Facebook Tip: How to Use an Effective Call to Action

ShortStack Logo You may already know that I’m a big fan of ShortStack to build Facebook tabs for my Page and the Pages of clients (read my ShortStack review here). But you may not know that ShortStack also writes a pretty dang good blog.

This week, Chelsea of ShortStack wrote a great post called 6 Tips for Writing a Facebook Post with the Perfect Call to Action.

I preach it here as well: If you want engagement on your Facebook Page, you need to ask for it. You need a call to action.

The six tips from ShortStack:

  1. Ask a question: The more specific, the better
  2. Provide some information: But don’t reveal it all!
  3. Always provide a link: The purpose of your CTA
  4. Keep it positive: Positive feelings lead to sharing and engagement
  5. Don’t bother yourself with a word limit: Try to keep it short, but not at the expense of effectiveness
  6. Provide an image: Visuals always help!

Do you follow these rules for using calls to action? Provide your thoughts below!

  • http://copymatter.com/ Mustafa Khundmiri

    I agree Jon, the power of asking a question should not be underestimated. Like they: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    Anybody reading your update is somewhere, somehow interested in your subject/topic/niche. This gives you an opportunity to get their feedback.

    Not only that, asking a question makes your page more engaging and enticing. Which obviously leads to a more healthy relationship with your fans.

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