Facebook Scare: Uncheck Comments and Likes

UPDATE (September 6, 2012): Unbelievably — and yet, very believable — this hoax has made a comeback. It’s been a year since the first time I wrote about it. Now, it’s returned in a somewhat altered form:

To all my contacts, friends, I request you that with the recent changes in FB, now one can see things from people who are not in your contacts list. Just because a contact of yours makes a comment or “likes” in some activity of that person. I do not want people to contact me, and would like that they donot read and see all my comments and stuff. But I can not change this myself because facebook has configured it this way. But you can do it for me.

PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (do not click), a window will appear and move the mouse on “Friends” (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. Click “Comments and Like” and it would thereby remove the CHECK. By doing this my activity amongst my friends and my family does not become public. A Thousand Thanks! Paste this on your wall for your contacts, if you care about your privacy!!!

Nothing has changed here. Read below…

December 28, 2011: See Update to This Post

You’ve probably seen a variation of the following in your Facebook News Feed recently:

Do me a favor: please hover over my name here, wait for the box to load and then hover over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and likes” choice. I would rather my comments on friends’ posts not be made public. Thanks** Then repost if you don’t want your EVERY MOVE posted on the right for everyone to see, I’ll do the same for you if you want. just click like. Thanks

Subscription Options
Yep, you can adjust the type of information you see from each person, but it's not going to help for this purpose.

The source of this is simple: People are freaking out about their every activity showing up in the Ticker. They see activity of their friends being surfaced that they aren’t used to seeing. Then they realize this same type of update about their own activity is out there.

So a quick fact check here…

I would rather my comments on friends’ posts not be made public.

Are your comments public? That depends on your friend’s privacy settings. If it’s a public post, yes. If it’s viewable to only their friends, then their friends can see the comment. Take a look at two of my posts as examples…

Facebook Public Post
Is the post you're commenting on public? You might want to check before commenting.

You’ll see that the post on the right has a world on it, signifying it’s public (everyone in the world can see it!). The one on the left is a wheel, signifying it’s custom.

Two things with this, though: 1) Even if it’s not public, a lot of people may see it; and 2) The person posting the item can always change it to or from public.

So, the “fix” above does not change whether or not your comments are public. Your comments are public because you chose to comment on a public post.

In other words, just be smart about your comments on other people’s posts. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment. Just don’t say anything you’ll regret. While you control who sees your own posts, you can’t do anything about who your friends choose to see their own posts (which includes the comments on those posts).

But maybe it’s just a difference of opinion on the definition of “public.” Maybe the concern is that your own friends see every move you make. So let’s assume that’s the concern.

Well, the “fix” above may prevent every friend who follows your instructions from seeing your comments and likes in the Ticker, but let’s be realistic here. If you have 200 Facebook friends, how many of them do you expect will actually do this for you? Five? Ten? Is it really worth it?

Are there specific activities you don’t want your friends seeing? Maybe you shouldn’t be participating in them.

There are a few thoughts that roll through my mind about this…

1) It’s really easy to react quickly without thinking things through. Are you truly being harmed? Is there reason to be upset that your friends know that you are commenting on another friend’s post? Is there reason to be upset that your friends are being made aware that you are commenting on a public post? Is there reason to be upset that a friend of a friend is aware of a comment you made on the second friend’s post? A post they could see anyway? Where is the injury?

2) The reason these posts spread so quickly is that they appear to be the authentic concerns of a friend you trust. Instead, it’s copied and pasted from one of their friends, who copied and pasted from one of their friends, and on and on (EDIT: FOR OVER A YEAR!). But not understanding that, it’s easy to come to the quick conclusion that I trust this person; this post was written by them; therefore I trust there is reason to be concerned.

3) Be very skeptical of any panicked post on Facebook that asks you to copy and paste it into your status. I honestly can’t think of a single time one of these posts was accurate. Please, think it through. Ask yourself if it makes sense. In most cases, it’s someone who has good intentions but doesn’t see the full picture. Do some research. Before you panic your own friends, make sure that there is first something worth panicking about.

What do you think? Have you seen this type of post? What’s been the general reaction?

UPDATE: As I read through the comments below about people who remain adamant that they can see items in their Ticker for friends posting on non-friend updates that aren’t intended for a public audience, it struck me… Is the confusion here about the type of update? Let’s go over a possible scenario.

If someone who is not your friend posts on your friend’s wall and your friend comments on it, this will show up in the Ticker. This is not a status update. One might think it is at first glance, but it is a piece of content that was placed on your friend’s wall that is subject to your friend’s privacy settings. And since they are your friend, you will see your friend’s activity in your Ticker in such a situation.

And to be clear, if your friend allows you to see their wall, you can see anyone’s posts. It doesn’t matter if someone who is not your friend posts on your friend’s wall. You can see it because it is under your friend’s privacy settings. Everyone understands this, yes?

Is this possibly the source of some of this confusion? Because I can think of at least one of the scenarios mentioned below that is very likely to be a wall post, not a status update.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-W-Fields/1811269600 Bryan W. Fields

    Don’t care.  I still hate the ticker.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing wrong with a little hate, Bryan!

    • Meggle

      If you use chrome you can hide it with the adblock extension.

      • Scott

        Meggle, what is adblock extension??

      • Sabrina

        I downloaded it for Google Chrome and with the extension you can hide it completely.  Thank goodness!  It’s just annoying that you’re working and out of the corner of my eye this thing keeps moving.  And really, it moves too fast to be able to read/react. 

        Seriously, someone would need to be staring at this tiny box all the time to use it.  Maybe teenagers, but otherwise, I don’t know anyone who finds this darn thing useful and anything other than annoying.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071605712 Greg McKay

          If you are “working” then why the heck are you looking at Facebook?

      • No way

        That doesn’t affect what everyone else sees though.  Just your page.

  • Brandylyon

    Maybe it would help if Facebook told folks what they were doing and why before they do it.  Maybe they did and we missed it…?

    • Anonymous

      Do you follow the Facebook blog or their fan page, Brandy? If you don’t, I’d recommend it.

