Are You Missing Your Facebook Page Private Messages?

The other day, I finally received my first private message through my page’s Facebook Timeline. I’ve gotten a few since. But something about the notification process is driving me crazy.

There isn’t one.

You know that number that appears by the name of your page while you’re on your News Feed when you have new notifications?

Yeah, doesn’t apply to private messages.

You know that number that appears on the Admin Panel when you’ve received new notifications?

Yeah, that doesn’t apply to private messages either.

Facebook Admin Panel Notification

As far as I can tell, there are only two ways to find out you have new Facebook Page private messages:

  • You go into your Admin Panel and notice in the Messages area that there is a new message
  • You are logged in as your Page

The first one is extremely easy to miss. I’m not trained yet to look for new private messages. So if I go into my Admin Panel because of a new notification, I automatically look on the left side for the new comment or Like.

For the second, you will get the little Message notification at the top left that you get as a personal user if you’re logged in as your Page. But I run many pages and find it easier to just use all of them while logged in personally instead of constantly logging in as different Pages.

Understand that I’m obsessive about my Page. I check my Admin Panel when I’m hearing voices. Yet I’ll still have a message sit for hours unanswered that I didn’t know existed. This doesn’t happen with anything written on my Page.

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with your Facebook Page private messages? What are you doing about it?

  • Pavan kumar N.R.

    Hey Jon!
    Notification of Messages is definitely one of the most needed feature of Timeline for pages. It’s such a pain to go through numerous pages just to track messages. Since these are early days of Timeline(for pages) hopefully Facebook will include it in the notification within next few weeks. Until Facebook gives the option to include messages in notification none of the social media tracking tools can help. Let me know if there are any tools which can do this.

    PS: Looks like you are one of the first blogger to write about this stuff. I am a first time visitor because of this post. Great info on FB :) Keep blogging!

    • Jon Loomer

      Great! Thanks for reading and providing your thoughts, Pavan. How did you find me?

  • Julian Gardner-Hobbs

    Hi Jon,
    Found you when looking for “facebook page private message notification”. Alas I have nothing useful to add except that we have also not noticed there was any notification of a message and lost a potential customer as a result. My wife and I run a local service business that is bookings based. We try to funnel most requests for bookings through the website or telephone, but we still get people posting enquiries via SMS, on the FB page timeline, in comments and now through the private message feature on the FB page.Makes it rather difficult to keep track especially as there are no notifications for messages. Surely they should have added this crucial feature when they introduced the ability to send PMs through pages?

    • Jon Loomer

      Sorry to hear that, Julian. While I think it’s a great way to communicate, I wouldn’t be opposed to page managers turning off the functionality until notifications are implemented. As was your case, there is significant risk if you aren’t checking frequently.

  • Meg

    Hi, I am glad it not just me!

    As well as the problem with not being notified unless you are actually logged in as your page, my other main problem is not being able to administrate my business page from my mobile phone. On the computer you go to the drop down arrow and click ‘use Facebook as …’ But I can’t find any way to do this on mobile Facebook, I have tried various Facebook apps as well as Facebook on the phone’s browser.

    Anyone got any ideas? I have missed messages to my business page for a couple of days because I have been away from my laptop…  Very annoying! Is it a phone problem (I have experienced it on my Nokia and my partner’s HTC) or a Facebook problem?


  • Monique Truss

    Any update on this?

    • Jon Loomer

      Nothing has changed here.

  • PremiumSaltine

    Searched for “Facebook page message notification”. This is driving me crazy. I just assumed I would receive a notification. I almost missed out on a potential customer. I didn’t even catch the message until two days after it was sent to me. This seems like an amazing over-site by some Facebook devs.

  • Pupstogo

    Unfortunately nothing to add that really helps other than I am Having the same annoying issue and lost 2 clients because of it. Hoping for an update soon.

