How to Convert a Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Are you still using a personal Facebook profile to promote your business? Yeah, you might wanna do something about that…

On August 1, Facebook released an updated regulatory filing indicating that there are more than 83 Million fake and duplicate accounts, making up nearly 9 percent of its monthly user base. These 83 Million accounts consist of…

  • Duplicate Accounts,
  • Misclassified Accounts and
  • Undesirable Accounts

Not worried yet? Facebook has already started deleting the accounts of these weirdos.

Your business falls under the “misclassified” label. From the Facebook Help Center:

Maintaining a personal account for anything other than an individual person is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If you don’t convert your noncompliant account to a Page, you risk permanently losing access to the account and all of its content.

And from that Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

4. You will not use your personal timeline for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser).

And don’t think that the parenthetical statement protects you because you aren’t trying to sell your status updates to advertisers. You’re violating the policy, my friend.

This revelation is under significant scrutiny. The existence of fraudulent and bot accounts negatively impacts advertising and the quality of “Likes.” You can bet Facebook is going to do something about this, and soon.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download your profile information;
  2. Appoint a new admin to any groups or Pages you manage;
  3. Change your profile name and address, if necessary;
  4. Convert your personal Facebook Profile to a business Page; and
  5. Merge your new Facebook business Page with any existing Page, if you have one.

How do you do all of this? I’m glad you asked…

1. Download Your Profile Information

First, let me back up and explain. You need to download your Facebook profile information because not everything will move to your new business Page when the conversion is completed. The only items transferred over will be your current profile picture and your current friends and subscribers (who will be converted to Likes). You’ll also keep your current username.

You lose everything else. All of your posts, photos, bios and anything associated with the account. Yeah, I know. For the most part, you will be starting over. But if you want to recreate anything you had previously done, you’ll want to first download your info to have it handy.

Here’s how to download your profile information, according to Facebook. From the Account Settings page, do the following:

  1. Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Choose Account Settings
  3. Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  4. Click Start My Archive

This file will contain virtually everything associated with your profile. I’m not going to list it all here because it is an extensive list. View Facebook’s list of what is included in the file here.

2. Appoint a New Admin to Groups or Pages You Manage

Facebook’s instructions actually only include Groups, but I have to imagine this should include Pages as well. When your profile is converted to a Page, the “old you” disappears. Therefore, if you were the sole admin of any groups or Pages, they will now be admin-less.

You must take care of this before the conversion.

3. Change Your Profile Name and Address

If you have an active business Page that you’ll eventually want to merge with, you’ll need to establish that this soon-to-be second business Page is a duplicate. So you’ll want to change the profile name and physical address to be the same as that Page. (If you don’t have an already active business Page, you can skip this part.)

  1. Go to Account Settings to change your name
  2. Go to your profile and click Update Info to access your address
  3. 4. Convert Your Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page

    Now that you’ve downloaded your profile information and assigned admins to applicable groups and Pages, it’s time for the moment of truth.

    Go here to convert your Facebook profile to a business Page. I’m not real certain of what steps are included because I’m scared to death to go too far into the process. But it looks like this:

    Convert Facebook Profile to Business Page

    This appears to be nearly identical to the process of setting up a Facebook Page for the first time. I’ll let you find out for sure.

    5. Merge Duplicate Pages

    In some cases, people have both a personal profile in their business name and an existing business Page. So you’re probably thinking: How dumb is that? I can’t have two Pages! That’s confusing!

    Luckily for you, Facebook allows users to merge business Pages that represent the same thing. I know, it would have been easier to simply merge your Profile with the Page from the start. But you can’t.

    One potential obstacle is that you can only merge the Page with fewer Likes into the Page with more Likes. Your new Page that was just converted from a personal profile may actually have more Likes since your friends and subscribers were converted. That makes things tricky if you had an already established business Page with activity on it. You can merge them, but your content will be starting over.

    Here is how to merge two existing, duplicate Pages, according to Facebook:

    1. Go to the Page with the most likes. This will be the one you’ll keep.
    2. From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
    3. Select Update Info
    4. From the left sidebar, select Resources.
    5. Click the Merge duplicate Pages link. This link will only appear if you admin two Pages with similar names.
    6. A dialogue will show Pages you admin that qualify to be merged. Select the Page(s) you wish to merge. If you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address information.

    And, from Facebook:

    Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content from the Page with fewer likes, such as wall posts and photos, will be permanently deleted. The Page with fewer likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it.

    That Was Easy!

    Okay, maybe not. It sounds like a disaster. But at least you won’t get your profile deleted, right?

    How to Convert Facebook Profile to Business Page

  • Mark

    A lot of those “weirdos”, like me, don’t maintain personal accounts for business purposes and don’t want to be in violation of the TOS but Facebook provides little choice since if you manage a band or an event company or anyone else for whom shows or events are integral to your business, Facebook Pages are nearly useless because you can create events but you can’t invite your fans to them!

    So bands, nightclub promoters, event organizers, etc, are forced to use personal accounts because they are the only ones with “invite” functionality. In fact, more ridiculously, the only way I can invite a fan to a Fan Page event is I make myself a host and I’m personally friends with the fan. So, suppose I manage a band what should I do – attempt to personally friend every fan? Or create a personal page for the band so I have some method of telling our fans about our gigs when the fan befriends our personal band page?

    And please don’t tell me to send status messages to the 16% of the people who might see them. Oh? I should use a Promoted Post to reach a higher percentage? Well, if I’m going to pay to reach my fans (ridiculous in the first place) why would I then try to drive them to the Facebook event (where I don’t get their email address) when I can drive them instead to my website where I can get their email address (with their permission) to email them again in the future?

    The bottom line is that the only true way for a business to drive people to Facebook events is to either create a personal profile for the business or to try to befriend every fan (and with the 5,000 friend limit this requires multiple personal profiles).

    And, by the way, here’s the kicker: Facebook Pages, as they are presently constructed (no invite functionality) actually make us look worse! If we create an event for a gig and only have a handful of RSVPs (because we can’t invite Fans to the gig) it looks like there is no one coming out to our gig when, in fact, we are expecting a great crowd. We are actually better off not creating events on Facebook Pages than creating them and making ourselves look less popular than we actually are.