  • Nutmeg82

    I don’t know…I think you may have a very different perspective on this then a lot of people might.  I don’t think the word ‘public’ in that message means the same ‘public’ you describe.  I think they mean more along the lines that every thing they do on Facebook is now being thrown in the faces of their ‘friends’.  Which while those activities were always available for their ‘friends’ to see, it wasn’t quite so accessible.  I’ve seen that cut and paste message and never considered it a panic ploy.  I have been on Facebook long enough to know a cut and paste PSA when I see one and never misunderstood this one as misinformation about privacy settings, but rather as information about how I can control access.  Maybe the wording is vague but ultimately the post is about trying to limit instant access to excessive information and a bid to control the new panopticon of Facebook.  And not everyone is comfortable with being watched – even if it isn’t ‘harming’ them.
    Or maybe they really think exactly what you say.  In which case I’m a dumb one, eh?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you’re dumb at all. I just think the thought that you can have all of your friends click something so they don’t see what you comment on isn’t particularly realistic.

      Overall, it’s a comfort level thing for sure. But I think people must forget that these things did pop up in the news feed previously (not recently). Facebook decided it didn’t want to clutter the news feed with this “light weight” info, so they just kept it on your profile. Now it’s in the Ticker.

      I get the sentiment of the copy/paste post. But it is a bit of a panic post in that the “problem” is vague and the “solution” doesn’t work.

      • ariannawyn

        They seem to have accompanied the switch to Timeline. Before that, I didn’t see my friends’ comments and likes on the walls of people who were not my friends. Timeline has been rolling out slowly; I know a number of people who only just got it in the past week or two despite others having had it for months. That may be why this issue has popped up again.

    • Sabrina

      You hit it right on the head!  I feel exactly the same way.  So, perhaps I’m the dumb one too!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000038655550 Lacey Sutton

      In my case, I LIKE a lot of stuff – I want to show my support, think it’s funny, etc. But I have a very wide range of friends, many of whom I know don’t really want to see even half the things I “like”. I don’t make controversial posts on my wall most of the time, but I wasn’t really aware until recently how my “like” spamming was showing up in other people’s feeds. I know that not everyone who is my friend really wants to read/see my likes and comments. There seems to be no way to control this on FB other than to have your friends turn it off on their end, and do it in turn for them, so this is actually a USEFUL copy-paste compared to most :)

    • Chris

      An excellent post Nutmeg82. Thanks! You really do explain the issue clearly. I agree, it’s about Facebook giving us as much information as they possibly can within the bounds of user privacy settings. It’s unnecessary and I really wish they would return to a more commonsense display. For example, I want to see updates where my friends comment on, or like, the posts of our mutual friends. I seldom give a hoot though if one of my friends comments on, or likes, the ‘public’ post of one of their friends. I don’t want to see that in my display at all. We should ask the question, is it really worth having the option to make posts ‘public’ or even accessible to ‘friends of friends’? I don’t see why it’s necessary. Who is that needy for attention that they want others who are not their friends to see their content? Facebook ought to be a medium for sharing content with those you have confirmed as friends. Anyone outside of your friends list should not be able to see your content EXCEPT where you post on, or like, the content of a mutual friend. That’s my opinion anyway. Facebook admins obviously want to make it a more open forum…

  • Anonymous

    I was taken to unchecking likes & comments: actually it is a feel good comfort, not a sure fix!

    • Anonymous

      Bondgirl — If you uncheck likes and comments, it takes that type of content written by your friends out of your Ticker — they still see your comments and likes. So, where does the feel good comfort come from? Just trying to understand…

      • Patriciabond1958

        jonloomer ~ I had read a post yesterday, that this action did not do as stated in the posting ~ I was asking a question: hypothatically speaking ~ I unchecked likes & comments not realizing they could see my comments & likes. Thinking I am protected from someone other than my friends ~ I would have a false sense of a FEEL GOOD COMFORT (protection) right? I am trying to understand, is the posting from a legitament source or is it just another HOAX? I am a need to know person, that try to get the word out there… 

        • Patriciabond1958

          OK, I have been doing alot of research, and have read the replies here, that I have a new understanding: SOMEONE HIT THE PANIC BUTTON AGAIN…Thank you

  • Bec46

    I have not done what my friends ask – and I won’t… Just don’t leave comments on my links/photos/status!

  • elizabethess

    After a full day of seeing these posts and wondering why everyone is freaking out about this (and suspecting that the “hover’ post is somewhat viral) your article is the sanest thing I have seen written yet.  thank you. Asking people to “opt out” of viewing your posts is sort of like asking them to not look up your skirt when you climb a ladder.  Some people will naturally do what you ask, others will laugh at your request and peek…and shame on you for thinking it’s a “fix”.  I understand that FB has simply compiled our public activity in a more accessible stream.  Since we are voluntarily opting into a social network, we have to play by their rules.  I don’t love the new ticker, and I hate that if my boss and I have common friends she can see me post on their thread during work time…but piss on me…it’s voluntary.  If my friends suck at their Privacy/Permissions (or if they change them later)  I should be prepared for it and only share things I accept might be public. Or I can get a stamp and send everyone a letter (before the USPS shuts down) about what I had for dinner.

    • elizabethess

      ….and – oddly enough – my “version” of Facebook doesn’t “allow” me to make the “hover changes” that everyone is screaming about (it’s not an option when I hover)…thus the day spent researching it.  I actually thought I was being punk’d…must be my version because my “ticker” is different, too.  I just like to think mine is personalized…even though I guess it’s buggy. c’est la guerre…

      • Anonymous

        WOW! Thanks, Elizabeth!

    • Betsyh

      “Since we are voluntarily opting into a social network, we have to play by their rules.”Well, I voluntarily walk down public sidewalks too, and have little control over whoI pass either on the walk or in cars on the street.  However, I don’t have to havemy own car driving past on that street.  I can keep it safelyin my garage at home. Besides that, the users, the public who use FB oughtto have some say in what is made public.  FB has recognized thismany times in the past with photos, personal information, etc.  If enough users are upset at the ticker, I don’t see how allowing usto remove it should bother FB at all.This is how I view the publicness of Facebook right now.(I apologize if the formatting of my comment is hinky, the comment box would not let me enter text with normal line spacing or margins.)     

