Secrets, Strategies and Sales with Amy Porterfield

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pubcast amy porterfield Secrets, Strategies and Sales with Amy Porterfield

Are you kidding me?? This was great.

I know I’ve been saying “This is one of my best episodes ever” a lot lately, but… This is absolutely one of my best episodes ever!

If you love Facebook marketing, you get an absolute overdose this week. We slam pint after pint of marketing goodness.

On this week’s Pubcast, I sit down for an in-depth Facebook marketing discussion with public speaker, blogger, podcaster, webinar and workshop queen, Amy Porterfield. That’s right. Amy Porterfield!

One of my favorite quotes from Amy came near the end:

Everything that has taken me a lot of effort has always produced bigger results.


Check out some of the topics we cover in this week’s episode:

  • Amy’s secrets and strategies for creating a successful sales funnel
  • Different models for using Facebook ads
  • Turning fans into leads – split testing tabs vs outside landing pages
  • Collecting leads with giveaways and sales pages
  • How to use Facebook Ads to get more fans
  • Podcasting and how to promote a podcast
  • Building an email list vs increasing relevant fans vs selling
  • The recent FB algorithm change
  • Negative feedback – what does it really mean?
  • Timeline promotional strategies

See what I mean? Info packed!

Here are some related links:

Get all of that? Now find Amy here:

Sit back… relax… and pop a bottle! Let’s do it…

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186 Shares Facebook 77 Twitter 62 Buffer 13 Google+ 23 LinkedIn 9 Pin It Share 2 186 Shares ×
About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • DonnaGilliland

    Absolutely fantastic Pubcast Jon Loomer!

    This podcast was very helpful for me personally because I am working on the creation and launch of an online course series. As I move through this process I have been researching lead page generators as well as research on InfusionSoft.

    Amy provided (as she always does) excellent tips on building and launching online training programs.

    I stay so busy out in the field training that it is hard to carve out the time to read blogs, watch a Webinar or listen to a podcast; so I have to be very selective about what I choose to watch and/or listen to. Your podcast is one of few that I take the time to listen to.

    Thanks Jon.


    • Jon Loomer

      Love it, Donna! Thanks so much for carving out the time for me.

  • Dave Conrey

    By far one of my favorite episodes, Jon. I’m a big fan of Amy’s and I’m glad you two got to sit down and chat. Pure FB gold right here.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Dave! It was a lot of fun recording it.

  • Christopher Walker

    Such a helpful episode Jon and Amy. Thanks so much. Jon, your site has really helped me dig into FB a lot. Pretty pumped about the coming year as I put this all into action.


  • Stephanie Sammons

    Jon, made the cycling in 95 degree Dallas heat today awesome and much more bearable!

  • Katrina

    First time visiting your blog. Love the theme, podcast, and overall content! Thank you for sharing this facebook training! Awesome!

  • Jen Mulholland

    I think I must have been from your graph search had not seen you before and your info is great even for my small fancy shoe site business ‘down under’ I like your relaxed podcast! love a beer too ;) Will get on to Itunes and have a listen to it there…. already listen a few who are similar to your stuff. Great work and sooooo helpful.

186 Shares Facebook 77 Twitter 62 Buffer 13 Google+ 23 LinkedIn 9 Pin It Share 2 186 Shares ×