How to Get People Talking About Your Brand with John Haydon [Podcast]

Social Media Pubcast John Haydon stopped by the Social Media Pubcast this week, and the result is a power packed 45 minutes about Facebook marketing.

John and I met at an NTEN conference in Atlanta about four years ago, and he’s also a very big reason why I’m doing what I’m doing today. Listen for more on why.

Following are some of the topics we discussed:

  • The advantage of non-profits: Giving people meaning
  • Differences and similarities in approach to and struggles with Facebook between non-profits and for-profits
  • Facebook Insights and the stats that matter (Demographics, Talking About This, Frequency)
  • Promoted Posts

Here are links to a few of the things mentioned on this show:

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  • gnir

    Maybe it’s just me but I find it really, really hard to find 45 minutes to sit and listen to a podcast. I would listen to 10 minutes maybe. You could save time at the beginning by getting in to the podcast faster and edit the podcast to get rid of things that can be left out. You are assuming that we have lots of time to just sit and listen … I would rather have this in written form.

    • John Haydon

      The good stuff happens at 36:03. :-)

    • Jon Loomer

      It’s not for everyone. There are written posts written three days per week for you. There’s a short three minute video that you can watch once per week. But my podcasts are going to be 30 minutes plus!

  • Lenny

    Good stuff! Thanks to both.