  • http://twitter.com/laurajenx Laura Jenkins

    Thanks so much for addressing this. There really is so much hysteria going on, and I admit I’ve been pretty bugged by this latest change. But your post makes me think that I’ve totally misunderstood it (not surprising given the sheer volume of smack talk going down.) I was under the impression that if someone commented on MY status, that my status would show up in THEIR friends ticker, even if my status updates are set to “friends only.” I really hate the idea that something I set to “friends only” can be broadcast to the whole world if someone else comments on it. I suppose I could test it out somehow and see if that’s the case, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Instead, I’ve just backed off of disclosing much of anything on FB until I get a better handle on whether or not posts that I intend for a certain audience are being shuffled out to friends of friends, simply because one of my friends commented on it. I could care less about comments that I make on OTHERS’ posts, because when I comment on someone else’s status I know that it’s fair game in terms of their friends being able to see it. It seems like the only difference is that said comments now appear in a “real-time” ticker. My question is this: how many (if any) of my “non-friends” (i.e. people I’m not friends with) have set their status updates to “friends only,” yet their statuses are showing up in my ticker? Geez. What a cluster*&$%!

    • Anonymous

      That’s right, Laura. Your privacy settings always apply. If your status is set to Friends Only and your friend comments on it, their comment will not go into the Ticker of a friend of theirs that is not a friend of yours. If you had looser privacy settings, sure. But you control that. I encourage you to test it out. 

      • http://twitter.com/laurajenx Laura Jenkins

        That is really good to know. Finding reliable answers is quite the needle-in-haystack activity in this digital age. FYI, I found you on FB b/c one of my friends posted a link to this blog on her page. Even though it’s fraught with privacy dilemmas, FB is a pretty cool portal to relevant content. Thanks…

        • Anonymous

          I will say that it’s always way too easy to spread misinformation. Facebook needs to do a better job of squashing this stuff. 

          It’s amazing how fast this post got around today! Almost all of my traffic was directly from Facebook. Just friends sharing with friends sharing with friends… I certainly respect the power of sharing.

      • RD

        Actually, that isn’t incorrect. Please see my reply above and how it works to circumvent your privacy settings- Laura’s initial thought was correct about how it works. If you have ANY friend on your friend list who has not enabled “hiding all” for their comment activity on their profiles- your status and it’s applicable comments are now available to all of THEIR friends- essentially making your status a “friend of friends” visibility despite your “friends only” privacy setting. Now, with the ticker, this information is being streamed in real time and also goes as far as to include “liking activity” so whenever a friend clicks like on your status- it goes onto the ticker of all of THEIR friends- making your post visible to them. The only way to control it is if every friend disables/hides comment activity- which is not likely to occur. The ability to enable your OWN privacy controls to protect your OWN information is not an option anymore. Hiding YOUR comment activity keeps your postings off the ticker- which prevents people from seeing what you are posting elsewhere- but does nothing to prevent those you are not friends with from seeing YOURS when mutual friends have activity on your wall. THIS is my huge privacy concern with Facebook at present. I do not want people who aren’t on my friend list having access to what is on my page. That is why my settings are “friends only” and it is a huge issue that the circumvent is available.

        • Anonymous

          This is false.

          • RD

            Unfortunately, this is accurate. :-/ I have been concerned about this for some time now…and it has been amplified by the ticker. As I state above in my other reply- we replicated the same finding 3 separate times with 3 separate people who had their settings as “friends only”. The ONLY way to not have the info in the ticker is to “hide comment activity” on YOUR page- and on all of your friends. Any friend who does NOT hide comment activity is giving all of their friends access to all friends’ status and posts each time they post. I first became aware of the security flaw when someone who I had removed from my friend list came up to my husband to express her sympathy about an event in our family- sure enough, one of our mutual friends had commented on the post, they do not choose to hide their comment activity on their wall- so mutual friend’s were able to click on that comment and take them to MY status which is set to friends only- thus giving “friends of friends” access to my page. After the release of the ticker- we then conducted experiments to determine the accuracy of the concern- and all 3 times were able to replicate the same finding. It is a loop-hole on Facebook’s alleged security settings.

          • Fun Size

            RD, the original post is correct.  The ONLY reason that any of us are able to view comments or likes of posts from people that are not our “friends” is because that person has their status’ or their wall posts set to be viewed by “public” or “friends of friends”.  For example, I am friends with person A, they comment on a status posted by person B, I am not friends with person B; however, person B has their status set to be viewed by the “public”, I can now see the status and all the comments from person B.  Why?  Because they have it set to public.  It’s really that simple.  I think you just don’t have a good grasp on the information and how to accurately use your privacy settings.  

            And “hiding your comment activity” only hides comments from your wall.  It does not hide comments from being posted on the ticker, again, dependent on the settings of the person that you are commenting on/to.

          • RD

            Funsize- you are incorrect. I am sorry!! I still don’t think you understand what I am saying. I am going to try and set it out more clearly.

            1) I post a status update. My settings are “friends only”.

            2) You are my friend. You comment on my status. You do NOT “hide comment activity” on your wall/profile.

            3) Because YOU- do not hide comment activity (regardless of your privacy settings! If you do not “hide comment activity- every comment you make on a status OR wall post appears on your profile and all of YOUR friends can see it) the comment you made on MY status is now on YOUR wall.

            3) Any person that YOU are friends with can now click on that comment that YOU made. This then takes them to MY status. This is regardless of your privacy settings and regardless of mine. Because you do not hide YOUR comment activity- my status is now viewable to all of YOUR friends- thus circumventing MY privacy status of friends only.

            4. If you don’t believe me- try it for yourself. The ONLY way for your status to stay viewable to friends only is if EVERY friend on your friend list changes the status of their wall activity and “hides all comment activity” so that none of THEIR friend’s can see it. There is nothing YOU can do to prevent this from happening or to make it happen.

            If you hide your OWN comment activity- then you are protecting your friends by not allowing YOUR friends to see THEIR statuses and wall posts. It protects you only in that your comments on OTHER’s posts aren’t viewable to your friends.

            I hope I have cleared up the confusion. There are two separate issues at play- 1) Your own comment activity being viewable to your friends and 2) Your FRIENDS’ comment activity making YOUR status/wall posts viewable to THEIR friends- who may not be your friends (friends of friends). :-)


          • Fun Size

            We may have to agree to disagree, RD.  I have tested this in several different scenarios – status’, wall-to-wall comments, photos and link comments. In every single case the ONLY reason that I, or my test partner, has been able to view something is because of a “friends of friends” or “public” setting or simply because we have mutual friends.  I have my default setting on all my posts set to a custom list, it has never just changed on it’s own to “friends of friends”.  My status’ are not viewable to “friends of friends”.  Nor are my photos, links, etc.   

