How to Request Facebook Offers for Your Page

Facebook Offers is rolling out to small businesses, but those with access still remain in the minority. Of the Pages that I have admin access, only one has been granted into the Facebook Offers beta.

Facebook says that Offers are only available to certain types of businesses, though it’s not clear specifically which businesses qualify. It would be easy to assume that brick and mortar businesses would get top priority, with a possible emphasis on restaurants and retail.

But if you don’t have Facebook Offers yet for your Page, you may be able to help speed up the process. Simply go here to request Facebook Offers for your Page.

Request Facebook Offers

As tends to be the case, there is no guarantee that contacting Facebook will help, but it can’t hurt!

Do you have Facebook Offers yet? Have you had success getting the feature by contacting Facebook? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Ray

    Hi Jon  I am fairly new to using Facebook for my business and trying to learn quickly but I find it very frustrating sometimes.  After three days of looking about creating offers I have just come across your link to the Offers request page.  It does not appear if you try searching for it in Facebook Help centre!!  I have been totally frustrated to receive a reply telling me they are only available to a limited number of Facebook Pages at present yet other businesses in my local area can create offers.
    One of the other things you may be able to help with is something I have also noticed on your Page.  I created a new Facebook business Page (without a personal profile) using an alternative e-mail but the status bar does not allow me to search, see notifications etc and there is no like button for visitors to click.  Your page has the same problem (as I see it).  I can’t find an explanation for this anywhere.
    The two pages I have at the moment are (with a personal profile) and (without a personal profile)
    Hopefully you can help or at least point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks :)

  • Brendan Beavers

    Hi jon – No I do not have offers, and no I have not been able to get them. I only discovered offers about 5 weeks ago, and after a couple of days digging through Facebook trying to learn how to use them i eventually found a FAQ stating that I needed 400 likes on my page. After hounding my friends for a month to like my page spending money on advertising and chasing people down dark alleys I finally got t o the illustrious 400 likes… And still no offers. After again scouring FB for answers i eventually found their FAQ again which now states I only need 100 likes???? I eventually managed to find a “Leave Feedback” options which looks just like the “offers information request” above. I have yet to hear anything from FB.