Use Facebook as a Page Navigation Changes

A while back I noted that the drop-down from the top right navigation menu that allowed you to “Use Facebook as a Page” had disappeared. Or at least it did for some people.

This was bad. While I could still use Facebook as a Page, I then had to go into each individual Page’s Admin Panel to do it. Several extra clicks, and it was a major pain.

Well, it appears Facebook just took that functionality away (again, just for some of us) in preparation for making this process better. Today when I checked that drop-down, I got the following:

Use Facebook as a Page

This is potentially better than before. Now instead of clicking “Use Facebook as a Page” and then selecting the Page I want to manage, I get straight to the Page I want to manage in one click.

However, the options listed are apparently just the ones I have visited the most lately. If I want to use Facebook as a different Page (I manage others), I would then need to go into that individual Admin Panel to do it. So that’s kind of a pain. It would be nice if the general option was brought back to the drop-down.

Have you noticed this change? What do you think? Is it an improvement?