            The only thing that “hide comment activity” does is hide it from being visible on your wall.  That has nothing to do with the ticker.  Again, likely that you won’t agree, but it’s true.  I hid my comment activity just because I didn’t want it cluttering up my wall, but my comments still appear in the ticker, which is okay with me.

            Bottom line, everyone should be conscious of what they are posting.  If you are at all concerned that it’s something you don’t want viewed by certain people then it should probably be a private message.

          • RD

            Yep. Will have to agree to disagree. If you tried the steps I laid out above- you would be forced to agree. And telling me I should use “private message” is just ridiculous. The point of Facebook is being able to share- with the people I CHOOSE TO SHARE WITH!!! The problem is- Facebook has decided that it will allow a circumvention of my privacy settings. You don’t appear to understand that what I am saying is not that it changes your privacy settings- but that it allows a *circumvention of your privacy settings* whereby friends of friends can see what you have posted on your own profile if they are not your friends- by clicking on comment activity on your mutual friend’s wall. Plain and simple. If I wanted mutual friends to see my postings- however benign they might be!- I would have my privacy settings at friends of friends. I don’t. But it doesn’t matter. Any friend who allows their comment activity on their wall essentially gives access to MY postings every time they comment on one. So, for the millionth time, it takes away MY control of the privacy for MY posts because it is completely dependent on how my friends have their walls set up. This isn’t even talking about the ticker. It is simply talking about friends of friends being able to see posting you make- when your settings are friends only- because THEIR friends can see their comment activity- which takes them to YOUR postings when they click on it. Telling me I should only communicate in private message is absurd. If I wanted to do that…I don’t need Facebook at all. I should be able to share the things I want with my FRIENDS ONLY- which is what I have my privacy settings set to- without Facebook allowing a circumvention of the privacy setting.

            Before you agree to disagree- I would encourage to follow what I laid out and check it for yourself. Go to your sister or husband’s or wife’s page and look at their comment activity showing on their profile. Click on one of the comments for a friend who has settings of “friends only” who isn’t a mutual friend of yours. Go read their friend’s status. Look at their photo- even download it if you so desire. I promise you- you will be able to do so.

            A friend argued with me vehemently about this earlier this week. I finally figured out it was as simple to prove as this- she isn’t “friends” with my husband on Facebook. I re-enabled the comment activity on my wall to not be hidden. Went and commented on my husband’s status. His settings are “friends only” (as are mine). Went and told her to click on the comment activity now appearing on my profile page “RD commented on …..status” with a brief synopsis of what I said. She clicked the link and it took her directly to his status and all of the comments therein. Thus- his status, which was privacy setting “friends ONLY” has now been viewed by a “friend of friend”. Not due to HIS privacy settings. Not due to mine. But due to my having comment activity not hidden on MY wall- I made my friend’s status viewable to everyone on MY friend list- whether his friend or not.

          • Fun Size

            RD, I know exactly what you are talking about; I have tested it and found your findings to not be true.  I tested it again yesterday after reading your post.  Again, I have NEVER been able to read anything from someone that isn’t my friend and has their settings as “friends only” on a status or a wall post.  It just isn’t happening.

            I only suggested you use private messages because of your concern for your privacy.

          • HS

            My posts are visible to “Friends of Friends, in spite of Privacy settings  kept at Custom with Restricted and Acquaintance list unable to view my wall/Timeline and my likes, comments, photos etc. albeit they can not comment on it!

      • Dana7845
    • RD

      Actually Laura- YOU are correct. Your privacy settings do NOT apply. The comment that your friend makes on your status goes into the ticker of all of THEIR friends- which then allows THEIR friends to see your status if they choose to click on the ticker activity. It basically is taking your “friends only” privacy assumption away from you and turning every status someone else comments (or now even just LIKES) into a “friends of friends” visibility. That is the REAL problem with the ticker. The only way to prevent this is if every friend on your friend list goes to their profile and chooses to “hide all” for their comment activity. But, again, this is not in YOUR control- it depends on your friends. You do not have the ability to keep your info private or to “friends only” and haven’t since FB started putting comment activity on profiles- and is now streaming them (along with “likes”) on the ticker. You are absolutely correct in your initial thinking.

      • Anonymous

        This is completely false and it’s the exact kind of narrative that is confusing people. If you write a Friends Only status and your friend comments on it, it will show up in your mutual friends’ Tickers. If you write a public status and your friend comments on it, it will show up in all of your friend’s tickers.

        Please, test this out. Do a controlled test. Have a friend create a Friends only status. Comment on it. Have a friend of yours who isn’t a friend of the status owner check their status. They will not see that you commented.

        How do I know this? I’ve tested it out. I invite you to do the same.

        • RD

          I have tested it out- I assure you, it is 100% accurate. Comment activity being shown on a friend’s page- or now on the ticker- allows people you are NOT friend’s with to see YOUR information that they commented on. Just like it allows ME to see theirs if I so choose. We tested this out two nights ago in a controlled experiment and reproduced the results three separate times. In one example, not only was I able to view a friend’s husband’s photo- who had his settings set to “friends only”- I was able to download it right to my iPad.

  • Lelecaz

    What if I post something set for friends only and one of my friends that has a public setting comments on my post can their friends see my original post?

    • Anonymous

      If you set your post to friends only, that post will only be viewable by your friends, no matter who comments on it. Your posts are always within your control. It’s commenting on others’ posts that you should be careful about. They may be public, they may not be. But they can always change it, too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s actually interesting this is coming up. Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about Facebook privacy because I had a feeling there would be confusion over the Ticker. Well, here we are.

    So take a look back, it may answer some questions:


  • Sabrina

    I’m not as concerned about who sees that I post, just the fact that if I’m active on FB, I feel bad that the darn ticker fills up with this stuff – both what I see and what my friends see.  I really, really dislike the ticker.  In an attempt to be like Twitter, FB has just annoyed us without giving us any option to remove or hid the box all together. 

    When are they going to get, they AREN’T Twitter, and really, we’re all ok with that.  Most people I know who are on both Twitter & FB use them very differently.  It’s not an allegiance to one or the other, just how each one fits needs.  They have very different functions.  Why doesn’t FB get that?  Twitter isn’t in a race to be like FB and FB is the “big fish” in this social media pond!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment, Sabrina. The Ticker does have some Twitter-like characteristics. My wife complained about not being able to keep up, which reminded me of when I started using Twitter. Eventually, you realize keeping up isn’t important. It’s also why I think that we’ll eventually realize that our info going through the Ticker isn’t that big of a deal. So much goes through, people aren’t really going to catch as much about what you’re doing as you think.

