The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

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I’ve written about growing your Facebook Likes many times before. I wrote about it here and here and here and here and here and here.

That’s a lot!

So I considered not writing this post and adding to the noise. But I had to do it because what I am going to provide you today is unique and valuable. And — hey — everyone wants to know how to get more Facebook Likes!

The posts I’ve written before about getting Facebook Likes are certainly helpful. Those posts provide a list of ads and strategies you can use. But never before have I offered a process.

It’s taken some time, but I have adopted a process that I now use for myself and for clients to quickly and efficiently build a highly relevant Fan base without breaking the bank.

No, this is not about cheap Likes in strange countries. It’s not about shady services. It’s about implementing a process to strategically target people who will flock to your Facebook Page.

It’s a seven step process. Let’s go…

1. Use Graph Search to Isolate Precise Interests

I’ve spoken before about how to use Graph Search to learn more about your Facebook Fans. But I’ve been amazed by how well this works.

First, run a Graph Search like this:

Pages liked by people who like Jon Loomer Digital and Mari Smith.

facebook graph search pages liked by people who like The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes
I picked the biggest name I could think of to pair my Page with. I want to know the overlap.

I write down all of the Pages that appear on the first page of results. And then I run the process over and over again.

Then I run a Graph Search like this:

Favorite Interests of people who like Jon Loomer Digital and Mari Smith.

facebook graph search favorite interests The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

I again run this process repeatedly. This time, though, I make sure to filter out anything that is too broad and clearly not relevant (like Traveling).

2. Create a Saved Audience in Power Editor

Then I go into Power Editor and create a Saved Audience. I add the Pages and interests that made the cut.

facebook power editor precise interests saved audience The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

Notice that I did not include any hashtag interests to make it broader. I don’t want to target people who like something related to these Pages and interests (which is what happens when you use the hashtag), I want these Pages and interests only.

I keep country, gender and age targeting very broad…

  • Age: 20 and Over
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Portugal and Brazil

The countries I chose are reflective of what I see in my Facebook Insights. Focus on where your Fans are from, whom you reach and who engages with your content.

You could target only English speaking people at this point, too. I’ve chosen not to.

This Saved Audience is created. Hang onto it, we’ll use it later.

3. Create a Lookalike Audience

Normally I would list creating a Custom Audience first — I love Custom Audiences — but I’m going backwards here because I want to focus first on a completely different audience.

I fact, I’m not going to include Custom Audiences in this list at all because my intention is to find completely new people who were not previously exposed to your brand.

You’ve hopefully already created a Custom Audience. This involves uploading your email list (or other customer list) into Power Editor so that you can target ads at these people, regardless of whether they are Fans (powerful stuff!).

But I’d neglected Lookalike Audiences until recently. I wasn’t seeing great results. And I recently realized why.

Previously when I created Lookalike Audiences, I was adding targeting to make it far too fine. I wasn’t trusting Facebook’s algorithm that already determined that these users were similar to my customers. As a result, the audience was small and ineffective.

I learned from that, and you’ll learn from my mistakes.

To create a Lookalike Audience, highlight your Custom Audience in Power Editor and click the “Create Similar Audience” button.

facebook similar audiences The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

Then have Facebook create a Lookalike Audience based on similarity (the top 1% of users similar to your Custom Audience).

facebook create similar audience The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

Do this for every country that fits your broader audience. Again, I used my top six countries.

Once again, put this aside.

4. Create Page Like Sponsored Stories

Create two different campaigns in Power Editor:

  1. Page Like Sponsored Story – Similar Pages and Interests
  2. Page Like Sponsored Story – Lookalike Audiences

You need to keep these Sponsored Stories separate because Facebook may otherwise decide too soon to go with one over the other.

Create one ad within each with very broad settings. Here’s what I did…

  • Placement: All Facebook
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Brazil
  • Age: 20+
  • Gender: All
  • Connections: Users who are not already connected to Jon Loomer Digital

For everything else, I went with defaults. For the Lookalike Audience ad, I included all six audiences that I created (one for each country).

Now run these Sponsored Stories at a budget high enough or a period long enough to learn from the results. We’ll get to that later.

5. Create a Like Gated Offer

Now create a standard Facebook ad that attracts the same audiences as in the previous step. This time, you’ll use something of value as bait.

This is the excruciatingly simple ad that I created:

ebook facebook ad The Secret Process to Increasing Facebook Likes

If they click on the ad instead of immediately liking, they are directed to my Facebook tab where they are instructed to like my Page to get free access to the eBook.

