Reference: How to Contact Facebook (90+ Ways)

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facebook logo 300x225 Reference: How to Contact Facebook (90+ Ways)

I’m constantly looking up ways to contact Facebook, either for my own needs or for my readers. I figured it was time to create my own master list.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, it’s not easy to find out how to contact Facebook about your specific problem. I always start in the Help Center and then typically proceed to Something’s Not Working.

From there, sometimes Facebook gives you a form you can fill out to contact them about your specific problem. More often than not, though, they send you on a scavenger hunt.

One of my favorite Facebook people is Mari Smith. She is an invaluable resource for all things Facebook. Mari created a list of ways to contact Facebook a couple of years ago, and I often refer to it.

But I decided to create my own list now. There are bound to be commonalities between the two lists, but hopefully with my fresh dive into the Help Center, I can add some value to her contributions.

The list below is the result of my four hour scavenger hunt. If there is anything missing, please let me know!

Contact Facebook About Problems with Pages

Contact Facebook About Facebook Advertising

Contact Facebook About Problems with News Feed

Contact Facebook About Problems with Profile or Timeline

Contact Facebook About Problems with Photos

Contact Facebook About Problems with Video

Contact Facebook About Problems with Chat and Messages

Contact Facebook About Problems with Apps and Games

Contact Facebook About Problems with Search

Contact Facebook About Problems with Notifications

Contact Facebook About Problems with Friend Connections

Contact Facebook About Problems with Security or Privacy

Contact Facebook About Problems with Facebook on Mobile

Contact Facebook About Problems with Groups or Events

Contact Facebook About Error Messages

Contact Facebook About Unlawful Activity

Contact Facebook About Other Problems

Is there anything missing from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • Vanhoep

    My Facebook has been gotten onto twice this week by an unknown person and this last time they deactivated my account… What do I do?

  • Aashishbista

    I am fed up reporting facebook since 1 yrs , as my domain is blocked without any issue, any solution for this please; link is

    • Aashishbista

       sorry its mistake its

  • Zendream79

    I can not get into my Facebook.  Every time I post anything it jumps me back to the page: You must log in.  I log in, check the box to save my password, go back in to FB, try to comment or add photos or ANYTHING and it jumps me right back out to the page: You must LOG IN!!  I’ve done it now 20 times.  It won’t let me in!

  • Pumpkinorchard

    it is very fed up of my fb page coz, i can’t go access and post any messages on friends. the bad thing is also unable to receive any newsfeeds posted from my friends. Like as block me to do anything, Sigh!!! please help me to get rid of all issues on fb pages.  

  • Kjralph01

    As a business who advertises on facebook (and spends $50k+ a year with them), it’s amazing to me that they refuse to speak to me “live” about a billing discrepancy. I’ve had a string of 20+ emails with their billing department, but the best they can do is “assure” me that their billing is correct. I was given a phone number from Bank of America for their billing department, and, funny, it rings about 20 times and then goes to a fast busy. I would think there would be some level of customer service, but apparently they are big enough not to care about it.

  • Darese

    My 3 year has an account and I need it closed. But the information needed to track it on line (such as url) has been hidden from the public, the ages to choose from are 9,10,11 or above, which is neither, in order to report. I’ve gone ahead and reported it under false account. I hope facebook reads and listens to our “report”. ~Sad Mommy

  • Christine

    I am concerned about choices my teenager son is making. He has taken me off his friends list and I am ok with that so he feels free to post the true about his activity, but I was told I can contact facebook about being able to view his account since I am his parent and he is under 18. How do I do that?

  • Adalaina

    My daughter cannot get into her own account. Forgit email and pass code Amira Juras

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  • Mary

    I cannot find how to contact Facebook when a developer has a game app out there that is cheating people out of money.

  • Andre King

    I’ve had my account for a little more than an hour and, even though I haven’t sent any messages (tried to comment on a couple of things and was blocked) or spam, some of my account features have been blocked; in addition, I’ve been blocked from making friend-requests for 14 days even though I haven’t made any friend requests; it’s painfully obvious that Facebook as at least one of two problems: either they have viruses that have lied about my activity or Facebook has fascist policies; I can see blocking for making too many friend requests, but none whatsoever? Blocking account features for sending spam even though I haven’t sent any? Come on, Mark Zuckerberg! Stop fooling around with Facebook’s stock prices and take care of business with the platform itself! Bad, Mark, really bad! :(

  • Bob Staples

    I have the same problem as Andre King. I’m blocked from commenting, messaging for “abuse”. Thing is, I only make about 1 comment a month on fb and they are birthday wishes to family and friends. The most frustrating thing is not being able to get to anyone to fix the erroneous block at fb. Andre, I feel your frustration man.