    • Mark

      Meant to say “don’t want to maintain personal accounts for business purposes” in the first sentence.

    • Cassie Witt

      Mark, I know how you feel. As someone who manages social media pages for their clients it can be difficult to wring a return out Facebook (especially Facebook Pages).
      Yes, Facebook does not give you the best tools to reach your followers, mostly because they want to sell you ads.

      Don’t just rely on Facebook. This is a pitfall that I see a lot of businesses fall into. Yes, it can be a powerful tool, but it’s not a swiss-army knife. Here’s one way to get around the problems you’re having: use other websites (such as twitter, eventbrite, your own website) to get the word out about the concert.

      Even within Facebook you can do some things. Does the venue you’re playing at have a Facebook Page? Ask them to post about your event on their Page, inviting their own followers to RSVP. Or, you can do this yourself, by “signing in” as your Page, liking their Page and then posting on their Page about the event. This will, in turn, help them sell tickets to the concert, so everyone wins.

      There are many ways to “help” your Facebook Page perform better. Don’t give up.

      • Jon Loomer

        Very helpful, Cassie. I also think that setting up a Group may be the right solution. That way, whenever the group is updated, members are notified. You can directly message everyone within the group. If your “fans” are a tighter nit community of people, this may be your solution.

        If you aren’t part of a group already, I’d recommend joining one to see the benefits. I still think a Page is necessary, but a group could be a nice complement for you.

        • mark

          Thanks. We certainly do do all of this stuff; it’s foolish to rely on Facebook. But my main point is that there are legitimate reasons why people are forced to use personal profiles. If you have have an event that you know would be attended by 1,000 people all things being equal but your Facebook Page event says 2 RSVPs because the Page can’t invite people, you have to do something about it lest Facebook cost you your business. And you can’t have a Page representing your band/event org, etc and not use Facebook events because it then it looks like you have no gigs/events coming up.

          Groups, though, are also problematic because the brilliant 1,000 engineers at Facebook can’t reproduce the group functionality that basic sites had 10 years ago. With no moderation tools your choices are either to let everyone post at which time people will spam the group and your “fans” will turn off notifications (so you won’t be able to reach them) or not let anyone post which isn’t even really a group – it’s more like a corral where you hold your members until you have something to post to them.

          Oh, and you can’t directly message in a Group anymore – that was turned off 6+ months ago.

  • IlzaM

    Hmm, interesting news. I manage a suite of Facebook pages representing different local arms of our global business, and we have local staff as secondary Admins. We’ve always reccommended that the local admins set up a “fake” account for their Admin work so that there’s no leakage between their personal account, and what they’re asked to do for the business.

    Can I morally ask ask employees to offer up their personal accounts to access by the company? No way! (even though I, as the “Super Administrator” , am of course110% ethically sound, totally secure and never make any mistakes whatsoever in navigating the constantaly changing operational rules of Facebook).

    • Jon Loomer

      Interesting point. But I guess I don’t understand the issue. If they instead use their personal accounts as admins of these pages, you will not have access to their personal profile information. What am I missing?

    • Chrissy Morin

      People mistakenly think that admin-ing a page from their personal profile gives access to their personal profile … it absolutely does NOT do that. I’m also a big fan of the new “admin levels” that FB pages now have. It also allows you to be the “Super Admin” as you say and not have someone you’ve added to your page steal it from you as a disgruntled x-employee.

  • Cassie Witt

    Thanks for writing this. I’m reblogging about it and letting my clients (and the some of the fake-personal-business-accounts I’ve seen on Facebook) know about this.

    I’ve done the migration process more than once and have never had any problems with it. The main things you have to remember are that you will lose all of the content that you have every posted. Photos, status updates, links, videos, etc. They will all be gone. But you get to keep all your “friends” and they should be converted over to “likes” instead. I know they had some problems with the migration process in the beginning, but the ones I’ve done have never given me any trouble. Of course, I haven’t done one of these for a while now…

    Also, if you download your profile content before-hand (as you have outlined) you can then upload photos to your converted page once that’s done.

    The only thing the people have to worry about is losing all those likes. In some cases this would be a real problem if the personal profile has a lot of friends. What I’ve done in the past is to post on the Facebook Profile about the migration, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving their email address, just in case it doesn’t work and we need to give them address for the new page. We’ll usually take a week for the entries to roll in and then we’ll pull the plug. This has worked surprisingly well (although I’ve never actually had to use the form).

    Anyway, that got surprisingly long… But I thought I’d chime in and give you my experiences. :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Cassie! I haven’t had to do this personally, so your experience is GREAT feedback and adds a lot of value here. Good tips!

      • Cassie Witt

        Thanks Jon! I’m happy to share. Hopefully it will relieve some concerns.

        Also I’m a big fan. I love your “looking back” posts. I have been doing social media for 4 years now, but have just recently gone full-time freelance. It’s scary and your posts have done a lot to help. :)

        • Jon Loomer

          Awesome! That’s exactly why I write posts like that every now and then. It’s hard — I know it is. And hopefully my story can help make it easier!

    • tparker

      Cassie, I downloaded my personal profile info but I don’t see where the photos file is. The only photo it copies was my profile photo. I have a ton of photos there and don’t want to lose them. I’m doing the download again to see if it is any different. Any ideas?

      • Cassie Witt

        tparker, that sounds like a serious bug. I just did the download myself and all the photos are under the “photos” folder and then in folders by album name. Did you go to your account settings and use Facebook’s ” Download a copy of your Facebook data.” tool that is on that page? If it doesn’t work the second time, you could always just download the photos manually. I know that stinks, but Facebook’s support system for bugs is not the greatest.

    • Dorian

      Lost huh? I’ve been holding out because I have over a 5000 and over a thousand pending friend requests and I hated the thought of losing years of visible FB history.

      Is there really no way to upload the previous history?

      • Cassie Witt

        Hi Dorian,

        There’s “sort of” a way to do it, but it’s a real pain in the butt.

