Hover Over My Name: New Hoax Spin Added to Viral Facebook Status

UPDATE (September 6, 2012): Unbelievably — and yet, very believable — this hoax has made a comeback. It’s been a year since the first time I wrote about it. Now, it’s returned in a somewhat altered form:

To all my contacts, friends, I request you that with the recent changes in FB, now one can see things from people who are not in your contacts list. Just because a contact of yours makes a comment or “likes” in some activity of that person. I do not want people to contact me, and would like that they donot read and see all my comments and stuff. But I can not change this myself because facebook has configured it this way. But you can do it for me.

PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (do not click), a window will appear and move the mouse on “Friends” (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. Click “Comments and Like” and it would thereby remove the CHECK. By doing this my activity amongst my friends and my family does not become public. A Thousand Thanks! Paste this on your wall for your contacts, if you care about your privacy!!!

Nothing has changed here. Read below…

Hover over my name, Uncheck comments and Likes - Facebook Just when I think this one will die, it comes back even stronger…

Back on September 23 (yes, more than three months ago) [EDIT: NOW ONE YEAR!], I first wrote a post called Facebook Scare: Uncheck Comments and Likes about a viral Facebook status that was circulating. Long story short, it’s when friends ask you to hover over their name and uncheck comments and likes. They believed this would help your privacy or some other complete nonsense (see the blog post).

Today, I am again seeing spikes to that blog post. I ran a Facebook search of “hover over my name” and it is absolutely out of hand. When I run the search, there are 15 public posts over a six minute span. That’s public posts only.

Originally, this seemed to be simply a well-intentioned (though ill-informed) attempt to help friends and right a wrong. But as it’s evolved, it has taken on the flavor of a hoax. The new copy and paste is as follows:

With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favour: Hover over my name above. In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “Subscribed.” Hover over that, then go to “Comments and Likes” and unclick it. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it LIMITS HACKERS from invading our profiles. If you re-post this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I’ll ‘like’ it. Thanks!

A couple of the tell-tale signs of a hoax (as I outline in this post) are now evident:

  • Attempt to scare you with completely untrue statement about protecting you from hackers
  • Of course… Asking you to re-post

Let’s be clear about what happens when I hover over your name and uncheck comments and likes. I no longer see your comments and likes. Period.

What doesn’t it do? It does not stop my posts (comments and likes) from showing in your newsfeed, though this status promises that. I have no idea how they think it would limit hackers from invading your profile. It is completely individual. It only stops one person from seeing the comments and likes of one person. That’s it.

And this brings us back to the absurdity of the post. If you are worried about people you don’t care about seeing your comments and likes, who is going to respond to this and hide that content? Maybe a handful. And what kinds of friends will they be? Your closest friends. The ones who actually care about your comments and likes (and the ones you wouldn’t mind seeing them).

But maybe your closest friends are hackers. In that case, carry on. You did well.

Also Read:

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  • Marsha Linderman Ransom

    The thing is, this particular version asks you to let them know when you did the unclicking so they can unclick you – thus no contact left in those areas either way. Bleeeah!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vikki.hamann Vikki Hamann


    • Anonymous

      Vikki — It never went anywhere. Just do exactly what you did in the first place to uncheck those boxes. Hover over that person’s name and then recheck the boxes to see their comments and likes.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

    • Anonymous

      Vikki — It never went anywhere. Just do exactly what you did in the first place to uncheck those boxes. Hover over that person’s name and then recheck the boxes to see their comments and likes.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

  • Theattan

    oh my GOD! Who really cares!? Why do we keep posting about stupid things that anyone with an IQ of 12 or above should know are untrue anyway?? Let this crap die. Don’t keep giving it power. Just move on. Those that are harmed by this deserve what they get. Remember, you can’t fix stupid.

    • Dave

      Good God, not everyone has geniuses for friends like you obviously do.  And if you really don’t care as much as you claim, why bother commenting?  You added nothing of value to the conversation, other than insult people who might find this information valuable.  Why not just let the rest of us with IQ’s below 12 research the info our friends might post on their pages and determine whether or not said information is valid or not.  Oh, and hey, have a Happy New Year!