      The one thing I want people to remember is that this information was already readily available on your profile. And it actually used to be in the News Feed. Facebook decided it cluttered the feed, so they took it out. I feel like that may be their biggest mistake in this. People forgot that these items were once surfaced, and now they see it as being new. It’s really not.

      • Guest

        I really appreciate the great information here, however, I do have one question.  You say that all of the information now surfacing on the ticker has always been available on our profiles.  However, there was an option to hide that information, and I had my profile set NOT to show my activity.  Consequently, every item I posted on friends’ pages was not listed.  I haven’t found a similar option with the ticker.  Not that I have anything to hide, it just seems “stalkerish.” :)  I realize it is a social website, and I’m all for the advantages of that as such.  However, I do wish FB would give us a choice about the amount of our activity it shared on the ticker.  

        • Anonymous

          I think I’m following your question, and I agree it would be nice to control this. Previously you could. You’ll recall we used to be able to control things in very granular terms. The result was that Facebook users hated it and thought it was more confusing. So the result is a much more simplified privacy control. It’s bad for people like you or me who used every setting we had, but I guess it’s good for those who were too overwhelmed by the settings before (they were quite a lot to handle) to bother with them.

  • Sarah Simpson

    I’m not so much worried that people will see what I’m doing, I’m just annoyed. I don’t want to see that my friend posted on another friends post. 

    • Kwallet

      I totally agree. I really don’t care if people see what I am doing, I just don’t care what they are saying to people I don’t know and it takes up the space of something I might wanna see. I really don’t even look at it I just read the news feed….. which btw I don’t like how they have changed that either!

  • Bill Pytlovany

    I don’t recall ever seeing a valid post that asked to be copy and pasted to your friends. Just like when you see something like “Send this to ten of your friends” flags should go up and you should be suspicious.  

    Same with this weeks claim about Facebook plans on charging. People really think that copy and pasting a message is in Facebook’s business plan to decide who has to pay?

    • Anonymous

      Bill — Exactly. People mean well, but we need to start thinking this through. If we repost inaccurate information, it just confuses people even more.

      I saw that post you’re talking about regarding Facebook charging. It was so ridiculous it doesn’t deserve a response. I understand people believing some things, but that one? Your icon will turn blue? Did anyone ask the person if their icon turned blue? Just no thought at all.

  • guest

    I dont care about how public my comments are, more as I dont really care what my friends are commenting on, when Im not even friends with the person who’s status MY friend is commenting on. Thats the annoying thing more than “privacy” 

  • Justcherylsjunkemail1999

    I don’t have anything to hide-I just feel like someone is watching my every move-creepy?

  • Amers605

    They have RUINED facebook!

  • Oakey58

    I never viewed it as a panic just an annoyance! Don’t like the new setup.

    • jonloomer

      That’s fair!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1718004696 Tink Bell

    I am set to Friends when i post.. and i am set to friends only on my privacy settings.. but when you click custom its STUCK on friends of friends which is why everyone is seeing everyone’s posts. The ONLY thing that stops this until face book fix’s this issue is to ask everyone to untick you from the subscription box… I wonder if you even got facebook lol

  • Jeanne

    it bothers me because it jumps each time someone post on facebook.. I see that…. also privacy means just that,,Privacy… I don’t want to know what someone else is doing and i don’t want them to know what I am doing all the time..its none of anyones business….. also you can hide it from your page but it seems to remain open on everyone elses page so its still there… facebook needs to take it off, what good is it when  most accounts on here don’t want it and don’t like it…  I hate it
    starting to hate facebook

  • Punkinida

    I agree with Sarah.  I have enough things to wade through without wanting to be bothered by a posting from someone that I don’t even know, but have it show up on my newsfeed because a friend commented on it.   And I don’t get the logic of it.  It never happened before, so why does it have to happen now?  I don’t get it.

  • May Shue

    On the first day or so when the ticker was rolled out to those who use English-US as their default language, I believe they had a glitch in the privacy settings. I was able to view the friends-only post of someone who I was not friends with, and whose wall I couldn’t view, if a mutual friend had made a comment on it or liked it. This meant that others could possibly do the same to MY friends-only posts. I could find no way to control it, and thus the repost of the Comments and Likes uncheck was done out of sheer desperation (for me) and did rely basically on the kindness of my friends. But within about 24 hrs or so, I noticed a change in that it began looking like it was adhering to privacy settings, as it should have from the get-go. So those to whom it was rolled out later couldn’t see why there was ever a flap about it in the first place.

    • http://twitter.com/annaphallactic D

      This was happening more than 24 hours later. I had several friends test it a couple of days after the rollout, and they could STILL see posts made by friends-of-friends who had “Friends Only” privacy settings.

      And given Zuckerberg’s intense contempt for anyone who wants a degree on anonymity on the internet, the conspiracy nuts have unfortunately been given credence.

  • ValBee


    Very good article. I think what disturbe most people with this change is not the change itself… but the discovery that what you post on public pages/profile/etc is visible to everyone. And Ticker & Lists (because Lists creates new “news feed” and are kind of personal customized Ticker) make that more visible.

    We have to make the difference between what we post on our profile, which can perfectly be controled by ourself. And all what we like and comments on public (or open to friends’ of friends). 

    For me, it’s normal that if I post on a public page (let’s say a newspaper’s page) it’s visible to everyone >>if they go on that page<>pushed to all my contacts<<, whatever the groups I made, whatever (and this is the most important, the most "not normal" FB behaviour I think) the settings I've put on my own wall. 

    On your own wall, you can change activity visibility, by type of activity (comments on other's wall, "like", etc). It's not so fine, the only choice is visible/not visible. But you can do it. And the problem is : it's only cosmetic ! You can hide it on your wall, it'll anyway be pushed to all your contact if ever you commented/likes a public page. This is very missleading… 

    And about the famous status "please untick comments and like…". It's useless, as all what's public will stay public and what was private will stay as is. To make it efficient, people should unsubscribe to friend's activity. To all activity. Then you don't even see their status activity… (unless you go on their page) and loose FB's main fun. 

