How to Organically Increase Facebook Likes [VLOG #7]

I was absolutely flooded with awesome questions this week. So much so that I couldn’t pick just a couple to answer. I somehow answered seven in about 12 minutes.

Watch this week’s episode above. You can also read the original questions at the bottom of this page. Keep the great questions coming!

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“Not about marketing, but wondering what you did before you got into Facebook marketing consulting and your journey towards becoming an independent consultant”
- Gary Magnone

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“how to grow your ‘likes’ organically using target prospects/ how do you get found (as a business) on Facebook?”
- Chloe Forbes-Kindlen

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“What are some of the things that you struggle with in regards to content creation. (Video, audio, images, articles) thanks!”
- Tim Danyo

“I’ve plateau’d at 620 likes by using facebook advertising, what else can I do to overcome?”
- Josh Boyne

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“What would you advice for post promoting? How much can you get from $10?”
- Deni Jelincic

“Whats your best advice on editorial content plan for facebook? Whats the best content to post to get the most engagement?”
- Jeffrey SocialMedia Guy Rufino

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“What are the best ways to promote your page offline?”
- Hamilton Bean

  • makemyblogmoney

    Wow, another great video my friend! Hopefully I can get a question in there before too long!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Wade. I answered your question during one of the last few weeks!

      • makemyblogmoney

        I missed it! I’ll have to go back and check! Thanks!

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  • Jubert Sagun

    Great video Jon.. Good job in sharing thoughts to people like us who wants to learn more about social media marketing specially Facebook…

  • Martin Bengtsson

    Great as always Jon! Some notes I took while watching your video;

    1) On the growing part, as you said you should always try new things, don’t be afraid of failure, see it as learning!

    2) Outsourcing to the professionals in other fields is a great way to both save time and make your projects feel perfect. No one is a one man army.

    Also are you planning on getting higher quality on the videos? 360p looks very pixelated on full screen!
    If you need some backup with design stuff or video quality I don’t mind lending a hand, just give me a shout!

  • Mike Pedersen

    I just don’t see the facebook value for business. I’m not here to bash it Jon, but I’ve been on facebook for years, with 2 different business pages; tried to engage people; and nothing!

    Of course facebook consultants, social media people will scream it’s values, but I just don’t see it, and I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 2000, so not a newbie.

    Don’t mean to rain on anyones parade, but gotta say it like it is. As Dr. Phil says, “keep it real”.


    P.S. All the marketers say a billion people on facebook. What’s the number of people on it daily? Even weekly? I’ll bet it’s a fraction of that billion number. Just sayin!

    • Scott Ayres

      Well Mike it all depends on how you acquired those fans. If you bought crappy Likes or didn’t target an ad to get likes then you won’t get engagement. And the rules have changed quite a bit now. You do have to spend money on ads if you want to succeed more on your page. That’s just part of running a business.

  • Muhammad Adil

    Nice tricks Jonloomer. I really liked the way you stressed to “know your targeted audaince” because it is really a key to success. Unfortunately most people are looking for single fit for all answer which is not true for social media. Thanksss


    Wow Great Video… I like it,,

  • Prateek Mudgil Yeah this great

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