polley

    Awesome. I suspect the Debugger will be a huge tool for me to use. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  • Kurt Schmitt

    I use it just about every time I want to share a page. Just a tip for those who are not familiar with the tool… I sometimes find that I have to put a link in there twice in a row to get all the um… bugs out. :)

  • Adam Rosenberg

    The other solution here is that a PAGE can actually upload a custom image on a link they share. So if you are the admin for a page, simply make sure you upload an image that is 1200×630 (minimum of 600×315).

    • Jon Loomer

      Right, but that only impacts your share. You want it to look correctly for anyone who shares.

      • Adam Rosenberg

        Yeah but not everyone has ability to edit that stuff. The one they have most impact on is being able to change your own images on it – it shares with the optimized image. Obviously making it better on the backend is preferred but that’s not always an option.

  • Vincent Vizachero

    Great tool!

  • Jennifer Smith

    You are so timely Jon Loomer! I needed this exact tool for my new website launch for as the old url image was still showing up when I posted today.

    Thanks for always providing such useful info for me and my clients!

  • Gary Jay

    I have a confusing problem. I used the debugger for a URL and get the following response. type ‘article’ is invalid because the domain
    ‘’ is not allowed for the specified application id
    ‘558586800881242’. You can verify your configured ‘App Domain’ at

    then when I try to veryify my domain ( it says it’s not a valid URL or domain?? Any idea why this is happening.

    • doe

      Even I am facing the same problem.Can you please help in resolving this

  • elisauc

    for me it doesn’t do nothig :( when I try to share a blooger post on facebook ( even if I debugged it ) all that I get is a blurred preview image and a preview comment as the text preview. :( . Do you have an idea of what can I do? Here you have a photo:

    • Bogdan

      Same here. Someone can pls help?

  • ruby | social success

    Thanks for the tip regarding the debugger tool!

  • Gareth Everson

    Every time I see a post from you, Jon, with images of graph search, it makes me so annoyed that despite registering for it months and months ago, it still hasn’t been rolled out to my UK account. It sucks. Big style :(

    C’mon Facebook. I spend money wit’ ya and all.

    • Jon Loomer

      Change language in your settings to English – US!

      • Gareth Everson

        I’d heard back in November that they were rolling it out to UK users, but this is a great shortcut. It worked. Instantly. Thanks, Jon :)

  • Daniel Decker

    Love it! Thank you.

  • josh

    I just cant get this to work. Using wordpress, I add my video to the post, set the featured image (tried different sizes) and BAM, always the small post. Even using the debugger. Is there a step by step article here somewhere?

  • wjb

    uhmm no. not working