  • Park

    I think Facebook should just make everything defaulted as private instead of public. Most people don’t even realize what they had been doing is all public until messages like these come up. The thing I dislike about facebook is that they’re always doing something to the privacy settings or the outline which is annoying to get used to and then have to get used to something else after a month. And the new updates that they make aren’t always user friendly.

  • Info

    Thats bullshit, thats works only for friends. for public is this useless. 

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  • http://www.staticcandy.com JF

    My biggest problem is the “likes” part.  I can’t find a way to hide my likes from other people… I don’t really care if people see all my likes per se, BUT sometimes I might like something “inappropriate” and for the sake of keeping “business” and “pleasure” separate, I’d like to restrict who can see that information.  (I realize this sounds like I might be “Like-ing” all sorts of pervy goodness, but that’s not really the case) 

    • Head West

      I’m completely sick of the “Click Like for a Special Offer” or similar, pathetic lures to gain a faux popularity status. I don’t see a difference between that type of marketing and a person saying “If I give you a lollipop, will you then be my friend?” Facebook is not unlike Google; they want to gain as much information about you and your “friends” / interests as they can, for their own financial benefit.

  • Teg Griffiths

    Its all very simple really, Facebook is free, you don’t have to use it and they can do what they want without telling you because they own it and you don’t pay for it.
    A lot of the comments below are about how their privacy is impinged upon, answer… get off Facebook and go back to email.
    Personally I miss the simplicity of the earlier days of Facebook and as a result am about to go and try out the more privacy oriented and simpler Google+.
    I am sure that will change in time and I won’t like it for some reason or another.
    Take the time to go and figure out your privacy settings and fix it.
    I will stay with FB for a while, more as an observer than anything and use it as a global email system with benefits and not as a chat room with peeping toms.

  • Meganw

    This problem could easily be solved by giving us the option to keep our posts on other peoples walls/status/photos private. I dont want my aunt to see my comment on my friends picture of her drunk in a bar even if my friend doesnt mind its public I do. 

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, Megan. That sounds reasonable until you realize what that does to conversations. Suddenly you have people discussing back and forth when you only see one side of the conversation. It makes no sense. So you need context.

      I get the sentiment, but it’s something that doesn’t work.

      • Azmatikat

        Why doesn’t it work?  If Aunt and drunk friend aren’t friends, there is no issue of one side of the conversation.  YOU and drunk friend see all parts of the conversation about the photo, aunt sees nothing. 

        Right now, if ‘my’ drunk friend has a public or ‘friends of friends’ profile, MY friends can see what I say on her page.  I can’t control how drunk friend sets up her privacy, but I should be able to limit which of my posts, comments, likes etc MY friends see.

        • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

          I think you’re talking about two different things, so I’ll try to address both. You can’t split up conversations within a single photo. Let’s say you could actually make it so Drunk Friend can only see comments made by their friends (who are also your friends) and your Aunt can only see comments made by their friends (who are also your friends) on that photo. That’s fine to a point. Except when you reply within that thread. Suddenly it looks like you’re talking to yourself.

          And regarding commenting on your friends’ walls, yes… You need to be careful. Whenever you comment on someone else’s post or wall, it is not your privacy. It is theirs. So if you want a conversation to be private, sent them a private message.

  • Anonymous

    the problem for a lot of users (myself included) is that [Like] and [Comment] are now basically synonymous with [Share].  It’s not the little ticker that ticks me off…  it’s that the news feed captures everything i’ve liked/commented on as if i had shared it.

    i can’t leave this giant echo chambre that Facebook is becoming.  therefore Facebook is forcing me to treat everyone – my friends, my co-workers, my family – in a flat, boring way as a result.

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  • Carrie34474

    This is all funny to me…lol
    i dont care if i see my friends activity or if they see mine. I dont know what they big deal is unless you are saying things that you arent supposed too?? and as far as the ticker people saying they dont want to read it…UMM then dont read it?? you arent forced to read it. I think people need to calm down everyone gets so mad and crazy when there is a change, change isnt that big of deal i dont know why people cant handle it?
    Im sorry i just think its crazy to make this big of deal about something….

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  • Glassback

    There are quite a few replies here and I haven’t read them all, so if someone else has already pointed this out, I apologise.

    The main reason why *I* used the “fix” was to tame the ticker down. Take Comments and Likes out of the equation and it slows it down immensely. If you’re not a gamer, untick Games as well. The difference is amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Glassback.

      I think your point is separate from the intention of this copy/paste. If you don’t want to see other people’s comments/likes because it clutters your Ticker, you would go through everyone’s name and uncheck comments/likes for all of them. Piece of cake and it doesn’t involve anyone else doing anything.

      But what these people are saying is that they want their friends to uncheck comments/likes so that their friends don’t see things that THEY do. It’s a pretty significant difference, and an impossible task.

      • melizer

        Really? “Piece of cake” to go through 100+ friends one by one? And my 100 seems to be a very small number of friends compared to most people on Facebook.

  • Jacgravelle

    I just don’t like the ticker in general because it is in the way.  If your cursor slides over it a small box pops up with the info in the post and it blocks the main screen.  Sometimes I can’t get it to go away.  I would like to just get rid of the ticker – period!

    • Anonymous

      If you shrink the width of your browser, the Ticker will eventually disappear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682328131 Darlene Vincent

    I just make sure that I am not ashamed of anything I post. I assume that it could be made public, just by a friend copy/pasting it elsewhere, and attributing it to me.

    • Anonymous

      YES! Always smart. Thanks for your comment, Darlene!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1509912336 Diane Jay

    An internet search led me to this site.  I received a post on Face Book that read–“With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favor: Hover over my name above. In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “Subscribed”. Hover over that, go to “Comments and Likes” and unclick it. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY IT LIMITS HACKERS from invading our profiles. If you repost this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I”ll ‘like’ it. Thanks”  The worrisome part is the last sentence.  Will the new timeline make us more of a target for hackers?  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1509912336 Diane Jay

    With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favor: Hover over my name above. In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “Subscribed”. Hover over that, go to “Comments and Likes” and unclick it. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY IT LIMITS HACKERS from invading our profiles. If you repost this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I”ll ‘like’ it. Thanks
    This is the text of a post that I received on Face Book today.  The worrisome part is about the hackers’ invasion.  Will the new timeline make us vulnerable? 

