The Best Social Media Marketing Tools with Ian Cleary [Podcast]

Social Media Pubcast Ian Cleary of RazorSocial stopped by the Social Media Pubcast this week with a Guinness in hand to share the lowdown on social media marketing tools that can help make your job easier.

On this episode, sponsored by TabSite, we talked about the following topics:

  • The quick rise of RazorSocial from obscurity to Social Media Examiner Top 10 in six months
  • The blogging process and the importance of finding a niche
  • Networking, conferences, book writing, guest blogging and public speaking
  • Ian’s favorite tools

Throughout this episode, Ian mentioned several tools. Here they are:

This week’s episode is sponsored by TabSite!

Make sure you follow Ian’s work on and on Twitter at @IanCleary. Cheers!

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Take a listen below. You also have several ways to access the Pubcast:

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  • Ian Cleary

    Hi Jon, thank you so much, I was delighted to be part of it. It was fun to do!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for being a guest, Ian! Will have to have you on again!

      • Ian Cleary

        Anytime. I always enjoy having a beer!!

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  • Scott Ayres

    Good podcast guys.. I listened to it while on the stair climber this morning!

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks Scott, glad you liked the podcast and got fitter at the same time!

  • Giuseppe Fratoni

    Great podcast as usual Jon, a lot of great tools to try!

    Also very inspiring listenining to Ian’s success story.

    Thank you :)

    • Ian Cleary

      Thank you Giuseppe, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Julie Lowe

    Darn, DivvyHQ got rid of the free version – it mentions it under the FAQs. Maybe your were grandfathered in though, Ian? Do you think it would be worth paying for though? Great Pubcast guys, thanks!

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Julie, yes I got in a while back. Recently I tested out betaout which is free for 3 users and the functionality is quite comprehensive, that’s worth checking out. It takes a little more time to get used to but pretty cool, Ian

      • Julie Lowe

        Thanks, Ian! (Sorry, I just saw this reply.) I will be sure to check out betaout.

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  • nickie snyder

    Hi Jon, thanks for providing the list of tools helpful in social media marketing campaign.

  • Natasha Peterson

    You should also mention quintly! Great tool with great opportunities.