Feel free to do something similar. Think of something you can create of value that you can give away in exchange for liking your Page.

By the way, I use ShortStack (aff.) to create these like gated tabs.

Reminder: Create separate campaigns, one for your Lookalike Audiences and one for the similar Pages and Interests. And don’t forget to keep the targeting broad!

6. Use Facebook Ad Reports to Optimize

Now it’s time to optimize!

If you haven’t yet started using the new Facebook advertising reports, you need to start now. It’s an absolutely amazing tool that can make your advertising a whole lot easier (and save you money in the process!).

Now you should create three reports that help you quickly see what is working. All three reports should filter out the campaigns that you just created. The difference is what you select in the Data Breakdowns setting.

Since you can only select one of these options for each report, you’ll need to create three:

  • Age & Gender
  • Country
  • Placement

Then edit the following columns:

  • Data Aggregation: Campaign and Ad
  • Delivery & Spend: Frequency and Spend
  • Clicks: Nothing
  • Actions: Page Likes
  • Cost per Action: Cost per Page Like

Through this process, I recently discovered I was getting 14 cents per Like on my Similar Pages & Interests Sponsored Story among people in the United Kingdom. That same group was getting me 22 cents per like on my eBook giveaway.

But I also realized that I was spending too much for certain groups and in certain placements. These are things that are now very easy to determine within the new ad reports.

So, what do you do with this information? You stop the original ads and create new, optimized ads that focus on the areas that are working.

That’s It!

That’s the process I’m using that I’m finding incredibly effective. Anything else you’d add?

Let me know in the comments below!

1.1K Shares Facebook 608 Twitter 142 Buffer 96 Google+ 81 LinkedIn 60 Pin It Share 134 1.1K Shares ×
About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • Lee

    This is gold! Thanks Jon

  • Becca

    Awesome! I have looked for information of this topic for the last several hours. Your site is greatly prized.

  • pontocomteudo

    Nice to see Brazil in your target! :)

    • Jon Loomer

      And you’re a big reason for that, Camila!

      • pontocomteudo

        Your work is the reason for that :)

  • Eric Leszkowicz

    You articles continue to be the definitive book for Facebook marketing.

    I especially like the mention of the favorite interests of the fans of the page….I didn’t know that was a variable…off to run some ads.

    • Jon Loomer

      You’re too kind, Eric!

      And those are some awesome interests! Hahaha…

  • Eric Leszkowicz

    On the lookalike audience, is there a way to trim down that audience to a geography smaller than the entire United States?

    • Jon Loomer

      No, but you can certainly trim it down when you run your ad.

  • Jaan

    I’m a Facebook marketer and have 1900+ friends, but Facebook isn’t giving me graph search. What am i doing wrong? :D

  • Federico Munoa

    Awesome post John, I use this technique also to know my audience interests in Facebook to target them also at the Google Display Network. It amazes me the topics and interest that may come up in Facebook that are not the ones we would usually target on Google.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Federico! Pretty powerful stuff.

  • Carol

    Hi Jon, great post as always :) I used the graph search and chose the interests and pages, but when I go to create the audience some of them don’t show up on the “Precise interest” box. Could you help me figure this out?


    • Jon Loomer

      Just how it is, Carol. Can’t explain why since some of the Pages I ran into are quite large (always possible it has something to do with the Page’s account settings and allowing advertising).

  • Brankica

    I am still working on step 3 :) I just can’t get any of the pages I need to target to show up, the only thing that shows up is the hashtag topic (same name as page). I am guessing there is no workaround but has anyone figured out how to target more specific pages if they are on the smaller side?

  • Steve Kozy

    HI Jon,
    Good Advice! One thing; when I click on your link (my facebook tab) under Step #5 – it takes me to a page not found error. I found the tab by going directly to your page. Very nice layout.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Steve! I updated the link.

  • Malhar Barai

    Amazing Jon!

    I really liked the way you leveraged Graph Search to build your target audience. Spellbound!

  • Facebook Likes

    very informative. btw, i’ve downloaded your ebook but havent read it yet, but i really like how its designed. very professional. thanks

  • Michael_N

    Jon, This is very interesting. I have a few questions, please. What do you mean by you run the process over and over again (re: Likes and Interests)? How do you change it each time you’re running it again? Also, when you upload a mailing list to create a Lookalike audience, does it matter what size your mailing list is? I feel like I read somewhere it has to be a certain size. Thanks so much!