    • Tifani

      This has happened to me! I was falsely accused of spamming…what can I do?

  • Patrick King

    For the last month a group of people on the page Justice for Darlie Routier have had me blocked repeatedly by Facebook for things that in no way violate Facebook policy.
    How does the content infringe/violate your rights?: I am not able to interact with my friends or otherwise communicate with the Facebook community while I am blocked. There seems to be no human appeal for this kind of block. If a person will read the content for which I am blocked they will immediately see it does not violate Facebook protocol or anyone else’s either. I was blocked first for 3 days, then for 7 days, now for 30 days. I have not committed any offense except in not agreeing with a couple of users about the death penalty.
    Contact Information: I am the rights holder, reporting on my own behalf.

  • Rose

    How do we contact to complain about this awful timeline they are forcing on us? I haven’t met anyone who likes it – don’t want it, don’t like it, don’t need it!

  • Jose

    My former staff created an email account to sign in Facebook. After a long time no log in email and Facebook page, she forgot them all. A problem here is Facebook username is my company name. I can’t create a new page because it will make our consumers confused. I would like to know how can I contact to Facebook directly to have their support. Noted that I can’t contact 3 members in friend list to have their support as I don’t know anyone in the list. Many thanks to have your suggestion

  • andrew

    how do i actually report violation on fan page cover photo. as i come across page that asking ppl to like on their cover photo

  • Sally Burnell

    Yes, you have NO information on what to do if you suddenly find yourself unable tp post for 15 days because someone reported a post of yours as spam. I can’t seem to find out who reported me or why and how to reinstate my posting privileges, and who to contact regarding that. I have tried every address in the book: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and every single time I get an automated response referring me to their HELP pages, but those are of NO help because I can find NO information on how to reinstate my privileges. So how do I fix this problem since obviously NOBODY at Facebook reads the e-mails that they get from users anymore? HELP!!!!

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  • Vicki Hampton

    I am attempting to change my name on my page, I can change it but I can’t save it?

  • Bob O’Neil

    Looks like you have everything covered but the one thing I need. They have put a 3 day block on my account for violating one of their nebulous terms of service. they removed an innocuous comment I posted and notified me of the block with no explanation of which one of their rules I have broken or why my comment was in violation. Apparently there is no appeal process. At least I can’t find one. Shouldn’t there be some type of a form to fill out to try to get the ban lifted? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Bella

    A couple nights ago my Facebook account was hacked into and the password was changed and they also changed my Hotmail password. My friend eventually got me the account back but I wasn’t too sure if I would right then and there so I reported it because they were sending inboxes to my friends that could have caused a serious
    It has so much on it, too many photos, too many friends, so many inboxes that I needed.
    I don’t know how to get my Facebook back but I’ve had it for too many years to lose it.
    Anyone get any ideas?

  • Paul G

    I get this message:

    Your account is temporarily locked.
    In order to regain access to your account, please log in from one of these computers you recently used:
    IE for Win7 (Friday at 4:03pm)
    Chrome for Win7 (November 14 at 8:09pm)
    If you are unable to access any of these computers, you can .
    I log in from the computers that they told me to log in from AND I sent them a copy of my driver’s license. What can I do? please help.

  • Tricha n Tulsie

    Hi my name is Tricha.i have been a Facebook user for as long ad it was out. I love it,i reconnected with family and friends but over the last months i have being seeing naked picture of men and, PORN, kids making out with other kids, kids and dogs having sex, people abusing kids and last but not less people been killed,i mean chainsaw and knife talking heads off. Why are you allowing users to post such things.they sh ould get kick off. I have two thousand users that agree with me. Clean Facebook up please.the world is a mess already let not contribute please.thank you very much.

  • fleetmikewood

    i love fb but when i try to add friends i get blocked for days?that’s not good for people who would like to meet new should be up to the person being added to ok it or not!if u change this inhuman problem with fb less people will try and leave facebook for more friend and family friendly sites.thank u and plz fix :)

  • Lewis Simpson

    I am filling a legal action of harassment against a former contact on Facebook and the police and lawyers need to access deleted messages that, in a state of panic, I removed from my archive.

    All of the FB forms offer no help and I can’t speak to, or contact, anyone directly.

    Please help me.