      • Will Feral

        It’s true. I’m pretty sure I have friends with IQs below 12. I must, because I’m positive I’ve seen the “hover over my name” hoax posted by just about every single one of them. And when I posted a link to the article above, not a single one of them commented (!). Personally, I think they’ve already followed the instructions, except that they’ve chosen “all updates” or “unsubscribe” so nothing I write shows up in their news feeds. Geez, what kinds of friends are they, anyway? I think I’ll go post some insults regarding their intelligence. ;-)

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  • Richardhubbard3

    Well, if  they’d leave FB alone – and more importantly ensure complete and utter privacy for all users – we wouldn’t have to think about unchecking this or that!  It’s not our fault, it’s the idiots that run FB keeping on changing things and frightening folks!

    • Amie

      ‘the idiots that run FB’ ??!?! very harsh dont you think? you are clearly a member of fb and should be grateful for this free service that has been provided to you. 

      • Munchma Cuchi

        I agree that certainly was a harsh thing to say about the people running fb, However, just an FYI, fb is by no means “free”. The only thing that is “free” is the way we hand over our information to anyone willing to pay fb for it. The information that we simply give away, with no questions asked, to fb, is worth billions to marketers. $$$$$ for fb. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the people trying to sell us stuff. But hey, we get the use of a website : /

        • Yes

          Geez then GTFO of FB. It is free and you know it. Do you pay everytime you log in? Pfft.

          • Terrence Gladstone

            A little bit of my soul dies each time I log on…so yes, I do pay every time I log in.

          • DeanIverson

            dunno about you but I pay a monthly fee to access FB to my internet subscriber, you on the other hand prolly hijack free network from your local starbucks or something? not to mention my computer cost me plenty, sure its free alright, thats why its on the NYSE and they are making plenty on the ADS they shove on us daily

            face it without US facebook is worth ZERO so get over it, and it DOES cost us, every time an advertiser pays facebook to post an ad that money is forwarded on directly to CONSUMERS in costs! so the reality is even folks without a means to access the internet are getting charged for facebook..

            sheesh, think man think

            common sense has left the building

        • Bassman

          Well, as a marketing professional I’ll acknowledge the collective info on facebook has value (not billions, not even millions, but value).  But your or my individual info – no significance.  

          It’s kind of like in the 1980’s when it became fashionable to wear t-shirts with company logos (Coke, Budweiser, etc.) on them.  Some people resisted, the thinking being I’m not advertising your product on my body for free.  Bud wants me to model their logo, pay me.  Well, their prerogative, but Bud and Coke had plenty of people willing to model it for free, they didn’t need the resistors (and if they had had to pay everyone who did, it would have no longer been a sound marketing investment).  

          If marketers had to pay each of us for the individual info that comes together to have some value for them, they’d just do without.  The value of the data would be far exceeded by the costs of the data.

          • Guest

             The collective info on Facebook (and the marketing generated from it) was worth 1 billion dollars profit in 2011.  Feb 1/2012 news release.

          • Hatgrease

            I’m proud to say I’ve never worn a shirt with a company logo unless they gave it to me, I don’t need to get paid to advertise their product but I won’t pay them.

      • Jamie

        There is nothing free about facebook. 

        • DeanIverson

          illiteracy is free and many are scooping it up, juss look at munchma cuchi, he scooped up extra portions..


      • DeanIverson

        you’re not serious right, this comment is another hoax right? FB has done more damage than good, just one child stalked and raped is more damage than this money sucking machine can ever do in goodness.. EVER

        and as far as security flaws who knows exactly how vulnerable it is with them coming up with “gimmicks” to lead users to believe they are better off if they give them their phone numbers, seriously?

        then all the flawed mobile apps?

        facebook is comparable to any windoze software, just one huge hole waiting for an exploit to happen..

        good grief

    • Anonymous

      The idea that complete and utter privacy exists is ridiculous.

  • Becky Leigh

    I just don’t understand why there is even a need for timeline anyway, why fix whats not broken, most of the people i have talked to are not looking forward to it and we all feel that there should be an opt out option!!