    • Jon Loomer

      You’re creating a list, Michael. So, I run this search…

      Pages liked by people who like Jon Loomer Digital and Mari Smith

      Then I run it for the page that comes up first on that list:

      Pages liked by people who like Jon Loomer Digital and Social Media Examiner

      I write down all of the first page results that come in each time I run the search.

  • AllenCheyette

    some pages i wish to add to precise interests just won’t show?! why?

  • John M

    Very good indeed, but this is complicated to do. Here is what I do… I simply buy fans/likes and then “natural” fans just keep coming by themselves. Its the most hassle free way to get likes. I Usually use


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  • Rick

    Any idea, when this will be available in the Nederlands?

    • Rick

      I mean the graph search…

  • Chris

    Late comer to this one. Ad campaigns have been on pending for like a day. Is there anything I need to do to initiate it after its all set?

  • Chris Copeland

    My campaign in power editor is stuck on pending for over 24 hours. Everything else is done. Whats the next step?

    • Jon Loomer

      You uploaded? Otherwise, Facebook can definitely be slower starting Friday afternoons. It shouldn’t have anything to do otherwise with whether you created the campaign in Power Editor or the self-serve ad tool.

  • Ravi

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  • Harmeet

    Jon, I am not having graph search although I have applied around three months. Can u suggest another way to isolate the precise interests. I must say this is again a very comprehensive and simple post from your end.

    • Stacy-Ann Hayles | Social Medi

      Hi Harmeet, just a quick trick which worked for me some time ago. Log out of Facebook everywhere you’re logged in (pc, tablet, phone), then clear browser history on one device and log in there. You should see graph search.

  • Helena Zwarts

    Hi Jon

    Excellent article! I set my campaign up but am now wondering how big the target market should be…

    Can possibly give a general guideline of the size of the target audience?

    Many Thanks

  • brucecat

    Hi Jon,

    This is a fascinating article – thank you! I have a question about Graph Search: I personally have just 391 friends on FB, but I administer several FB Pages for clients. The one that I want to work with ( has over 1400 fans. I’ve requested Graph Search but don’t have it yet. Do you know if they base it upon my personal friends (the 391) or the Pages I administer?


    • Jon Loomer

      Honestly, Bruce, I thought everyone had it by now!

      • brucecat

        Thanks John – I’ll keep looking :)

      • Wayne Wymore

        It’s in beta…

    • Heidi Powell

      Try this page. Click on the link to try graph search. If you already have it, facebook will tell you that when you click on the link.

  • Tom Dunn

    Awesome, but I have a question. I’m not sure how you chose Mari Smith in Step 1. Can you enlighten me on how I would choose a page to get started? Thanks!

    • Avtar Ram Singh

      Mari is also a popular go-to person for Facebook guides and tips. She mostly caters to the beginner’s audience though.

  • vish

    Hi Jon,

    How much we need to wait to add ourselves on Facebook Graph Search?If the wait is too long is there an alternate?



  • Sarah Pinnix

    One question: Once you identify “pages liked by people who like Jon Loomer and…,” do you place those page names in the “interests” section or the “people connected to” section?

    • Jon Loomer

      Precise Interests, Sarah. You can only enter page names into Connections that are pages you control.

      • Sarah Pinnix

        Thanks, Jon. And, “duh” I totally should have known that. {blush} Haha.

  • Jef Menguin

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    Jon – great article (again)
    Is there some workaround for users from countries where graph search is not live yet ?

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    What if your fans were originally acquired by running these campaigns? The Pages they like were already targeted.

  • Jeff Norman

    Hey Jon! I’ve followed your advice (both from this article and through to try to increase my count of relevant likes for my Facebook page, Specifically, I created a Sponsored Story — Similar Pages and Interests. A couple of questions though: In pricing, did you select CPC, CPM, or Optimized CPM? (If you used optimized CPM, did you decide to optimize for any choice other than Likes?) Also — my cost per like is really expensive: $2.05 each! And on a $10 daily budget, I’m only get about 4-5 likes per day. Any suggestions on how to bring the cost down + increase my overall daily catch of Likes? Thanks, Jon!

    • Jon Loomer

      I generally use Optimized CPM, but feel free to split test your ads against CPM and CPC if things aren’t going well. $2.05 is definitely far too much!

      I optimize for Likes.

      One suggestion: Add text to the cover photo so it’s clearer what the page is all about. Not clear without reading the description below.

      I’d also try targeting beyond similar pages and interests. If you have an email list, this is a good opportunity to create lookalike audiences. If you’re putting all of your eggs into the basket of one targeting group, that’s dangerous. You need to create other targeting options since that could be part of your problem.

      Good luck!