  • Odera Godhaswrittenit Adigwe

    I have been looking for a medium to write directly to facebook for quite some time. I understand this isnt really the forum for this but I couldnt find anyway to contact facebook. Long story short I am the admin of a page on Facebook called The Walking Dead memes. We have over 44,000 likes recently a hate page had emerged bashing our page as well as some of the admins on it. Recently they discovered my personal account Odera Chinedu Adigwe and have been sending me vulgar harrassing messages. I have been trying to get the page banned for days but to no avail. I recently took an excerpt from on of the messages I received and posted it WITH quotations saying verbatim this is what I received in my inbox hopefully prompting more people to report the page. However it appears that for some reason Facebook mistaked this as me using this language and has banned me from posting for 3 days. This seems extremely unfair I was in no way trying to violate a rule just showing content I received to others to get the real culprit banned. I still have the message in my inbox for them to see. Plz Id like to resolve this issue being able to post to my friends and on my increasingly popular page is very important to me. Also im not sure but if any of my other admins were affected Id like this situation resolved for them as they were not even involved.

  • manray7
  • user

    i have only one question, did they ever respond or fixed your problem. i have tried several links above, but only get auto reply from them.

  • Angela Norton

    HI facebook has blocked me for 30 days for adding people saying I added people last ngiht i have husband n friend here who saw me n i never done anything there is an upcoming town meeting and alot of tourmorl on ur site under 2 names n i thinkn it should be closed the 2 sites ok alot of fighting please help me

  • Brett McGinnis

    Is it possible to take an existing business page and convert it to a business account removing all personal admins? Thanks

  • Trisha Lewis

    I have a problem which is not covered by any list of questions including yours, this is very frustrating as I need to contact FB. The problem is I had a message recently saying they would suspend my account if I kept sending friend requests to people I dont know, but I have to in order to play Farmville, this also applies to millions of other farmville and games players. It cant be played with only the people you personally know, they probably wont be players themselves. But I can find no category to cover this, and without a category I cant contact them. I need to ask them to realise that games players have to send friend requests to people they dont know.

  • suziesue

    We employed someone to look after our facebook page for our business and now they have taken control of it and we can not access it any more….any ideas?

  • manray7

    Hi, there are more ways to contact Facebook by email, phone, fax and thanks to contact forms : I spent hours to gather them.

  • Keith Barrington

    this is ridiculous. I’m tired of being shuffled from one place to another just to talk to a machine. I want to talk to a person by voice call me at 3604207501.thank you

  • mary

    English and Romanian translation


    I also have a facebook account

    safety since he entered the recognition of those pictures I could not get him, I asked for password recovery but did not help because it gives me those photos to recognize them and I can not recognize them because everyone gave me access asked and do not know those people

    How do to get back on their back?

    whom I address? what to do to be able jump over those photos from the beginning?


    buna ziua

    am si eu un cont facebook

    de cand sa introdus ca siguranta recunoasterea acelor fotografii nu am mai putut intra pe el,am cerut recuperare parola dar nu ajuta cu nimic pentru ca imi da acele fotografii sa le recunosc si eu nu ii pot recunoaste,deoarece am dat acces oricui mi-a cerut si nu cunosc acele persoane

    cum fac sa reintru din nou pe cont?

    cui sa ma adresez ? ce trebuie facut sa pot sari peste acele fotografii de la inceput?


  • no

    since when did FB become a porno site????????????????

  • Chief

    I have been trying for ages to find a contact facebook email or telephone number. This website was pretty useful as well though

  • Tunc A. Kütükcüoglu

    Hello, my Ads and Ad Manager are blocked after I tried to buy ads for promoting my pages. I don’t know even what triggered the problem. This is the message I see when I click on Ad Manager: ***
    Ad Manager Error:
    Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook. ***

    I’ve filled out the forms (several times!), replied emails from FB but nothing happened since three days. What can I do? Tunc

  • Sangeetha

    my face book didn’t open, asking security photos question. but i haven’t remember on that. what can i do get back my account?

  • kelly

    What about reporting another facebook user harrassing you with posts made to their wall? I can’t report them because we are not facebook friends.

  • Concerned Mom

    what is a phone number or email address where I can file a predator complaint?

  • john

    hi my dad could not log into his Facebook account so my brother opened up another account for him he s not happy with this how can i get his old account activated again

  • Howard Letch

    Some words of WARNING!! Be careful over infringement of copyright whilst posting videos. Facebook will block you for up to 6 months from uploading any videos! NOW: If you manage a number of other pages for clubs, groups, or companies: THESE PAGES WILL ALSO BE BANNED FROM UPLOADING VIDEO!!! This is totally unfair of course but Facebook does as Facebook does. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  • Savvy

    what ways can I get in touch with facebook about “Alleged Copyright Infringement” when the video I made was mine that they took down?

  • Suzy-Q

    I’d like to get a straight answer as to whether or not it is legal to sell firearms, Co2 propelled pistols and rifles, and paintball guns or ammunition for any of the above on Facebook groups. There are even some groups that are dedicated strictly for such items.