    • Amie

      there is an opt out option Becky… 

      • Kat

        How do you get rid of that scrolling ticker in the right hand corner, I’d love to know because it’s ANNOYING! I don’t need to know what all of my friends say on all of their other friends’ timelines. I have heard you can get rid of it, but it goes against Facebook’s term of service and you will lose your page for getting rid of it. However….if there is a LEGITIMATE way to get rid of it…

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002324462597 Nozza Doreen

          you dont loose your page if you get rid of the ticker.. go to google and search for the “remove facebook ticker extension” and depending if you are using google chrome or firefox you get the extension.. and you cant loose you page just for getting rid of the ticker.. thats silly

        • Miss415

          All those add-ons/ extentions do though that Nozza mentions below are make it so you cannot see friends activity.  All your friends still see your activity unless they too have the add-on

  • Kristin Hocker

    Well, I’m one of the foolish who fell for this hoax. In my defense I’ve had my email account hacked which just sucks when it happens because you have very little control and don’t know who has your information. So, for those, like me, who hit the panic button, thanks for the clarification. I do admittedly feel foolish, but of all the bandwagons to jump on, if that’s the worst, then I think I’ll live to see another day.

  • Traci

    So much stuff gets posted on FB that is so obviously fake. I have never understood why people simply copy and paste shite, without checking their facts out. Some fb users would be so freaked by some stuff, that people owe it to their fb “friends” to check before posting. Xx

    • Duane

      Because critical examination and independent thought have long been declared Politically Incorrect. That’s why.

  • Kandytwist

    I can’t quite understand why you’d deliberately join a site to broadcast your thoughts and news and then become hysterical at the thought of other people reading those posts………..? Fb has pretty good privacy settings – you can customize who sees your content down to individual people and it’s possible to completely block some people and appear invisible. Why not just use those settings?

    • Duane

      You’re being logical. Stop it. Stop it immediately.

      • Rymanda28

        ha ha the best laugh I’ve had all day and exactly!

    • http://twitter.com/gabearnold Gabe Arnold

      Shutup Kandytwist! ;) I agree with Duane, you are being too logical! Here was my comment to a friend after he posted this:

      If you do actually want to have your Facebook remain “totally private” go to Kinkos, copy your face on one of the machines, paste it to a “book” of your choosing, and then delete your Facebook.com account. Place your new “Facebook” somewhere safe in your house, like in the bathroom, or under the kitchen sink. You have a profile on the internet, some things will never be private again. They told you that in the terms and conditions here, that you are responsible to read before signing up. It’s not your friends fault or my fault if you didn’t. http://www.facebook.com/legal/terms 

      • DeanIverson

        thats rather obtuse to say the least, facebook already gathers data for advertising and so on so who’s to say what their sharing with who? to say either accept it or delete it is ignorant, most already pay high fees for internet access so where does it end? just trust them or delete it, democrat by any chance?

        no one told facebook to go public, they could have done fine without going for total greed, at some point they are going to ask for money directly so their board members can show a profit, pretty sure thats why myspace is still in biz just waiting for facebook to implode on itself, sheesh there are hundreds of social networks its all a matter of migration, take it or leave it? OK sure..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1022164034 Danie De Waal

      It is not so much as me not wanting anyone to see what I write, it is simply me not wanting my friends being placed at risk (At least they thought they were at risk).

      Personally I do not mind friends reading my posts, since they know me intimately. I do however know that many of my clients might be offended at my opinion on religion and sex, so I would prefer that ONLY friends see it. If there is any possibility that EVERYONE can see my posts, then i will rather err on the side of caution.

      Kandytwist, some of us are simply not as clued up on what Facebook can, and cannot do. This is why a site like this is so helpful. (I just found it).

      • DeanIverson


    • http://www.facebook.com/LisaGibson79 Lisa Marie Rink Gibson

      I agree with Kandytwist, I use those privacy settings by using the more button on my share gump. It works very well.

      • DeanIverson

        can you elaborate? so far I have found like 4 places for settings, advanced, quick settings, ecard (mouseover Icon) and in the comment box friends button, there is another?

    • DeanIverson

      none of my ecard settings work? I uncheck comments and likes I still see their comments and likes? odd

    • John2738
  • Looney2nz

    I think this was about dealing with our comments showing up in the stream on the right side of their (non-timeline) UI.

  • Sunflowerz43

    why have a fb profile if you want privacy lol!!!!

    • Gegg

      Well maybe people want SOME privacy! Y’know, like having windows but also having curtains. Facebook has put the curtains on the outside so anyone can come along and open them to have a look in. Well, kind of.