        Basically, you need to take everything from that download and add it back to your page manually (and back-date every post). That’s gonna take some time, but unfortunately that’s what you have to do. :(

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  • Guest

    Good Morning! I had put up a company profile and then built the three company pages off of it. This conversion makes me nervous, so I just want to be sure of a few things before I take the dive. I have made myself and the CMO admin of the pages (doubling up for extra confidence that I won’t lose those pages). Now, I don’t really have any information on the profile (I have put all status updates on the company page). I am also fairly certain (and I will check for anyone I missed) that everyone that has friended the profile, has also liked the company page. Would it be safe to go in and just deactivate and delete the company profile?

    • Jon Loomer

      How many friends does that profile have? If you’re using it as a shell and have set the CMO up as an admin, you should be safe to continue to manage it as is. If Facebook deletes the profile, no big deal. The bigger issue is for people who either have a profile instead of a Page (friends over fans) or a profile managing a Page without other admins. It sounds to me like — unless you have friends that need to be converted — you’re pretty safe to continue risking it. I’d also recommend adding your personal profile as the admin. Keep in mind that you don’t need to make that public. Who the admins are can be private.

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  • Laci Lewis

    I post a lot of pictures from trade shows. Is there a way to tag those pictures through the page or do I have to tag them through my personal page? As a rule, I do not add colleagues as friends on facebook, so that would be the least desirable solution.

    Thank you.

    • Jon Loomer

      You can only tag fans within posts that they’ve commented on, unfortunately. So there aren’t a lot of options there for you.

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  • Tony Somervell

    The whole FB thing gets more complicated every day and, in my case, some unwelcome ads appearing recently (e.g. invites from busty blondes !)
    I have over 600 friends on my personal account and 105or so on my fan page, so look forward to merge the two
    Thanks for your practical help and tips!

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  • Mientjie Steyn

    Hi Jon, thank you so much for the continuous update – I make sure that I read what you write. I do have one question: I’m consulting and when I just started got it all a bit wrong and created a fake profile for my client and then created a business page to that. I have in the meanwhile added my personal profile as the admin manager and now am able to manage from there. What happens if Facebook delete the client’s profile – will the business page disappear as well? If so, how do I rectify that?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Mientjie! Thanks for the kind words. As long as you have another real-person profile associated with that Page, you’ll be fine.

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  • Shawn Abel

    This is a great post! There is one change I would like to suggest, Facebook has changed the merge process again. :) You now can merge up to 5 pages/profiles with the main page. The new format is under “edit page”, “manage permissions”, “resources”, “merge duplicates” and you have to claim or own any and all of those “extra” pages that might belong to you when you merge. You will also get an email from Facebook (crazy, I know!) that says in the subject line “Facebook warning” notifying you of a successful merge. Here is what I see when I look at the “merge duplicates”. You have to select the page/profile/check-in by the drop down list for each section.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Shawn!

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  • Brigitte

    We did this migration over a year ago so that we would not lose our likes. Now I am noticing that since we have a business page and manage several pages under one login that we can not include links within our status updates to other pages. Do you know a way around this?

    • Jon Loomer

      Brigitte — Are you referring to tagging other pages? I don’t think this is related to merging your pages. We all have issues with that in general. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have found, however, that it works more often if I Like the page I’m trying to tag, both from my personal account and my page.

      Good luck!

  • Andre

    Do I delete / deactivate my Facebook profile after merging it with my page.? Immediately thereafter, or do I wait until my Page has “settled” ..?

    • Jon Loomer

      If it’s been merged, it will no longer exist… no? Not sure I understand your question, Andre.

      • Liz

        This one is complicated. The account from the merged profile still exists, but not the profile. So I still receive email notifications from this account, but when I login I can’t manage them. I only see an abbreviated version of an account, just settings. When I try to deactivate this account, FB tells me I might miss my 4,000 friends. These are the friends that were converted to likes on the new page. I’m wondering if deactivating the account will have any adverse effect on the business page?

        • Ramona

          Any solution to this issue? I still receive notifications on my email from a profile that no longer exists, including messages. How could that friend page still be receiving messages if it no longer exists???

  • Eric Gossler

    Hi Jon. Thanks for the information, but what if I have a personal Facebook profile (about me – Eric) as well as a Business Page, and now I’m ready to get off the vortex of personal usage and have only the Business Page?

    • Jon Loomer

      Eric — It really depends on how you’ve been using that personal profile. I have a personal profile and a personally branding business page, and I can think of many who do. They are used for two different purposes. If you use them for the same purpose, I’d consider merging, but keep in mind that many of the friends who connected with your personal profile probably did so as a friend and not a fan.

      • Eric Gossler

        Understood, I’m thinking to just stop dealing with the personal aspects of Facebook and use it only for business purposes. In other words, I would prefer to log in and only deal with the business from now on.

        My original profile (Eric) is personal, and I additionally have a business page for my company (Imagehaus). If I were to merge the two, wouldn’t my personal profile of “Eric” be the main result of the merge?

        • Jon Loomer

          The result of the merge would be whichever has the most likes/friends. But you may not be able to merge those two. They need to pretty clearly represent the same thing.

          You’d have to first convert your profile to a Page, then merge them. It’s a lot of hoops and may not work for you.

  • Brittany

    Is there any way I can reach out to someone for a little more help. I work for a publishing co. and I am just a little confused on some parts. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    • Jon Loomer

      What can I help you with, Brittany?

  • Joyce Meyers

    should I sign out of my personal account on FB, before I open one for my business ?

    • Jon Loomer

      I would, Joyce!

  • Simon Harrup

    I’ve been struggling with converting a clients personal profile to a fanpage. I think a few others are having the same issue. I get an error message each time I try, saying “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages”. It then creates a new page, which is empty of content, has no likes etc, Just as it would when creating a new page from scratch. Has anybody found the same error and a solution. Facebook have not answered my report/request for help…

    • Disgruntled FB user

      I’ve been having the same problem on one laptop and on the other it tells me another error message about using a computer I’ve accessed Facebook from before…I’m frustrated at this point since Facebook doesn’t have a real tech support team.

      • Noelle Leahy

        Wait about 24 hours after logging in from the new laptop for the first time and it should recognise it then.