  • ProfileTree

    we have an issue – get multiple updates in our notification tab…ie x and y and z posted to your timeline. We go and check these posts – and can only find 1 . We check everywhere ( but must be missing something!) Do not see it in the Activity feed…or messages – our page does have heavy engagement – its impossible to see the posts…its tough to keep on top of it..and this is frustrating us a the commenter below – we do not want to miss messages and have customers think we are ignoring them.

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  • Neil Mercer

    This is a really irritating thing for me too, I have a page for my band and just found a gig offer from 9 days ago! What’s even more irritating is that I get loads of notifications for things I don’t want whenever people add me to groups that I didn’t choose, and facebook automatically emails me the group updates. They really need to add email notification (or even regular notifications) for messages to your page.

    • Jon Loomer

      Neil — I’ve actually found that during the past week I am now getting notifications when I receive a private message. Are you still not getting them?

      • Rick valentine

        Nope – Im not as yet Hopefully soon!

      • Shelly Andrade

        Jon, did you do anything differently? I’m going bonkers here. I’m not a big Facebook user in the first place, but I do have a business page that I share info on and I’m finding I get a lot of questions… about the furniture I paint, the paint I sell and my painting workshops… This un-awareness that I’m getting messages stinks big time. I seem to get the initial message which is sent directly into my inbox, but if I reply to them and then they respond back, I never see it. I just found 30 of these three of them which resulted in lost sales and who knows how many others. ps – I was referred to you by Joy Lab :)

        • Jon Loomer

          Hi, Shelly! I didn’t do anything differently. However, I have noticed a new option for alerts (though, I don’t think it impacts private messages). If you go into Admin Panel > Edit Page > Your Settings, there is an option for Onsite Notifications.

  • duceduc

    I am having issues too. It used to work before and about last week or so, the pm stops being notify with a red dot. There is no way of my knowing if I got a new pm if I don’t go into the message tab manually and look for any new reply I haven’t seen. Glad I am not the only one.

  • bb n

    I missed a potential GF because of this! fuck facebook!

  • BBatchelor

    The Message Button on our fb page is nonexistent, it’s turned on but no button! Any ideas?

  • nta

    Jon,You seem like an Expert on topic, so I do hope you look into this issue for me! I really appreciate it!!!! I’m having a big issue that I can’t seem to find any solution online for. I’m a facebook page admin and when I leave comments on other facebook pages that I’ve liked (as my own page) they are only visible to me. When I log out they are simply not there. Now I’ve made sure this issue isn’t just because the page is blocking my comments or certain comments because I see other pages comments on their page. I got in touch with a couple of the pages I left comments on and they are simply not seeing my comments at all.

  • DigiwiseGraphics

    My message button is there, I can see it, and I have even sent myself a message, but I’ve had two potential clients say they couldn’t see it. Then I thought it was a like issue, so I unliked my page, and the message button was still there… This is confusing! Any suggestions?!

  • Carlos

    Any news on this yet? I admin 0ver 25 pages ans miss customer messages also.

  • bigbucks

    hello there

    i have just opened a page and have messages turned on but when i tested it by getting a friend to message me it still says no messages have been received ???

    any help would be much appreciated


    • jf

      same issue with my 2 Facebook pages :(

      • Teresa

        i also am having the same prob :(

    • Vash bane

      seems this is some new bug or something ive also just started getting no message as of 3 days ago

    • Matt

      Hey, I had the same issue and i have just figured it out after a long time of not getting msg notifications on the pages we manage.

      Go to your page -> Edit page -> Edit Settings -> Notifications and uncheck the emailed notification.

      It looks like you either get an email or a facebook notification, but not both!

  • Teresa

    I also opened up a page and Am not able to get my messages friends have sent them to me and i am not getting them.. all settings are correct. This is a BIG PAIN!!

  • Chirnover

    Hi guys, worked out how to do it. Go to your page, Settings, Notifications, the check ”
    Get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update.” Then there will be an option for new messages.

  • Ojo Terzo


    We were having the same problem with our facebook page private messages, and the solution is pretty simple apparently. Just go to

    Then click on “activate” in front of “New messages” and voilá!