      • helen

        how do i undo if i already posted this link x ty

  • Angel

    If you post this for your friends then obviously your telling them you dont trust them. Really they could see all that stuff before, i just think its ignorant. If you dont want someone to see what you post and are scared of what they say maybe they shouldnt be your friend or maybe you shouldnt post it. Simple :)

  • Drop of Snow

    Answering Kandytwist: Because it didn’t at least appear to broadcast everything to everyone before the ticker feed was introduced.  Used to be that if I made a comment on one person’s status, that person and their subscribed friends would see it – kinda like being at one table at a pub.  Now it’s like there’s a speaker at another table broadcasting comments from the first table to people who aren’t part of the original conversation. Kinda annoying – but of course that doesn’t necesarily make it a privacy or hacking issue, just puts me off using facebook.  Which doesn’t seem like a great plan for them.

    Re the original blog post: Your search of FB using the phrase “hover over my name” stats are gonna include folks like me who don’t think it’s a privacy or hacking issue, but do find it annoying that I can’t a) globally edit my settings to exclude likes and comments from the ticker and, more pertinently, b) edit my own settings to exclude myself / my comments and likes from other people’s ticker (as far as I know).  It’s just irritating, nothing more.  But enough that finally I put a status update politely telling people my preference – and including the magic 4 words… I promise I didn’t use caps, nor refer to hacking!

    • Geggus

      This is the main problem at the moment I think. I can see photos etc from people I’m not friends with if a friend comments upon them.  Seems there is no way of stopping this. And everyone can read what I say to someone they don’t know. Firstly, why would people want to do this (apart from the stalker types!) and secondly, surely it should be ME that decides what people can and cannot see. As it stands, a photo  can now be seen by friends of friends if a friend comments- so making my photos viewable to friends only in the preferences has no effect anymore. By all means have these features, some people seem to like it, but make it possible to opt-out. It’s quite simple, WE should control what others see.

      • Anonymous

        This is not true, Geggus. Let me explain… 

        If you set your photos to Friends of Friends and your friend comments on such a photo, their friends (who are not your friends) will see that comment and photo. 

        Additionally, if your friend is tagged in a photo by someone you do not know, your friend’s tagging privacy comes into play. If they let all friends see photos they are tagged in, you will be able to see those photos even if the person who posted them is not your friend. Something to consider when you tag people.

        Whenever you see a photo of someone you don’t know, I encourage you to check two things: 1) is privacy set to Friends of Friends or Public? and 2) Was your friend tagged in that photo?

        I’ve kept a very close eye on this due to claims like yours. Every time I am able to verify that photos I see are shown appropriately. It all comes down to privacy settings.

        Thanks for your reading!

        • Bflood1970

          My photos and comments are friends only however, one of my friends shared my photo album with someone who is not a friend. I had to delete the album and create a new one cause everytime I uploaded a mobile photo it appeared on the other persons wall. Have they changed the share feature? I didnt even know it was shared until I checked the persons wall for a comment I was told was there about me.

          • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

            Thanks for the heads up on this. I think I’m able to recreate, though I didn’t go through the entire process of sharing the album because I don’t want to breach someone’s privacy. It is odd that I can’t share their individual photos, but it looks like I can share the album. What is in the album at this point when it’s shared, I don’t know.

            But I’ve contacted Facebook, and you should do the same. It definitely sounds like a bug.

  • Kay Blenard

    Sadly, I think the viral spread of this particular message isn’t just due to lack of understanding of how FB works.  I know a HUGE number of people who will copy and paste anything that contains the words IMPORTANT or SECURITY.  If I could be bothered I’d start one myself for a giggle just to see how far it’d travel, probably containing the appropriate number of misspellings and grammatical errors.  Unfortunately, my news feed is now full of this bloomin’ message and it’s now at the stage where I’m losing interest in people’s genuine updates.  I have all my posts defaulted to ‘friends’ only, people I don’t want seeing any of my FB activity are blocked and my friends are just that – friends.  If I want to keep something private, I don’t post it, end of story. FB can be a free, fun and useful tool if everything is kept in perspective and it’s viewed as just that. 

