How to Create Multiple Facebook Timeline Apps with Static HTML

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It’s unclear when this happened, but the Static HTML application that makes it easy to build your own Timeline apps has changed.

Previously, you only needed to add the app to your page once, and you could then create multiple “tabs.” But now, that option doesn’t exist. And when you try to add the app again, that page no longer exists in the drop-down of selections.

So how do you create multiple Facebook Timeline apps with Static HTML? I figured there must be a way. I poked around everywhere. The information in the Account information within the app clearly states that you can create “unlimited tabs.”

Static HTML Account Info

But I figured this could just be carryover language from the pre-Timeline days. I looked in the main app settings of my page and found no solution. I looked on the main page for the app and there was no explanation.

So… we can only use the Static HTML app once now? Nope. You can use it up to 12 times. But they sure don’t make this clear.

Here’s what you do…

I found this by mistake when I searched Static HTML on Facebook:

Static HTML Search on Facebook

So apparently, you have to add a different app each time you want to create a new tab with Static HTML. For your reference, here are all of the links that you’ll need to create multiple Facebook apps with Static HTML:

Static HTML Facebook Application (first tab)
Static HTML… [Second Tab]
Static HTML… [Third Tab]
Static HTML… [Fourth Tab]
Static HTML… [Fifth Tab]
Static HTML… [Sixth Tab]
Static HTML… [Seventh Tab]
Static HTML… [Eighth Tab]
Static HTML… [Ninth Tab]
Static HTML… [Tenth Tab]
Static HTML… [Eleventh Tab]
Static HTML… [Twelfth Tab]

  • OrgSpring

    I’m a big fan of the static html app. We’ve used them with a few of the nonprofits. You’re right though, It’s not very clear about tab two, three, four, etc. Took us a few tries to figure that one out too.
    Good article though.

  • lealou

    Hey there – this post was super helpful – thanks! Just wondering if you know if you can customize the photo app box that is existing on the page? I would love to put a fancy graphic up there too… 

    • Jon Loomer

      I agree! I’d love to customize that as well. But as of now, that isn’t possible. Hopefully it’s a change that will be made in the future!

  • Mike

    Is it possible to create mutliple timelines on a single page?

    • Jon Loomer

      No, Mike. Only one Timeline per page.

    • OrgSpring

      But you can use Jon’s template pics to highlight certain posts or make milestones. With the big featured pics, it’s like having several timeline cover-esque (i made that word up) pictures on your timeline.

  • Scott Williams

    Great article, so helpful if you’re not familiar with PHP. Thanks!

    • Jon Loomer

      Glad to help, Scott!

  • Teresa Knecht

    THANK YOU so much!  I stuttered around for almost 2 days trying to figure out how to get more than one tab to function.

    • Jon Loomer

      Glad I could help, Teresa! It certainly isn’t clear. I had to stumble on it accidentally to find it!

  • Rohit Shaw

    Nice Job Jon.. you have presented it so neatly.. Thank you soo much :)

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    Thanks so much!!!!

  • Mariecx

    Great tip!  And thanks so much for the links!   So far I’ve been using a service called Lujure to create all of my tabs/apps which is super easy, but expensive. I’d rather do them on my own and save the bucks. So I followed the link for the first tab, added it, and I have a window with a big black graphic that says “Tab Coming Soon.”  Now what? How to I edit my app/tab?

    • Jon Loomer

      Can you provide a link to your tab, Marie? Not familiar with what you’re describing.

  • Guest

    This was the most heplful information I have ever found on the internet! Literally spent about 2 hours trying to figure all of this out, thank you so much!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hah! You’re welcome!

  • Sivasakthivel

    May i know how to remove app from my page tabs using php?

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    I poked around everywhere.

    Thank you so much! You’ve done this for all of us!

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  • BJ

    Thank you, I am new to FB and have been fighting with this. Thank you! Now, if I can just figure out how to get the links to go to the actual site instead of within the FB framework. And why some tabs will link to the sites and others won’t. Grrrr.

  • Kat

    That was really great! I was wrapping my head around for the last couple of hours trying to figure out how I can get more Static HTML tabs! Thank you!

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