    • Christina

      I am having the same problem, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP??

    • Noelle Leahy

      I had the same problem until I chose a time when Facebook would be at its quietest and it worked perfectly. I converted at 8:45am GMT (3:45am EST). Good luck.

      • Christopher Pennington

        Hi Noelle, if i change my profile to a page will all my friends convert to automatic likes?

        • Noelle Leahy

          Thats the theory anyway, although I don’t really trust the system 100% so do it at your own risk, as they say. Plus some friends wont convert to likes because FB will detect them as fake or duplicate accounts.

    • Velti Prom Presents

      Hi Steve, did you ever receive a solution to this?

  • Jkirby

    I have been trying to convert a personal page to a business page, but when I fill out the form under “local business or place”, it won’t accept my city/state, even when the option appears from the dropdown menu. It gives me this error message:

    Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try: Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Invalid Name

    So right now, I can’t even do what Facebook wants me to do. I have tried now for several days and can’t get past this point. Anyone else ran into this? Help?

  • SilvrStrand

    This is starting me in the right direction. I ran into this same problem, but I have a business page that I just want to make the default and remove the personal page all together. All my information, likes, and history is on the business page. Is there way to just remove the personal part and make the existing business part the main profile?

    • Jon Loomer

      Not sure I’m following. Why would you want to remove your profile? I recommend always having an admin on the Facebook Page, otherwise you miss out on some functionality.

  • Jen Hames

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks for the good advice. I’m looking at converting a client’s personal profile that is functioning as a business profile to a page and then merging it with their less popular existing business page, so your detailed info is very helpful (first time I’m run across this!).

    My question: their existing FB business page has a vanity URL – will merging it with the newly created page maintain that URL?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Jen. My understanding is that you will retain the vanity URL of the page being merged INTO. Everything other than the likes for the other page(s) will go away.

      • Jen Hames

        Update: the conversion from personal profile to business page went fine. I was then able to merge it with the existing business page and had the option of deciding which vanity URL to keep. Success!

        • Jon Loomer

          Awesome, Jen! Thanks for the update!

          • Geraldine Ann Ford

            Yes I managed all this and my 1254 friends are now likes, BUT I don’t have a home page anymore, I can’t see all the groups I belong to, I can’t interact with my friends, I can’t see their posts anymore and I can’t like and comment on their posts. If this is correct and I’ve lost all this, then there should be a warning that this was going to happen.

          • Jon Loomer

            You need a personal profile that is the admin of that page.

          • Geraldine Ann Ford

            Hi Jon. I thought once you had converted your personal profile to a page and your friends have become your likes you couldn’t have a personal profile page anymore? Gel

          • Geraldine Ann Ford

            Hi Jon. I have read so many of these posts and I still can’t find the answer to my problem. I’m sorry I must being stupid…how do I get a personal profile now I’ve converted? Someone tell me please?

  • Cindy

    Hi when merging your personal page and your fb page what will the end result look like?will the page read my name or my business name? And what will happen to my friend list? Thanks!!

    • Jon Loomer

      You will retain the name of the larger page. I’d always be very careful about converting a personal profile to a brand page and then merging it. Unless you originally set up that profile for business purposes only — and it was obvious — you may have some friends who are going to be very confused.

  • Jen Hames

    Has anyone else tried to do this for a client and ran into this problem? I get an error message saying that I need to perform the migration from a computer that I usually use to browse Facebook. I’ve been browsing around for hours now but no success…

    • Jon Loomer

      I’ve never heard that, Jen, but it sounds like a good security measure. It appears they must match up IP addresses used to access both pages to help confirm you as the owner.

      • Jen Hames

        I think you’re right. I did some research and found that some people have had success by continually browsing the FB page on their own computer for anywhere from 0.5 to 3 days. Luckily I was able to get hold of the client’s computer to perform the migration and had no further issues.

        • Jon Loomer

          Ah, see? I guess right sometimes! Thanks for the clarification, always good to have some hands on experiences!

          • Graham Carrick

            Jon have you any feedback on Simon Harrups query above? I’m having the same trouble and nobody seems to have an answer. Says i’ve tried to merge too many pages and it simply creates a new fan page that’s totally empty and which has no photo, likes or content. Any advice would be much appreciated.

          • William Snook

            Has anyone else converted a friend to a fan page and have a blank fan page after following all the steps? I have a client we did this for who had 4600 friends, and now zero on the new fan page. Is there any known resolution? I have contacted Facebook many times and we are about a week deep with no resolution.

            Please any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!


          • John

            This is a bad security measure. It makes it virtually impossible for agencies to perform this function for their clients. As the kids say… “epic fail” Facebook.

          • Przekop Art

            Hi William, Were you ever able to resolve this? I am having the same issue. I’m going to try it on another computer but I’m about ready to give up. Ugh!

  • Michael

    Hi Jon. Being brand new to facebook I made the mistake of going directly to creating a Business page without 1st creating a personal page. I just registered and went directly to the create a business page link at the bottom of the page. Now among other restrictions I find out I cannot like other businesses from my business page. Question is how do I now create a personal profile page that connects to my buisness page with the same login etc so that both accounts know its me? Greatly appreciate your help!!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, Michael! I’ve been hearing this more and more (probably need to write a blog post about this!). Try this…

      1) Create a personal profile
      2) From the business page, go to your Admin Panel > Edit Page > Admin Roles
      3) Assign your personal profile as the admin.

      Good luck!

  • Ricky

    Hi there, I have just converted over the business profile page to a business page. How do I “load” in the files that I have downloaded for archive and profile information back into the new page? I had over 3000 friends and would hope that these can be converted back to likes as suggested above?

    • Jon Loomer

      Ricky — Any of the “about” information and photos, etc., would need to be added back in manually. Your friends should have converted automatically to Likes. If not, sounds like a bug.

  • June donaldson

    hi Jon. I’m in a pickle…I have a personal account with a page with my business name which I am certain is a business page as it has an admin panel but I also have a separate personal page with my business name set up by a well meaning friend. I have only just found out that the latter is operating and need to get rid of it. You suggest downloading the content before deleting but I don’t have that doesn’t seem to have a timeline. thanks in advance for any help.