  • http://twitter.com/gabearnold Gabe Arnold

    Please God, let us all remember to actually read things like terms and conditions, and those little “annoying” pop ups that Facebook gives us when they update the interface or announce things like security.  If stopping a hacker was this easy, there wouldn’t be any hackers left in the world.

    I’m glad you took the time to write this post, unfortunately, not enough people will see it or read about it.  Someone get this on Mashable please..

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Gabe!

  • http://twitter.com/bryanfarrell_uk Bryan Farrell

    do people gain from these or is it just a case of sitting in their basement giggling at seeing their statements going viral?

  • http://twitter.com/failuretothink Kevin

    With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favour: Hover over your computer . In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “You’re stupid.” Hover over that, then go to “Comments and Likes” and punch your monitor has hard as you can. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it LIMITS HACKERS from invading our dreams . If you re-post this I will do the same and buy you a burrito. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because I have ESP and can invade your mind! Thanks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bbd1st Kailani Silva

      hahahahahaha…….amen brother!

  • Hugh Williams

    With the new FB timeline on its way this week for EVERYONE, please do both of us a favor. Hover over the arrow next to home. In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says : “account settings”. Hover over that, then go to “security” and click it. Then go to “Deactivated your account” and select “I don’t understand how to use Facebook.” as the reason. That will stop all posts from showing up on the bar on the side for everyone to see, but most importantly it limits hackers from invading your profile. If you re-post this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I’ll laugh at you. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410833964 Theresa Kjær

    ahahahaa LOVE the ending comment

    and really need to say this.. people dont research what they post they just do it sigh

  • http://twitter.com/welshwonder Ty Francis

    Great post! I truly believe a unicorn dies every time some idiot posts one of these!

    • Anonymous

      Hah! Thanks, Ty. If a unicorn doesn’t die, I know I at least die a little inside every time it happens. Thanks for reading!

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  • Radyor

    baaaaa-I mean, it’s gotta be real, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1022164034 Danie De Waal

    Thank you for the information. I fell for this CRAP, and I spread it to my friends.

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  • Garry Norton

    Ok so I fell for it.
    So what do I have to do to return things to as they were?

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      It’s okay, Garry, you have lots of company.

      What you do now depends on how many people you did this for. If you know who you hovered/unchecked comments and likes for (and it was only a handful of people), you just go back to their profiles (or wherever you see them on Facebook), hover over their names and do what you did before — this time CHECKING comments and likes.

      If you did it for lots of people and you don’t remember who they were, this is more difficult. You’ll need to go to your Friends page and one-by-one make sure the friends you care about have comments and likes checked.

      No easy solution in that case, unfortunately.

  • Divebum1959

    My guess is this hoax is promulgated by G+.  ;)

  • AmandinhaBlue

    I adapted the post for my own ends and didn’t ask anyone to repost it. What I thought would happen was it would stop my comments and likes ending up in the ticker on the left. I did a little experiment with the ticker and, when it told me that one of my friends had commented on or ‘liked’ someone else’s post (someone who is a complete stranger to me and not on my friends list) I was able to click on that stranger’s post and see the entire thread.
    This, to me, is unacceptable as there are people who can obviously view my threads through the ‘ticker’ that I don’t want knowing anything about me.
    I saw the above activity of asking my friends to unclick my ‘comments and likes’ as the only way I could think of to stop them showing up in the ticker, and hence leave a door ajar for others. I think this is what the original poster may have meant by ‘hackers’.
    If you, or anyone, has a better way to stop this I’d gladly try that.

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      What you’re seeing is exactly why people think there is a problem. You see posts by others you don’t know when:

      1) Your friend comments on a public post;
      2) Your friend comments on a friends of friends post;
      3) Your friend is tagged in a post or photo and then they comment;
      4) Someone you don’t know posts on your friend’s wall/Timeline and your friend replies.

      Ticker does not supersede privacy. Nothing about your privacy has changed. If you make your posts friends only, non-friends aren’t suddenly able to see those posts in their Tickers.

      There are two things you need to do:

      1) Make sure all of your posts are Friends only, if that’s what you want as your audience;
      2) Be conscious of the privacy setting of content of friends when you comment.

      If you comment on your friend’s post, you are subject to their privacy settings. It could be friends only (which includes people who aren’t your friends). It could be friends of friends. It could be public. Personally, I’d take the approach of commenting on friends’ posts as if it’s all public because those friends can decide to make that content public whenever they want.