  • Becky Noble

    I need help contacting Facebook to report many family members harassing me on my Facebook page. These messages are through private messages and posts on they’re Facebook pages. These people turned me for harassing when in fact they were afraid I would get there first and turn them all in. I need help turning they’re names in. They all have been blocked but have more than 1 account. Is there anything I can do further to stop this stressful situation? Please help.

  • Karen

    Everytime I try to load Facebook I keep getting “This webpage is not available” this is the second time this month. It is not my internet or my computer, however IE told me it was a remote computer problem. How can I contact them to let Facebook know the problem?

  • sabdy

    I received a notification from my ex, that he was following me,, I have restraining order and blocked him immediately., now my attorney wants screen shot of that. Is there a way to get that notification back?

  • NOYB2014

    How do you report someone (who I’ve already blocked within FB) who has been harassing me via comment boards *off* Facebook? Have reported him to the mods at these comment boards, and it did stop for a bit, but he keeps coming back.

  • Cheri Brockett

    yes being blocked for too many codes to reset my password when i put the one in they sent me they said it was incorrect

  • kate

    ok, so i have a code generator. I broke my phone, so facebook is my only form of contact. Unfortunaltly Since my phone is broken I can’t see the coed. So i hit the don’t have my phone button. And they said they would send me a link in my email. Unfortunaltly, when i made the account I was in school, and now have no acess to that email address. So in order to change the email I have to change the password. So I reset my password. And now I have a 24 hour hold on my account becauce i reset my password. I resert my password because i needed a form of contact immediatly because i have no phone and now I’m really screwed because I have no phone or facebook and no point of contact. ALL I want to do, is tell someone so they can lift the hold. Or a live chat. So how exactly would you fix this situation???

  • Stephen

    We have a page for our business, and we pay Facebook for advertising. Somehow a “Place” of our business has been created. We have no cotrol over this “place” facebook page. We want this deleted. It distracts from efforts to direct people to our legitamate page. Erroneous and liabilous statements can be made that is harmful yet we can do nothing. Facebook has not responded to us for a year.

  • Dondi Thompson

    I’m not really sure how this happened Jon, but my home location is being categorized as a business and I’m having issues trying to get this fixed so I can claim the page. Do you have any suggestions on how to contact Facebook with this issue? I’ve already been on the scavenger hunt you spoke of above and never received a reply. I’d appreciate any assistance.

  • Valerie reel

    Being blocked for something you didn’t do. And for jumping through hoops doing what they told you to still be blocked and not have violated the issue they throw at you.

  • Sarah

    Just would like to contact facebook directly for some information, do they have an email address?

  • Sandra Smith

    I can not post, comment, like, or send messages. It says “For security reasons, your account has limited access to the site for a few days. If you have any questions, please contact our Help Center.If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.” I’ve gotten no reply from any of the links you shard :(

  • Regina

    I got blocked by facebook , it says for security reasons your account has limited access to the site for a few days . I sent 4 messages to the help desk. I don`t even know why, I did not do anything wrong, have no clue why this happened. no explanation, I don`t know who to contact, to get answers, what I did , for how long this will go on… is very sad :-(

  • Angel

    My name is angel damato I want to report my Facebook was taking over and harrasment as we’ll I’ll send you it link who can I call to report this

  • Silver Fox

    Try this one for fun. I have an unpublished page, and accidentally changed my “post as” status to that page. Now when I log in, I can access that unpublished page account, but it is blank. Result?? I cannot change it back. i cannot get into any “help” menus.. In fact I cannot do a damned thing, and no way to contact FB.

    Their support sucks considering how much money Suckerberg is making from it

  • brandy

    My son recently had a fight with his ex girlfriend and she to get even falsely reported him on fb to get his account deactivated …how can he get his account back…??? I really think that fb should monitor that and not take away accounts so freely because high school drama and using fb to get even is just messed up….please if someone can help me contact me threw messenger on fb…brandy douglas kempf on facebook thanks

  • Dsmall

    Ok as a first time ever needing assistance this is really annoying!
    This is a link to a very graphic child birth video being passed around Facebook. I cannot find a way to report it!

    • Kimmmm

      That’s because child birth is {{{{gasp!!!!!}}}} natural and sometimes just horrifyingly so :)

  • Kimmm

    Need help with Facebook Ads? They have groups setup that you can join to get help from a FB specialist … like this one —> (I found it by searching “Facebook Ads Help”

  • Jesper from Denmaek

    Unfortunately the links on advertising are dead in this article. Having been banned from advertising, i would love to find a way in to someone human at facebook.

  • UberGirl

    How can one contact FB without going through their profile to do so? I have a couple of inquiries that hope to have answered – but use a registered DBA as my identity and do not want FB to delete my profile because of that.

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