    • june donaldson

      ps I tried migrating it to a business page but when I entered the info a message came up saying the page already existed. in any case i don’t want 2 business pages.

  • Graham Carrick

    Hi Jon i am having the exact same problem as Simon there where an error comes up and then there is a blank page with no likes on it. Nobody seems to have a solution for this. Facebook have also not answered me on this and currently there is nothing i can do about it. Does anybody have a solution?

    • Jade Dowling

      I’m having this problem and it’s driving me crazy! If anyone finds a solution please let me know and I will do the same for you :)

  • FBlearner

    I’ve been searching and searching for a clear explanation of the difference between Profiles and Pages. I have a Business Profile that somehow was created as a Personal Profile back in ’09. I honestly thought I was building a Business Profile at the time. So I have Friends, etc. and then recently decided I wanted to add a Product Page. In trying to understand how to do that, I’ve realized my Business Profile is really built as a Personal Profile. Adding a Page to this doesn’t sound like the right move. So, I’m building a new Business Page and will start anew! Thanks for a great article that helped to clarify things for me. FYI, not all the “weirdo’s” did it on purpose!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, FB! Well, you could convert your profile to a business page. Just make sure to assign a person as the admin. If you already have another business page, you could also merge the two.

      FYI, the “weirdos” I refer to did it on purpose. Click the link and you’ll see what I mean!

  • Anna Bennett

    I’ve been through this process of changing personal profile to Fan page & Jon is bang on with the steps he has provided here. You will definitely lose all the pages you liked and groups that you’ve joined.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for the feedback, Anna! Since I rarely do this myself, it’s good to hear that it works.

  • Heather

    My question is: “If you “Like” a business page, does that business owner have access to everything on your profile? I prefer to keep certain things private, and I do not see privacy controls for business pages.

    • Jon Loomer

      Absolutely not, Heather. As a business owner, I have no access to your personal information that isn’t already public. All I have is a list of people who liked my page that isn’t very easy to go through (and I never really do). When brands create ads, they target interests but never know who is associated with those interests.

      In the end, a brand has no more access than a typical user has. Hope that helps!


  • Jade Dowling

    Hi there, I am trying to convert my profile into a fan page as it is a business and I didn’t realise I couldn’t have a business page as a profile. I have followed all of the step by step actions it tells you to on Facebook help, I get to the stage where you choose your category etc and as I click get started it pops up with this message ‘An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.’ I have googled the problem and tried to solve it but can not find a way at all. Each time I click the get started button I’ve realised it does actually create a new page, but nothing is on this page it’s starting from scratch, and I still have my profile. I have tried everything I can think of and un-liked all pages, removed myself from all groups, but nothing works. I’d really appreciate it if you know an answer to this!! Thank you in advance, regards, Jade.

    • Becca

      I’m having this exact same problem! Please let me know if you find a solution and I will do the same.

    • Velti Prom Presents

      Hi Jade, did you ever receive a solution to this?

    • Help

      Same here ‘An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.’ help!

  • Alan

    When an account converted to a page logs in and visits another page, the only option to comment as to the page’s post is THE NAME OF THE ORIGINAL PERSONAL ACCOUNT BEFORE THE CONVERSION, regardless of the option “Use Facebook as [Page name]”. This is a MUST-FIX for Facebook. Facebook must also include the options to renaming the original personal profile name and its picture before the conversion to a page happened.

  • Scalable Social

    When you convert your profile, what happens to the vanity URL of the profile? Is it released so that you can claim it again for your new profile? My commenters say it shows that it’s unavailable, but would be curious as to what others have found.

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  • Cori Corrado

    I had built up an erroneously configured “business profile” for 4 years and maxed out at 5K friends, kept waiting for FB to change the rules … they didn’t … so I started a page from scratch. (THEN, later, FB created the “conversion” policy. Too late for me.) Anyway, so I have a biz page now with 9K likes. And I know that despite occasional pleas, about 2500 of my dormant “biz profile friends” have not liked the new page. So can I really try to follow this and therefore automatically add those 2500 to my existing 9000, if I shut down the old dormant (but still activated) profile in the process?

    • Jon Loomer

      Assuming the name, address and purpose of the page and profile are the same, you can first convert the the profile to a page, then merge it with the established page. This is in theory, of course, since people tend to get differing results. Also make sure that you have an actual person who is an admin of the page.

  • skysenshi

    Only half of my contacts got migrated over and since I mistakenly changed my profile name to that of my blog’s name, I cannot use my real name anymore. And…I don’t have news feeds, not even of my subscribed pages. (So now I can’t check what George Takei is doing unless I go directly to his page, hehe.)

    I’m actually very frustrated right now and I’m hoping I get some response from Facebook so that they’d let me change my Admin name at the very least.

    • Jon Loomer

      The first thing you need to do is establish a real person as the admin of the page. This is the cause of your lack of functionality that you’re seeing. So, assuming you have a personal profile as well, set that up as the admin.

      • skysenshi

        I know this and that’s the problem. I cannot change into my identity. That was the first thing I had been trying to address since the conversion. I’ve already contacted facebook regarding my profile.

  • Klemen

    Hello Jon!

    I also tried this migration thing, made a new profile, gathered 3500 friends and then decided to migrate them into fans on a facebook page. At first I had the facebook page name problem, because it has to match the profile name, but I managed to fix it. Then I converted my profile into a page and got this error message: “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages”. It still made me a new page, but it did not migrate my friends into fans in 2 days. Can you help me out please?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Klemen. This is an error I’ve been hearing about, but I’ve not heard of a cause or solution. Unfortunately, your only course of action when you’re getting an error (essentially, there’s a bug in the system) is getting Facebook’s cooperation. Have you reached out to them?

      • TK

        Hi Jon, how do we go about reaching out to Facebook? Is there a contact form, or email address?