      Hope this helps.

      • AmandinhaBlue

        Thanks for your reply, Jon.
        You’ve cleared some things up, i.e. the reason I might be able to access a stranger’s thread through one of my friends is because that stranger’s privacy settings are set to public. Is that right? Or does it depend on the privacy of my friend whether I see their friend’s threads on the ticker? I’m sorry if I’m being thick! 
        If the first example is correct then I can presume that my threads can only be seen on the ticker by my friends (as ‘friends only’ is my privacy setting.) and their friends will only see that my friend has commented but can’t see the thread…???
        …I’m getting dizzy ;)

        • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

          That’s correct! Whether you see your friend’s comments is dependent on THEIR friend’s privacy settings. You can’t control privacy of your own comments on other people’s posts. When you think about it, it makes sense. When you post a status update and five people from five different groups comment, they can all see each other’s comments. If they couldn’t, there would be no context.

          So the best rule of thumb is to control what you can control, but also be careful of what you comment on the posts of others. That doesn’t mean don’t do it, just remember that who sees those comments is within the control of your friend. And they have friends who are not your friends, so it doesn’t really even matter whether it’s public or not.

          Hope this helps!

          • AmandinhaBlue

            I must be thick or, at the very least I’m not explaining myself properly! :(
            I have always understood the above, i.e. if I comment on a friend’s post then other commenters can see… no problem there. 
            My problem is not when I make a comment on someone’s post, but when a friend makes a comment on my wall post, their friends are able to see my thread by hovering on their ticker…
            For example, I was curious about the ticker and hovered on a ticker post that said ‘Anna commented on X’s post’. I know Anna, but not X, yet I was able to hover on the ticker post and up popped X’s entire thread… So does X have privacy settings to public or does he think that only his friends can see his post? Is X’s post visible to me on my ticker simply because my friend Anna has set her privacy settings to ‘something-or-other’?
            It’s very hard to know whether this is happening.

          • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

            It’s all based on privacy settings, and it’s very easy to check that. Your wall, for example, is under your control. But your wall is kinda like one post you made that people you specify can comment on. So let’s say any of your friends can see your wall. That means that any of your friends can see posts made by your other friends who aren’t their friends.

            Additionally, whenever you see “Anna commented on wall post by X” you are alerted because 1) Anna is your friend, and 2) It was a wall post on HER wall, and you fall within her privacy settings for her wall. So the privacy settings have nothing to do with X, but with Anna. You can always see any posts made by Anna’s friends on her wall (assuming you fall within her wall’s privacy settings).

          • AmandinhaBlue

            Thanks, Jon, for your detailed reply and it’s very comprehensible… however, Anna made the comment on X’s wall post, not the other way around. X didn’t write on Anna’s wall…  So, according to what you have said above, and to what I understood to be true, I shouldn’t have access to his thread…THIS is the problem for me…

          • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

            Well, I don’t believe seeing a non-friend comment on a non-friend post on your friend’s wall would typically show up in your Ticker… A couple of things, though.

            1) If Anna set her wall to Friends, you’d see that on her wall regardless.
            2) If she set to public or possibly friends of friends, you may.
            3) If Anna was tagged in that wall post, this may also change the rules regarding what you see in your Ticker.

            In the end, it’s possible I misunderstand the rules of what shows up in the Ticker in regards to a wall post. The reason I’m not concerned about that is that either way, you should be seeing this content if you went to Anna’s wall.

          • AmandinhaBlue

            Sorry to keep on, Jon, but we’re not on the same page :( Anna made a comment on one of her friend’s walls, who is a stranger to me ‘X’ (not her own wall)… so what may have happened is that X has set his wall to ‘friends of friends’. 
            Maybe you could try it out yourself and see if it happens on your own ticker. Look out for a friend of yours who has commented on ‘X’s wall post, then hover over it and see if you are able to view that stranger’s thread… I appreciate all the time you’ve spent trying to clarify this for me. :)

          • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

            It’s always difficult to explain in hypotheticals!

            Yes, if Anna wrote on someone’s wall who has their privacy set to Friends of Friends, then you would see it.

            My suggestion would be to look for instances when you shouldn’t see it. There will always be an icon there indicating whether the privacy setting is Friends, Friends of Friends, Public or Custom.