      • Jeff Norman

        Thanks, Jon! I updated my page’s cover photo with some text that should hopefully send the message home loud + clear :)

        My Cost Per Like on my Sponsored Story ad (.37% CTR) has thankfully dropped to $1.25. Running it solely on desktop — mobile has a great CTR, but is extraordinarily expensive ($3 per like!). Would love to get that CPL down below $1.00, and so will experiment with CPC + CPM to see if that makes a difference.

        Unfortunately I don’t have a pre-established e-mail list (the fanbase was created entirely through Facebook + Instagram marketing). But I’ll take your advice to diversify my targeting options via a Saved Audience with an entirely different (yet still on-brand and relevant) set of pages and interests.

        Keep up the AWESOME pubcasts which I listen to so closely. Also love your articles via AgoraPulse as well! Thanks a ton Jon!!

  • Adam Barton

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    The first step of using graph search is the most efficient one and graph search is a great update by the facebook. Thanks Jon for this nie article. :)

  • pollimer

    Hi Jon,

    How do I make the Facebook Ad direct people to a gated tab? I created an app in Shortstack and it shows up on my page, but the page doesn’t show up in the “Landing View” drop down box when creating the Ad

    • Jon Loomer

      I’m guessing you’re using Power Editor? Make sure you Download first. Otherwise, there’s no reason why the page and the app won’t appear as options.

      • pollimer

        Ok great. Yea I had to download again and it showed up.


  • ijenti

    Hello Everyone, I was creating the saved target audience but I think Facebook took out that feature. It’s only showing the Location, Language, Interest and Category. Has anyone had any problems with this?

  • Jason HJH

    Hey Jon,

    What would you recommend in place of the Sponsored Stories which are about to be phased out?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jon Loomer

      You can basically eliminate that option and just do a basic Page Like ad. Or, for the time being, have fun with the Sponsored Story. Page Like Sponsored Stories will continue to run after April 9, you just won’t be able to create them anymore.

  • Guest

    I’ve hunted and hunted but I do not see, “Precise Interests” anywhere in Power editor. Has there been a change in this feature?

    • Mark H

      Same here, I guess it’s gone.

      • Jon Loomer

        It’s just “Interests” now. It combines Precise Interests and Broad Categories.

        • Sotir Rangelov

          Under “Interests” I see only Broad Categories. Is this correct? So I cannot add precise pages or interests any more?

          • Jon Loomer

            They’ve been merged. So many of the interests you used to add as precise, should still be there. But if it was a more general term, it will be targeting a more general audience.

            For example, I target pages like Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield. The sizes of those audiences have not changed noticeably.

          • Sotir Rangelov

            Thank you, it is now there. Probably some Facebook issue.
            P.S. Great article, thank you!

          • Krupa Desai

            So if the precise interests option is gone, how can I target a specific audience that likes a specific page. I have tried to enter a specific page name but it does not show up under interests

  • Kalinda

    it seems i need to use the graph search more! So far, it did nothing helpful for my ads targeting. But your blog gave me more ideas

  • Mark H

    Hi Jon,

    Is the Lookalike Audience option gone? I don’t see it anywhere in the power editor.


    • Jon Loomer

      Not gone, Mark. Highlight your Custom Audience and click “Create Similar Audience” button.

      • Mark H

        That’s the problem – I’m in the “Audiences” section of the power editor, and when I highlight a custom audience, I don’t see the “Create Similar Audience” button.

        Could be that FB gives it to seasoned experts such as yourself?

        • Jon Loomer

          No, I’ve never heard of anyone with the issue. Are you sure this is a Custom Audience and not a Saved Target Group?

          • Mark H

            I am such an idiot!
            You’re right, it is a saved target group that I was looking to create lookalikes for. I missed that part (or I guess just skimmed through it) about highlighting the “Custom Audience” part.

            Thanks much Jon! You are such a great resource!

  • Anu

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  • Wes

    Hi Jon! Can you clarify something? In Step 1, when you say you repeat the process over and over, what exactly do you mean? Are you saying that you repeat the step but with each of the Pages you just listed instead of (e.g.) Mari Smith?

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    Jon – great article.

    As I understand precise interests option is gone. So now how can I target a specific audience that likes a specific page. I have tried to enter a specific page name but it does not show up under interests

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    • Daniel Kilkelly

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      A valid point though! Within your content creation strategy, your communications mix needs to be narrative driven towards your audience. It also helps to create monthly or seasonal themes to fit your content strategy. This will help you if you get stuck on ideas, plus it helps to drive a common theme through your posts.

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