  • Jan WS

    When I posted a new photo album and my friends “liked” or commented on the photos, their friends, who are not mutual, also commented on it.  I went back to check and verified that I had checked the friends only box for that photo album.  I have also been able to comment on other FB users’ photos who are not my friends if a friend has commented first, even though they also have a friends only setting.  Is this a privacy glich, or do I need to do something that I am not yet aware of?

    • Jon Loomer

      Jan — had you tagged any friends in the photos in question? Had your friend been tagged in the non-friend photo you could see?

    • HS

      Jon Loomer, may we have a response on this from you? Because I seem to be suffering a similar dilemma. I have very clearly hidden all MY like activities from everyone and “ONLY ME” can see them, yet they surface on friend’s ticker and newsfeed.

  • guest

    i have to say that in the past month i have seen on my newsfeed a few posts from people i don’t know and are not on my friend list solely because on of my friends have made a comment on their post. 

    • Anonymous

      Correct! Because the person who wrote the status update or shared the photo did so either publicly or to friends of friends. 

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  • http://twitter.com/gamesms Jaxter Cloverfield

    how to not let my friends see my Likes on a friends photo? or when i comment on a photo or a post from a friend of mine?? please help

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Honestly, there’s really no confusion, that I can think of, I just don’t like Facebook’s sense of Privacy… really. If I post something on one of MY friends wall or comment on MY friends Post, there’s no reason why a friend on my list should see it considering they are not MY friends FRIEND. I don’t think I can make it any clearer… 
    For that matter there shouldn’t be any reason for Friend Requesting, should there… I want my friends to be my friends and my friends can have their own friends, without us cross contaminating our correspondence… I’m sure it makes sense, right? 

  • Clanhowe

    maybe i missed something, but if my friend comments on one of THEIR friends (not my friend) photos, i can see this and the photo… i don’t reallly want the same to happen to me. i am cautious about sharing photos with my friends only. Is this because the friend who published the photo, didn’t select FRIENDS ONLY? or is it just because my friend commented on this photo … very confusing for me!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      This doesn’t happen when the photo in question is Friends Only. It happens if…

      1) It’s friends’ of Friends
      2) It’s Public
      3) Your friend was tagged in the photo and your friend lets you see photos tagged of them
      4) It was posted to your friend’s wall.

      If you are careful about your photos, you will be fine.

      Hope this helps!

  • [email protected]

    i like texting, and i love email and, and i like posting stuff is so fun
    From:savreet kuar

  • [email protected]
  • Erik

    My concern is with ‘liking’ photos, or commenting sometimes, and starting some jealousy problem. Not that I don’t want to see other peoples moves if they want me to, but I like my communication to private. And by that I mean no need to put at the top of friends news feeds so they can see I’m currently flirting with a different girl…

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      That could be a problem, Erik! I guess the main issue behind that is that while you want that conversation to be private, it isn’t. So even if it didn’t show up in the Ticker, a stalker (sounds like you could have some) could simply look at the other person’s posts and photos and see your interactions.

      Good luck!

  • Guest

    My “problem” or concern with facebook right now is that I often see comments and likes that my friends make on people in their own friends list – people I don’t know – and I can see things like their pictures, their posts…etc.  Then I worry – if my friends comment on or like something I post – can all the people in their friend’s list see it also? If so – where’s the privacy? There are some ‘friends of friends’ that I don’t want to know anything about what I’m up to.

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      If you set your profile to Friends Only, then only Friends can see what is posted there. Only friends can post on it and only your friends can see what those friends posted on your wall.

      You can only see content written on profiles of people you don’t know due to their privacy settings of Friends of Friends or Public.

  • Labyrinthia

    basically there isn’t a fix.

    I like to post on certain things (political, hobby related, religion related) that I don’t mind being public, however I do not want my friends feeds inundated with related posts. As in, if they sought out these posts, and saw I posted, that’s great. I just do not want to be seen as pushing my views or beliefs on my friends.

    • bob

      i wish i could give more likes to your comment. you came up with the perfect words to describe what i wanted to say

  • Guest

    I do not want some of my friends to know I am online, sometimes for long periods of time. That way, I can choose who I interact with and when. I am offline for the chat and have configured my timeline so that it does not display any recent activity. I avoid commenting on people’s statuses if they are also friends with the group I am trying to avoid. But if I like/comment a picture/post/link which is public to begin with, EVERYONE of my friends sees it. And they know I am or have been online. Not to mention, work people can see my activity about some things (even if they are public pages) that I would much rather not share with them. Clear now? 

    • bob

      apparently the people in charge of facebook decided they can make more money this way so they said “screw what the actual users want, we don’t care about them we want to make money off the advertisers.” typical corporate a-holes

  • Zenmtn98

    This post is not entirely accurate, or should I say it is omitting something.  Here’s an example. Today several of my friends were conversing on my wall in comments on my status message. Other people looking at my wall could see SOME friends comments but not others.  So this means there is way to set my settings so that no one can read my comments when I make them on another’s wall since apparently I have a friend who has successfully managed to set her privacy this way (unfortunately she doesn’t know how she did it).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.rappoport Jerry Rappoport


  • Head West

    I’m completely sick of the “Click Like for a Special Offer” or similar, pathetic lures to gain a faux popularity status. I don’t see a difference between that type of marketing and a person saying “If I give you a lollipop, will you then be my friend?”  Facebook is not unlike Google; they want to gain as much information about you and your “friends” / interests as they can, for their own financial benefit.

  • Yavendra

    sir i have a problem on my Facebook account  everyone can comment or like but i want to set my privacy only my friends can comment or like what can i do plz help me

  • Ethan Chinowsky

    If you comment or like something in a group on Facebook, will it show what it on the ticker/newsfeed thing?

  • Annebrewitt

    Is there any way I can stop my comments and likes from going on other peoples news feed?
    Some of my friends say that they get a huge amount of my posts likes and comments in their news feed. is there no way I can post a comment on someone elses page without the whole of my friends list knowing about it?

  • Alibally15

    I can’t comment or like any public pages now without it clogging up my friends news feeds.

  • Paulo Sampaio Neves

    I think you are missing the point. Let me give you an example. My FB friends PV and NV commented on a post of SD which is not my FB friend and this appeared in my feed as “PV and NV commented on a post” and the post, which was not intended for me to see as I am not a FB friend of SD, also appears below and I, therefore, may see it. My boss is my friend on FB. If I like a photo of a bikini girl that a FB friend of mine – not friend of my boss – has posted only for their friend to see (which includes me) I do not want my boss to know that I “Liked” that photo… moreover, I do not want my boss to SEE that photo. With FB nowadays, my boss will definitely SEE that photo. Got it? This enfuriates me.