          • AmandinhaBlue

            Cheers, Jon… :)

          • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

            Let me put it another way, because I know it’s confusing. Let’s talk about your own wall/Timeline. You set the privacy of your wall to Friends Only.

            Your friend Anna posts on it. When Anna posts on your wall, the only people who see that in their Tickers are people who are both your friends and Anna’s friends. Meanwhile, any of your friends (who aren’t Anna’s friends) can see that on your wall, but it just won’t be in their Ticker.

            Once you comment on Anna’s post, all of your friends (whether they are friends of Anna or not) will see that in their Tickers because YOU wrote it and it’s on a piece of content that is within your control that you’ve already specified they can see (Friends Only).

            In other words, non-friends will never see posts on your wall, whether on the wall or in the Ticker, if you set it to Friends Only.

            Make more sense?

  • Jayne

    Hover over this comment for a couple of hours and you’ll be as bored as really bored thing.

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  • Yesenia Martinez

    Alright, I completely agree with you that it is asinine that people are spreading this along… but I do understand the want for increased privacy. Do I post inappropriate things on facebook knowing my friends and business associates can see it… absolutely not! What I do though is leave comments on my friends’ pages then hear about it from family members later. I can’t delete family without being disowned. LOL I just don’t want them to know every detail of my life. Nor do they need to know the details of any of my friends’ lives whom may have posted something inappropriate… just because I made a comment. I was shocked to learn this was possible and there is really no way to stop it.

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  • Stella Sherman

    The real problem is not the hoax, it’s that facebook only allows us to ‘unsuscribe’ from comments and posts made by others. Whereas it should also give us the option of hiding our own comments and likes from everyone else (or, even better, by list). When I post a comment to someone’s wall, why should every mutual friend (or everyone, when it’s public) get informed?

  • A Keralite

    This hoax have come back again..seeing in my friends’ posts

  • sarita

    “hover-over-my hover-over-my hover-over-my…” i have been reading it consistently for so long from some of my cute, innocent but clueless friends (especially those who like to share a random photo with a basic quote typed on it — god knows why and when that became so cool!), that i actually did them a favour and hid them from my home page feed. phew!

  • @jeffreymcp

    thanks dude, twas really helpful eh. you break it down in tutorial form; which is awesome for ppl like me w/ adhd.
    cheers jeff

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  • Anpadh

    OK. With all of the negative comments, I am a little afraid of posting here but it does seem to be an informative site and the posters seem to be more knowledgeable than I am. My friends asked me to do this. And I did. But I still see their comments and status updates and so on and they see mine. So, apparently, this thing, whatever it is, does work. It lets your friends see what you are saying but keeps away friends of friends and strangers, I guess. What’s wrong with that?

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  • Stephen Serjeant

    I’m afraid to say that it’s appeared again in a new guise, this time mentioning the “GRAPH APP”. Some recent detail is here: http://www.snopes.com/computer/facebook/timeline.asp

  • http://www.facebook.com/FortCollinsLiveMusic Lesley Hahn

    argh this is getting new life because of the Graph Search!

  • DeanIverson

    you say that if I hover over a frinds icon and uncheck comment adn likes I will no longer be able to see that individuals comments and likes… NOT TRUE I have unchecked EVERYONE on my feed and nothing has changed? I am still seeing feeds and likes from all those I unchecked?

    are you sure those setting are not for the “ticker” which i don’t have BTW? I havebeen reading some places those settings are for the Ticker, it makes sense to me since there are no specific ticker settings and there are already 3 separate places to change settings, the lock are your quick settings and the normal place to change them, the “gear” andthen the “friends” button on the comment box itself..

    it makes sense, why would facebook have 4 places where you can change setting for you news feed and what not? seems a just a little redundant no?

    anyways I am still investigating but facebook is quite hush hush about what those mouse over settings are really for and its very hard to google any tutorials for which they actually control?

  • Dianne

    Not a hoax I am a victim of this today. Because one of my 200 friends did not uncheck me, when she liked my photo that I have set to “friends only ” and the rest of my profile and photos as much as set to only me / private, her comment & like that went along with that photo was posted to her news feed for all her friends to see and have access to my pic which they most certainly did take a pic of me and personally posted it on their timeline.