  • JD

    hi jon. I’m a young musician & I need to change my personal profile (1500 friends) over to a fanpage- to look more professional. I’ve already created a new ‘secondary’ account which I will then use as a personal account after the switchover.
    However I’ve seen a few posts on here that worry me: I don’t want to lose all 1500 friends & my profile if it doesn’t convert correctly- I’d be a bit stuck to say the least. Whats your advice on the process- do you think it is trustworthy enough to try?

    Thanks, JD!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, JD! It’s a tough call. This is how you do it, but that doesn’t mean Facebook’s process is bug free. My suggestion would be to first reach out to Facebook to see if you might get some help before you run into a problem. It’s at least worth a shot!

  • Nancy Verbrugghe

    I converted a profile to a fanpage, without any hassle… HOWEVER, I cannot add a second administrator to the page.. So, we always have to login with the email adress that’s connected to that page (email address of old profile).. I already sent two support tickets to FB, but I get no answer, and it looks like nobody can help me… so, until know, I discourage everyone to make this move. Especially when you want to manage the page with several administrators.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for these tips – I had no problems whatsoever converting! And, this was for a client. So, good news! Maybe they have fixed the previous glitches?

  • Cathy Henderson

    Hi there, I converted a personal page to a profile page for a charity over a month ago. All went to plan however the profile pages do not appear to exist on the mobile version. Facebook haven’t responded when I asked about. Wondering if you had any ideas.

  • Themax

    I am maxed out on friends and need to convert to a page. I’ve tried just about everything. Different names, different page types, etc. I ALWAYS get this message. “Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try: Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Invalid Name”. No clue what to do. Any tips?

  • sonia

    when i am going to migrate my profile i am geting it is saying ” an error occured while merging page.. it is because of attempting merging too many pages.. can anyone help me in ths

  • annoyed

    Ill tell you what facebook need a kick up the arse. Sick of trying to use it as a tool for business with so many glitches and bugs. Its ridiculous. They need a 24/7 support team that you are actually able to contact instead of being lazy, greedy t***s.

  • Curly

    I have just started the transformation from profile to page. How long does it take them to e mail me my personal archive? It is ”pending”? A message apeard to login from another computer. I do not have another one , and I’m not in possibility to use one at the moment? What should I do? Does this mean the converson has started?

  • Kimera

    I want to convert my personal to a fan page because i’ve reached the 5,000 limit of friends you can have… but i have 945 friend requests… when i convert, will my pending friend requests become likes or be lost?

    • Greg Insco

      I’m in the same boat, would love an answer before convert ahhhh

  • Jo T

    Just wanted to let anyone know that I merged my personal page to a business page today Feb 2, 2013…had to wait 1 day after getting the error message about using the computer accessed by Facebook earlier. I just logged in and out 6 times, left it overnight and this morning it has worked. I have a new business page with the correct address. Don’t be disheartened, just be patient, log in and out and it will work. Thanks so much for the help here :)

  • Abdullah

    Hi Jon
    When I Start Converting my Page this Message is come

    Please switch to a computer that you’ve previously used to browse Facebook.

    • Ansab Mahmood

      why admins don’t answer this question
      i am also having the same problem :(

    • Shahriar Nirjan

      i am also having the same problem. Please answer me admin’s.

  • Wikus

    All my friends are not converted as likes on my new page. The page was the Artists personal profile which we converted to a Artist Page. Should i have made it a business?

  • Mon Khandoker

    how to get back to my personal profile?

  • elbertavonshlorf

    Hi Jon. This is an important topic and a good post because we are seeing that this process is very complex. I am coming to the realization that Facebook is not the social network I thought it was. I thought that as a musician I could have a band page and also like things and share and have a timeline like my friends do. Instead all I can do is act like some sort of ad manager. This is quashing my creativity and making me not want to participate as everything I want to do involves my credit card number.

    I do think it was harsh to refer to everyone who doesn’t want to share real names as “weirdos.” FB has become ubiquitous and often the only way to comment on something online or see what friends are up to is via FB. Artists aren’t always interested in projecting the persona found on their driver’s license. That’s what makes them artists. When I joined FB for the first time, I chose to be honest and create a band page. For that, I am denied the whole FB experience. The “Face” of FB is a giant order form — the “Admin page” which is sterile and all about paying for promotion. I’m deleting everything before I waste any more time. For this insight I am grateful for your blog post and the responses. I intend to post my music using other sites such as myspace and twitter which seem more relevant.

  • Marc

    I am admin for a couple of different companies and on one I created a personal profile, then created the business page. No issues there. On the other one, they had profile they were using for their business page. When I try to convert it, it keeps giving me the “use a different computer you use to browse facebook”. The fact is, I use this computer for browsing facbook all the time. If they expect me to go to my client’s computer that ain’t happening as it’s 300 miles away. Do you know any workarounds. Could I keep the profile up and still create the business page? Then I could be admin on both… any suggestions?

  • Montana Tan


    After logging in to my Personal Page I have attempted the migration many times. However when asked to enter my password to confirm the migration, I get the error “Your password was incorrect” and cannot proceed. Many emails to Facebook remain unanswered. Can anyone help me in advsing how I get the migration to recognise my password, even tho I can use it to log in?

  • Ivan

    Our automated system has detected that the name Tileff is not same or similar to your profile name Ivan Tileff. Please keep it same or similar and retry. Anyone knows how to keep only one of the names when I want to migrate my profile to a page?

    • Cassie Witt

      If you keep your full name, you should be able to change the page name once it’s converted (unless you have a lot of friends that will convert to likes). I can’t remember the exact amount, but after a certain number of likes you can only change your page name with “proper documentation”.

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  • Nastja

    I tried to convert my profile into a business profile but it wrote me
    this: “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by
    your attempt to merge too many pages.”

    And I don’t know why. I don’t have any other pages yet.

    Please help me

    • Velti Prom Presents

      Hi Nastja, did you ever receive a solution to this?

  • Electroset

    Followed your instructions and everything went PERFECTLY. Thanks so much. Is it possible to “Import” the data that I exported from the old profile? – To populate this new page with info and history?

    • Dorian

      I’d like to know the same thing. Have you found an answer yet?

      • Miriam

        Apparently this is not possible, Dorian and Electroset. It’s just a back up for your information, nothing more, which seems a little pointless, but there you go!