    • J. Dot

      The only way this solution would fix that was if you convinced your boss to un-check “Likes & Comments” on your page which probably won’t happen just by copying that post. So the way I see it your options are 1. Personally ask your boss to un-check “Likes & Comments” although if your boss looked he/she would still be able to find your “likes & comments” they just wouldn’t be right in his/her face on the news feed . 2. un-friend your boss, or 3. don’t “like” pictures of bikini girls (or anything else you wouldn’t want your boss to see).

  • Nils

    I don’t mind about the fact that my comment on someone else’s photo or status might *be* public; I just don’t want the fact that I have commented on something to be shoved in everyone’s faces (including mine). Why should everyone else be notified about something that’s supposed to be between me and a particular friend? It’s the equivalent of being forced to nose in on a conversation. The conversation may not have any need to be private, but that doesn’t mean I want in on it.

  • Carl Peterson Steamrockx

    Help? How can I hide or NOT SHOW what I said to sum hotties I saw and commented now facebook wrote all down for mom too see?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1516020642 Ward Cunliffe

    “Are there specific activities you don’t want your friends seeing? Maybe you shouldn’t be participating in them.” Very paternal, but hardly useful.

    Let’s say you are a model railroader. You have 100 “friends” on Facebook. 10 of these friends are fellow hobbyists; 90 of these friends couldn’t care less. As it stands now, every time I click “Like” on a post from one of my favored model railroad sites, all 100 friends get something on their ticker saying “So and So Likes Model-Railroading-Is-Da-Bomb’s Post.” Sometimes, the likes even pop up in their news stream. After a while, your 90 non-hobbyists get really tired of seeing this stuff.

    So Jon, it isn’t that I don’t want my friends seeing things I like because they are dirty or shameful, but that I have a diverse set of friends, not all of whom share all of my interests.

  • Ariannawyn

    What I want is to stop seeing posts by people I don’t know, just because someone I *do* know has commented on them. Joe Somebody posts that he had green eggs and ham for breakfast, and my buddy posted “I like green eggs and ham too!” – and it ends up on my feed. I believe de-selecting the Comments and Likes option is *supposed* to stop that, but in my experience it works about 40% of the time. Bleah.

  • renovationist

    I’m not sure why this is called a hoax…it doesn’t really fit the criteria for a hoax because following this instruction DOES eliminate comments from friends of friends. Js.

  • Lynn

    I avoid “liking” certain pictures that for example Friend A posts just because I know Friends B and C will see it but may be offended by it (political reasons for example) and will know that I liked it. I don’t think it’s any one else’s business what I like and it’s annoying that everyone can see this. I have a lot of photography business pages that I like and am always “liking” new pictures of their work or photography props etc and everyone on my FB friend’s list sees everytime I like something. That gets really annoying. I should be able to set my settings if I want my “likes” to be public or not. I understand my comments on public pages or profiles being seen or even on private profiles being seen by their friends but all my “likes” shouldn’t be thrown out there. And yes, I know for a fact that pictures that I like of my friend’s can be seen by my friends who aren’t on their friend’s list. Ex. my fiance is always able to see stuff I like on my other friend’s walls or albums, even though he isn’t on their friends list and their stuff is private. Not that I mind him seeing what I like but they might mind other people seeing their stuff than their friends.

  • Bruno

    you are a bit of a bonehead if you don’t understand what the problem is here. imagine A is friends with B and B is friends with C, but A and C are NOT friends. Now A posts on his wall and B comments on it. C can see B’s comment, including A’s original post, despite that A and C are not friends. this is ridiculous.

    • cuomo456

      Stop spreading this propaganda. C can only see the post on A’s wall if A makes it public or friends of friends. if A sets it to “friends only” then only A’s friends will see it, and it will not show up to B’s friends if he likes it.

  • Dave

    Here’s a scenario that is nothing less than a security hole:

    Friend A: Privacy settings do not make anything public.

    Friend B: Not FB friends with Friend A
    Me: Privacy settings do not make anything I do public (global). Anything I’m tagged in is set to be visible to a subset of friends (Friend B not in that subset)

    Two bad things are happening:

    1.) If I “like” or “comment” on something that Friend A posts, Friend B sees in her timeline that I “liked” or “commented” on Friend A’s post. Why? Friend A doesn’t make anything “public”. Only friends are allowed to see her posts. Yet, my Friend B can see when I comment/like something from Friend A.

    2.) Friend A tags me. I approve it. Only my friends who are in the “subset” I have defined to be able to see things I’m tagged in get the newsfeed and can also see it on my wall.

    Yet, Friend B can drill into Friend A’s profile via my friend list and see that very same post that I was tagged in. Why??? I am 110% certain that Friend A’s security settings do not allow ANY “friends of friends” or “public” to see their things.

    For this reason, I’ve taken away any tagging capabilities, and I am rare to ever comment or like something because people who have no business seeing the originating poster’s content are being exposed to it.

  • reg bird

    I am an exhibitionist and don’t care who sees what!

  • tbob

    I’ve had a dozen of these requests over the last month. Normally I write back and ask whether they’d like me to uncheck anything else at the same time (for example, maybe they’d like me not to see photos they post). Normally, that crystallizes exactly what they’ve asked me to do and how all it really does is stop me seeing their comments or likes (or indeed their photos). at that time, I always advise setting everything they create to ‘Friends Only’, and checking the permissions of any post that they then choose to comment on or like.

    That said, Ward Cunliffe (below) makes an interesting point related to diversity.

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  • http://twitter.com/William_Speaks William OP

    The fear being promoted is that a friend will comment on your private post (that is viewable only to “friends”), and that comment appears in the feed on THEIR friend, who you did NOT allow to see the post. Point is, the friend-of-friend will not be able to see your post or the friend’s comment since you do not allow that in the first place.

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    when i comment on a certain post, i want my comment to be seen by other people who were already looking at that post, but I don’t want it to be shared with all of my other friends! does anyone know how to change this? this crap is the reason i barely use facebook at all anymore, and never comment within facebook. i only comment on external sites after clicking facebook links.

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