Holiday Cheer: Free Facebook Marketing EBook, Help Make-A-Wish

ShortStack Free Holiday Idea BookThis is something we MUST get behind!

While everyone knows that I’m a big fan of ShortStack to create Facebook apps (and they are also now a sponsor of this site), I’ve become increasingly impressed with their content. The Socially Stacked blog regularly churns out great articles, and now they’ve put out The Ultimate Facebook Holiday Idea Book.

I’ll get to the substance of the eBook in a second, but first the main reason I’m so excited about it:

ShortStack will donate $100 for every 1,000 downloads (up to $2,000) to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

How can you not get behind that? And it’s free! As the father of a cancer survivor, this is a goal I want to help them reach!

The “Idea Book” is info and superstar packed, loaded with quick tips from some of my favorites. You’re bound to recognize most of these names as I’ve written about many of them here before:

  • Amy Porterfield
  • Amy Jo Martin (Digital Royalty)
  • Andrea Vahl
  • Ann Handley (Marketing Profs)
  • Ching Ya
  • Jesse Stanchak (SmartBrief on Social Media)
  • Jim Belosic
  • John Haydon (Inbound Zombie)
  • Melanie Duncan
  • Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner)
  • Shamba Kabanl (Marketing Zen)

Not surprisingly, the content is terrific. Here are some highlights…

Facebook Holiday Basics
Everything you need to know about the basics of your Facebook Page, including dimensions and basic how-tos.

Interactive Apps
Case studies and ideas around specific types of apps that you could create, including:

  • Cover Photo Design Contest
  • Holiday Photo Vote Contest
  • Virtual Gifts

Some awesome ideas in here, and I love the details.

Giveaway Apps
Even more ideas for apps, this time around giveaways. They include:

  • Refer-A-Friend Contest
  • Wishlist Giveaway
  • 30 Days of Giving

Once again, I love that they provide details on how you can run your own promotions around each one of these ideas.

Non-Promotional Apps
Ideas behind using apps to crowdsource for information, feature the faces behind your brand and running a product countdown.

Charitable Apps
Some ideas here around how you can run a successful charitable drive, including:

  • Inspire Time Donations
  • Match Your Users’ Gifts
  • Like-Drive Template

So check it out. Some great information. In the process, help a terrific cause!

Click on the button below for a direct link to the Idea Book!

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