  • loveable jerk

    how to merge diffrent facebook pages?

  • Cindy

    I have a business page. Realized I had to have a personal profile To use iPhone as business admin. Now every time I try to post video from YouTube it goes to personal page not business page. How do I correct this!?

  • Bentzy Plotkin

    Hey Jon, any idea if there is a limit to how many friends and followers can transfer to likes? I have a page with 5000 friends and 3500 followers. Will they all transfer?

  • Kunnamkulam Friendz

    i cant convert my profile in to a page please help when trying to convert they telling that you are merging too many pages

  • Sarah

    Hi, I already convert my profile to a business page, but i couldn’t merge the duplicate pages (I’m the admin of the two Pages with similar names, i Checked the box next to the Page i want to merge with, but it doesn’t work. Can someone hep please?

  • Megan Moore Johnson

    Can I ask if you or anyone knows once you have downloaded the timeline how to do you get the info back on the newly created buisness page? Can you upload the backup? Or do you have to pull it all over one by one from that downloaded file? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • JK Consultancy

    Hi Jon
    I originally started FB with my personal profile. Then I created a separate Business FB page which I didn’t link to my personal page (mistake I now know). I have used my personal email to create my personal FB page, and used my work email to create my business FB page. So I linked my personal FB to business FB by making my personal profile like my business FB, now I have 2 admins which are both myself (one with my personal and one business email). I now want to delete the business FB page I created before it gets shut down by FB, as I have 2 separate log-ins.
    Is it possible to keep my business FB page on my personal profile without losing the my likes and content? I want to keep my personal profile separate from my business page. Do I need to merge?
    Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I’ve been researching this for hours and I’m seeing stars!
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  • Angela

    I’ve converted a profile page into a page but can’t see any of my likes.. have I lost them all?

  • Eppan

    Please switch to a computer that you’ve previously used to browse Facebook.

    To ensure your account security, please complete this process on a
    computer you’ve used in the past. If this isn’t possible, please contact
    customer support from the Help Center. ???

  • Sojourner

    This post was so helpful! Thank you! Thank you!!!! I was able to merge my two FB fan pages and roll my FB profile over to my fan page. HUGE SUCCESS :)

  • KD

    An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.


  • ddl2dance

    We converted a page last week then lost everything (fans, photos,). All of my clients fans are now gone and we are all devastated.

    • William Snook

      Same here and we have done this many times without fail. The client is extremely angry and no resolution almost a week later from Facebook…any ideas…anyone?

      • Cassie Witt

        Hi William and ddl2dance,

        I’ve done this also many times in the past, and have never had a problem. There seems to be a lot of problems recently, though…

        Here’s a link to a form you can use to contact Facebook about it, if you haven’t already. I really wish I could do more, but this sounds like a definite Facebook bug. :(

  • TubbyTodd

    Kind of confused by the merging thing. I have a personal page with the URL I want to keep, for example /TubbyGubby (can’t change the url anymore on my personal page becuase I’ve already changed it once). I also have an existing page with around 1,000 fans but with the wrong url. If I merge the two what exactly will happen?

    Will my newly converted page with less fans have it’s url and name changed and merged with the new account? Or will The pages merge data but I simply keep the /TubbyGubby url. Basically I want to keep the TubbyGubby url but also want to clear up facebook and get rid of pages I don’t need. Should I just skip the merging step?

  • mare

    The most important thing “Convert Your Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page” is described with “I’m not real certain of what steps are”

    It is really for shame that this text is so high ranked on Google search

  • yakov

    Im getting this message, any ideas what to do?
    Creating content with this name is not allowed.
    if i try changing the name i get this
    “Our automated system has detected that the name Double Header USA is not same or similar to your profile name DoubleHeader Shop. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

  • Carly

    I added my business to my user account (is that ok?), and it comes up when you type in the company name, but it won’t let me “like” anyone?? We do have 2 admins on the settings account, but not similar. Do I need to add my name again, or one similar?

  • j. bone

    AWESOME!!! Worked perfectly! Couldnt of explained better!


    i can’t change my profile to fanpage …. “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages” after that , it create one new , pls help me !

  • Nathan

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME??? I followed the instructions to convert my profile to a business page and lost my almost 5000 friends and contacts!!! The instructions said that they would be transferred or “migrated” into the Fan Count (i.e. LIKES) but I have yet to see that and it seems as though they’re all completely GONE!

    I’ve posted several times on the Facebook community page with no answers or response. I need some kind of feedback or help PLEASE!!! The 5000 friends I had took years to build and now I’ve lost them all. What do I do? How can this be resolved?

    Thank you.


    Hi Guys. I have to log into what is a business page and then select my business page ie i cannot go straight into Hayden Murtagh Photography i seem to have log into HMPHOTOUK (email address). How do i log straight into the Business Page – it seems like 2 pages have been created – like HMPHOTOUK is personal and Hayden Murtagh Photography is business. HELP!!

  • sphere

    Hi Jon,

    I need your help as I’ve inherited a corporate account that I’m intending to convert to a page. Unfortunately, the conversion may also mean that I lose all the date in our Ads Manager? I’ve been trying to Google what happens to the date but am unable to find it. Please help!

  • cinemafunk

    Thank you again for this simple and easy tutorial! Made it really easy for me to convert and merge several pages for client of mine.

  • ashok9426

    i have a page with more than 1000 likes. it is with wrong username. i want to change either username or page name. kindly help me

  • Mixie Moon

    Facebook won’t allow me to change my entertaining name when converting; it’s making me use my full name instead.

  • Ansab Mahmood

    But whenever i try to change my profile to page there comes an error that To ensure your account security please log in with that computer which you used to log in previously.
    But I am using the same computer.
    Is there any solution ?

  • Geraldine Ann Ford

    Hi Jon. I have sent you a couple of messages asking if there is anyway I can convert my business page back to a profile page, but I haven’t had any replies. I know you’re not supposed to be able to change back, but my daughter’s friends husband managed to change hers back to a profile page. My daughter says when she puts my name in the search bar on FB my profile page still comes up, but I don’t even have a search bar. I really regret converting to a business page as I cannot interact with my students or clients, let a lone my family and friends who also want to know what I’m doing. I am so upset by this! Geraldine

    • Kim

      I’m having the same trouble..did you ever fix it?

