Facebook Page Secret: Create a HUGE Image for Your Timeline [Infographic]

[Special thanks to Andrew Voirol of The Social Diner for pointing me to Facebook’s cool use of albums.]

On Facebook’s Facebook Page, they created an enormous image on their Timeline to celebrate reaching 1 Billion users.

Facebook Large highlight

As you likely know by now, the largest area you can “Highlight” on your Page Timeline is 843×403 pixels (see this reference of Facebook Timeline Dimensions). But upon close inspection, this image is actually 843×521.

How did Facebook do it?

I initially assumed they did it custom. They were able to do it because they are Facebook.

But as I looked closer, I realized that this was actually a highlighted photo album. What appeared to be one photo was actually eight. And amazingly, they were all 960×720 pixels.

I was immediately on a mission to duplicate this feat. You can see the result on my Sandbox Facebook Page.

For step-by-step instructions, take a look at the infographic (make sure to pin it on Pinterest!) and video below.

Get the layered files and images here as a starting point.

Make sure that once you’ve created your piece of art that you let me know by either commenting here or tagging my Facebook Page!

Facebook Photo Album Secret

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  • http://troolsocial.com Elaine Lindsay

    very very cool and thanks for this.. I bet we see a ton of these in the next few days!!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Elaine! I hope we do!

  • Andy Seabrook

    I am not sure whether I will use this technique or not as it
    seems a little time consuming but its drawn my eyes to your blog. You write for
    people like me, you get straight to the point, and you punch the target.

    I’ve downloaded your Facebook insights
    helper and although I have not used it yet on my stats for Adventurebods. to date I have kept
    steering clear of the downloaded insights spreadsheets as I just cant justify
    the time spent getting to grips with it. So it could at least start me off les
    painfully and hopefully will be able to cut the bacon too.

    I’d like some more breakfast please,

    Andy Seabrook

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Hahaha… Thanks, Andy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/247mktg Steve Cameron

    Frustratingly – and this is the same for the profile image – there is still a white line between the images which must be taken into account.

    On my timeline – facebook.com/AdventCommunication we turned this into a 3D box – I’m going to have to look at how to take advantage of the white lines on this one – then we have the issue of getting everything to line up!

    I will have to investigate – do you know if you produce the image at the “finished” size – i.e. the 7 smaller images directly at 118 x 118 – will they simply drop in at size? I know the profile images don’t….

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Hey, Steve. I haven’t created these images at the finished sizes. You’ve probably seen what I created on my Sandbox page, but that’s the extent of it. You definitely have to account for the white lines, which you can also see in my images.

      Good luck, and let me know when you have a finished product!

  • http://www.facebook.com/247mktg Steve Cameron

    Hi Jon,

    Played around and came up with this…..


    Lots of possibilities

    Thanks again for the inspiration – and the inside track!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Wow, that is awesome, Steve! Shared from my Facebook Page.

  • The Sweet putt

    Just want to make sure I understand: for a business page, am I first creating a milestone and then adding the pictures as part of the milestone or something entirely different?

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      No, this is essentially a Photo Album. Not related to milestones in any way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/juli.dunn Juli Dunn

    Yeah it worked! Thanks Jon for all your help and easy to follow instructions!
    Out giant highlight for election day is on our page.

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Excellent work, Juli!

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  • Eric S.

    This is pretty sweet. Being a graphic designer, I can have some fun with this.

    Thanks for the heads up as always Jon.

  • KuZey Don

    Hi every body , above me from likes