Tools I Use: Facebook Advertising, Publishing, Apps and Metrics

I’m often asked what third party tools I use to optimize my Facebook marketing efforts. I decided it was time I finally write this post to list all of those tools in one place.

These are all paid tools, though some do have free plans. Some of the links below are affiliate links. You should know that I only use affiliate links for products I use and recommend. Ultimately, I’ll list the tools I think will be most useful for you.

Note that there are many other tools that I admire that aren’t on this list, but these are the tools I currently use most often.

Facebook Advertising Tools

My favorite tool of all is Power Editor, but that’s really cheating. It’s a free tool and it’s even created by Facebook. The purpose of this post is to focus on the third party tools that I use.

I’ve only recently begun to tinker with third party tools to assist with advertising. You should definitely check these out…

Perfect Audience
This is a tool I recently started using to help create and monitor my own FBX (Facebook retargeting) ads. FBX is a very powerful way to target users with ads on Facebook who previously visited your website.

Perfect Audience and AdRoll (next on the list) are the only two services I’m aware of that are available at a budget that fits small businesses. You can even try either one out for free with a $60 free trial. Read more about Perfect Audience here.

Perfect Audience

I’ve been trying out both Perfect Audience and AdRoll for about a month now. Both are very similar with excellent UI to easily set up FBX. The one advantage of AdRoll right now is that they offer the ability to create News Feed FBX ads. I’m sure this is coming from Perfect Audience soon as well.

Learn more about AdRoll here.

AdRoll Monitor Results

This service alerts you when posts are performing especially well so that you can easily promote them through the PropelAd interface. PropelAd also isn’t nearly as limited as the typical Promoted Post since you are allowed to promote posts that target Fans only, for example.

I’ll be writing more about this service soon!


Facebook Publishing Tools

More often than not, I publish my posts directly within Facebook. But as my strategy gets more sophisticated, I’ve found a couple of tools to be very beneficial.

PostRocket is like Buffer, but with a twist. Once you add a post to your queue, PostRocket will determine the best possible time of day to publish it based on user activity. There are also some nice photo filtering features baked in.

[NOTE: PostRocket is no longer active.]


I recently started using PostPlanner more for two reasons: 1) Bulk scheduling and 2) the Content Engine.

Bulk scheduling is important to me because I repost old, evergreen content. This is a very laborious process when done through Facebook. But it’s much easier with PostPlanner since you can upload a CSV file that includes all of your posts.

The Content Engine is a nice addition since it surfaces popular blog posts based on keywords that I may want to share. This is the type of tool that may eventually replace my Google Reader habits when that product is phased out.


Facebook App Tools

Oh, come on… You didn’t expect anything else here, did you?

I’ve been using ShortStack almost exclusively for about a year and a half now. I absolutely love it. Great, easy-to-use product, excellent interface and awesome people. I use it for creating contests or any of my other custom tabs.

Here’s an old review that I wrote about ShortStack. Some of it is undoubtedly outdated now, but it will still give you an understanding of why I use and love it.


Facebook Metrics Tools

Facebook Insights is a valuable source of information, but it’s also a major pain to use. That’s why a tool like AgoraPulse is so helpful.

AgoraPulse can also be used for publishing and scheduling, building apps and a whole lot more. But I use it most for easy viewing of my Facebook analytics.

AgoraPulse Facebook Stats

Your Turn

These are the tools that I use that make my Facebook marketing efforts a whole lot easier.

What tools do you use? List them in the comments below!

  • Efrat Dekel

    thanks! can you write more about AguraPuls? i don’t actually get the real value of using it for $49 a month… would love to know more about it…Jon, you spoiled us, we now ask you to do all the research for us :)

    • Jon Loomer

      I wrote this review way back when!

    • Emeric

      Hey @efratdekel:disqus, thanks for asking! Consider agorapulse as being wildefire (contest & apps) + conversocial (timeline moderation & management) + Pagelever (statistics) + a unique fan ranking and qualification. A heck of a great deal for $49 ;-) You can start for free with our acebook Page Barometer:

  • Thanasut Vudthivichai

    Great Post! I’m using “AgoraPulse” & “Post Planner”. I’ll test the rest now! ;)

  • Kenneth

    “…a $60 free trial..”??? :)

    • Jon Loomer

      $60 of free Facebook ads, Kenneth!

      • Kenneth

        Ah. Got it haha.

  • Dan Erickson

    I haven’t reached the point of needing so many Facebook tools, but when I do, I think I’ll need to hire someone to help me install and use them. Thanks for all the info, it may come in handy shortly up the road.

  • Scott Ayres

    Great tools for sure Jon! Been addicted to ShortStack lately too! Their staff is great..

  • Carey

    ShortStack and Hootsuite. You can do ANYTHING with ShortStack. And I’ve found that Hootesuite is perfectly sufficient for scheduling and posting to multiple social networks. As far as analytics go, I simply check FB insights to see how things are going. I can’t justify paying for a service to do the little bit of digging I can do on my own.

  • Mushki

    Awesome post, I’ve been trying lots of tools out lately. The one that I’m really waiting for is something to help with creating reports for clients with comprehensive info on ads spend, campaign performance, page value, etc. If anyone knows of a tool like these, please let me know!

  • Emeric

    Thanks Jon! I use adroll and perfect audience too but still in the early stage so can’t make a choice yet…
    It’s good to see agorapulse in the list, can’t wait to show you our V2 this summer :-)

  • Joshua Parkinson

    Awesome post, Jon! Thanks for mentioning our new Content features at Post Planner! And yes, Shortstack rules.

  • Heaven Jelo

    Thanks for sharing the tips.. It is really useful.. Thanks for sharing..

  • Elisabeth Michaud

    Hey Jon – great post! Wondering if you’ve checked out uberVU (full disclosure: I work there) for FB page posting & metrics. On top of being able to monitor a Facebook page directly, we also track metrics around public mentions of brand names anywhere on Facebook! Would love a chance to show you the platform, if you’re interested. Shoot me an email at elisabeth at ubervu dot com!

    – Elisabeth, Social Media Marketing & Community Manager at uberVU