  • David Decker

    After downloading all the FB info, and then converting from a personal profile to a Page for a business, how do I retrieve the saved information and put it back on the FB “new” Page?

    • Cassie Witt

      Hi David,

      If you downloaded the info, it should have been saved somewhere on your computer. You’ll need to find it, unzip it and then access the folders inside. The folders should be named things like “Posts”, “Photos”, etc. Then you will have to manually post the pics and posts back on the new Page. It’s a long, tedious process, but Facebook doesn’t have an “importer” for you to use, unfortunately.

  • mich724

    When I went to login to my facebook page it said “We recommend converting your timeline to a Facebook page” So I fill everything out an it said “Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try another name.” I have tried all kinds of variations of our name but it won’t let me get past this part HELP what do I do????

  • alex

    to merge pages the info provided is incorrect there is no resources!!!???

  • Darren Wallace

    Can someone answer me this, I may not have to convert. To create my page I clicked create a page from my profile page and started my business page from there. Is this still a personal page, I still had to choose what kind of page to set up, as in retail etc. Thanks guys.

    • Cassie Witt

      Hi Darren,

      The easiest way to tell is to look at your name when you login (I’ve attached a screenshot of what that looks like). My screenshot shows my own name there. If it’s still your business name, then you have your business as a personal profile (which is against their rules)–even though you also “created a page” for your business. They are two separate things.

      To fix this, you’ll either need to make your own personal profile the admin of your business page, and delete the existing personal profile account. Or, if this is the only account you have, update this profile with your own name and information.

  • Sue

    Do admins have their own log-in information for pages they monitor? I have a page that I want to share with someone as an admin but don’t want them to have control of other parts of my fb acct. Please advise.

  • Barbara Dolan

    Hi Jon
    I am very new to Facebook. I created a Personal Profile and then realized that I was better off to have a Business Page. I followed your instructions to do the conversion. It looks like all went well. However, when I log in I can only use my Page. That is I can create posts, look at my messages but I can’t search any one else on Facebook. Also I was a recently a member of a couple of groups and I don’t see that anymore. I received new links to become a member again but the link just takes me to my Page. I see the post at the bottom suggestion a having a Personal Profile and being a member of the Admin. Is that what I need to do? I am using my own name as my business name for now until I figure out exactly what I am doing. Is this going to be a problem? Suggestions please!

  • Shubham Badawane

    Help Me To reconvert my migration page to personal account…..

  • zodiac legend

    A friend of mine lost his business fan-page with 12000 fans that was created in 2009.

    He contacted facebook support and they could not answer his question.

    Does anyone know what he can do ?

  • Mitchell Carridine

    I have converted my profile however none of the friends that were on the profile have been moved across, is there anyway to fix this?

  • guest user

    great stuff… many thanks

  • Donna Onebane

    Jon – I’ve never considered my self a stupid person until now. I want to have a Facebook page for the book I have written. I don’t want a personal page, although I set one up because I believe I had to in order to get a page for my book. So I have a Personal facebook with a page for book. I’ve tried to follow your directions but I don’t have the settings you refer to. Do I have to merge them then delete personal?

  • Intan Primayanti

    Hi john.
    I found my business appears on facebook but i never set it up. There’s a button to claim the business as mine, it only asks my phone numbers. Is that safe to do so??

  • Gorazd

    You wrote: “The only items transferred over will be your current profile picture and
    your current friends and subscribers (who will be converted to Likes).”. I followed your steps, changed my personal page in to a business page, and the only think which was transfered was my profile picture and NO FRIENDS. Can you help?

  • Marta Mara Paglianni

    Hello Jon from Madrid Spain. I am trying to help my sister with her fb page which she created 2 yrs ago. She works with a new Apple computer. At that time she made the mistake and listed her page as a Local Business and since then she has been trying to change it to Artist. How can that be possible? I tried to helped but I dont see any option for that at all which is strange since fb does have so many artists. Any tips from you or anybody in here is welcome!! Adios y muchas gracias!

  • Jeanette

    Hi there. I’m trying to convert my profile to a business page for 4 businesses (all managed under one admin login). I’ve completed my download, but when I get to the next part ‘Set the Admin of my public page’, it won’t allow me to add myself or anyone else in my office.

    Set the admin of your public page
    Your profile will become a Page, so your new Page and any other Pages you currently manage will require an admin profile to manage them. This should be:
    An existing personal profile that represents you as a person
    The profile of a trusted friend, coworker or partner who will help manage your PagesEmail:Password:
    If you don’t already have a personal account, you can sign up for one
    with your real name, birthday and email address. Once you have
    registered, complete the fields below with your new account information.

    Do you know how I get past this point?

  • photoion

    Run in the same problem like everyone else, my story: I have a personal account, I have a FB business page that I manage; now facebook suspended my account forcing me to convert it into a FB page. Good, I read the whole thread here and is still one thing I don’t understand: I convert my personal account into FB page, my friends will or not become likes, my new account will be a FB page, how do I manage my other page? If I merge the pages I understand is possible to loose my likes on my current page. Also, how will I manage (be admin) the existing FB page if I won’t have any personal account? How do I log in?

    • photoion

      I forgot to say I cannot login in my personal account it’s blocked by FB

  • Dario Angelovski

    Pls answer me !
    If i convert and my name is Dario Angelovski,can i change to DACCI?
    Pls answer me..

  • Discounts Books

    I am facing the very same challenges for nearly a week –
    no help, no response. I simply got ignored and all responses are
    the typical computer generated template-

    Face book simply stated horrible, horrible –
    awful customer service, simply terrible. I know they are
    afraid to talk to real people – At least respond
    accurately via email F- if you
    ask me – you should never ever again allow Nerds to
    own and run companies.

  • Amber Santovi

    I have my
    personal profile (family & friends)
    Then started a page for Brands & Products….
    But needed it to be a buisness page.
    What above directions do i need to proceed with….to get product page to a buisness page
    I dont want to loose either page.