Alternatives to Wildfire and NorthSocial for Facebook Page Applications

Wildfire made the following announcement on Tuesday:

…we’ve decided that we’ll be retiring our Basic, Standard, and Premium promotions after June 30th. We’ll continue to offer promotions as part of our Social Marketing Suite. We understand that some of you will still want to run standalone promotions, so we’re glad to know that there are other companies dedicated to helping you do this. But we’ll be sad to see you go.

Wildfire I understand Wildfire’s move. They are focusing on enterprise level relationships. Small and medium sized businesses aren’t the target market.

How much will the suites cost? Well, they don’t publish that. You know what they say, though. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

This move away from small business has become a bit of a trend, unfortunately. I’ve heard of similar changes by NorthSocial that price out the smaller businesses.

Luckily for you, there are still some tools out there targeted at small businesses for building Facebook Page apps.

My Recommendation

ShortStack Logo I’ve been using ShortStack for over a year now. Full disclosure, that’s an affiliate link. But I only use affiliate links for the products I use and love (there are only five such products right now).

ShortStack has five pricing options (unlimited number of pages for each):

  • Free: Up to 2,000 Fans (some limitations on widgets and features)
  • $30/Month: Up to 25,000 Fans (all widgets and nearly all features)
  • $75/Month: Up to 100,000 Fans (full white label and all features)
  • $150/Month: Up to 250,000 Fans (full white label and all features)
  • $300/Month: No Fan Limit (full white label and all features)

There’s a long list of reasons that I love ShortStack, but here are a few:

  • 30 Widgets and easy drag-and-drop interface
  • 75 templates for things like contests, sweepstakes and contact forms
  • Custom CSS, HTML and iFrames for designers
  • Awesome customer service

I actually wrote a review of ShortStack a year ago, so make sure you check that out. While the product has been updated since then, why I love the product still applies.

Other Options

Of course, you should be educated on all of the options. Just know that I have limited knowledge of the rest of these in terms of building apps, so I can’t provide an educated recommendation. And the pricing is often not apples to apples, so be careful of pricing that may seem too good to be true.

AgoraPulse: Between $29/month and $299/month, depending on the size of your Page. Note that this tool is used for much more than just apps, so this is just a bonus. This is also an affiliate link because I use AgoraPulse for a lot of my Facebook Insights analysis.

Blazon: Price depends on the features. Anywhere from $5 per promotion plus $.99 per day to $199 per promotion plus $3.99 per day.

EasyPromos: Price depends on features, and apparently limited to one Page. $15 per promotion for fewer than 5,000 Fans, $100 for 5,000-50,000 and $250 for 50,000+.

FaceItPages: $15/month for up to six tabs, $29/month for up to 15 tabs and $125/month for up to 60.

Heyo: Pricing is based on both number of Pages and tabs. Depending on your needs, cost can be anywhere from $3 per month (1 Page and one tab) to $95 per month (unlimited Pages and tabs).

PageModo: Free for 1 Page and 1 tab, $6.25/month for 1 Page and 3 tabs, $13.25/month for 3 Pages and unlimited tabs, $33.25/month for unlimited Pages and unlimited tabs.

ShortStack: Mentioned above!

Fan Page Toolkit: There’s a free version and options of $10, $15 and $25 per month depending on features and number of pages.

TabFusion: $40/year for one app or $200/year for unlimited apps.

Tabsite: Free for 2 tabs with ads and minimal features, $10/month for four tabs and a few more features, $19/month for 11 tabs and more features, $30/month for two-stage contests and all features.

thruSocial: Free for one app, $20/month for more features and unlimited apps, $29/month for all features.

Woobox: $1/month for 1 promotion with fewer than 100 Fans, $15/month for 1 promotion and up to 1,000 Fans, $29/month for up to 20,000 Fans and unlimited promotions, $49/month for up to 50,000 Fans, $99/month for up to 100,000 Fans, $249/month for more than 100,000 Fans.

  • Sara Piccola

    Thanks Jon! Wildfire’s basic suite starts at $2500/month, I picked that up in their comments on their announcement.

    • Jon Loomer

      I think that’ll price a few people out, Sara!

      • Michael Maghsoudi

        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cha-ching lol

      • Maria Dykstra

        I agree – Wildfire revenue is a rounding error on Google P&L. Smaller brands are a lot of work for little return. It has a lot of potential to capture big budgets – there are very few enterprise systems for marketers and top brands are projected to increase their social media spend by 21%.

    • NickEllison


  • Mike Gingerich

    Appreciate the TabSite mention!

  • Antonio Calero

    I could give some figures on Wildfire, as I’ve been in conversations with them quite recently for a big account I manage… but will not disclose that figure without your authorisation. I can tell that it was on the 4 figures per month…

    Apart of that, I have also used Heyo (when it was Lujure), Woobox, Offerpop, AgoraPulse and now recently – following your recommendations – Shortstack. I must say without a doubt this last one is the best I’ve seen so far and the CSS editor with real-time canvas update is an awesome feature. However I think you must have some technical skills to get the most of it. Some of the other tools are more friendly for beginners.

  • JamesOborny


    We also have a very powerful suite of Facebook apps. . Bleapp includes sweepstakes, coupons, welcome page, locations, as well as our scratch off (instant win) promotion app. Demos: This week we are launching a new scratch off promotion app with prize coverage. This allows companies to offer potential prizes up to $1,000,000 or more. The prize coverage promotions can also be utilized on 1 or 1,000 Facebook pages at the same time! All apps support different languages and our system is built for agencies and includes features like the ability to customize the “Powered by” link. Single page plans start at $49.95 with no fan limits. Agencies receive discounts for multi-page accounts.

    Jim Oborny
    CEO Bleapp

  • Stuart Frank

    Hey Jon, As the creator of the newest kid on the block – – I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look and consider adding it to your list. FanBoom is ideal for users who want to use the familiar WordPress interface to do some very cool things on their Facebook pages.

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  • Emeric Ernoult

    Thanks Jon! Happy to be in the list :-) And Sara is right, Wildfire now starts at $2,500 / month, that makes our $29 look almost 100 times more affordable ;-)

    More and more brands with enterprise like features have made the choice to scale their pricing up, way up, Wildfire is the latest on the list. This is not our vision, but there is no right or wrong model, this is just a matter of choice, and what kind of customers you want to serve. We work very hard to serve ours well!

    • Antonio Calero

      One of the reasons they gave me to justify such costs was a 24/7 customer service and dedicated staff (account manager and tech guys)…. well, I must say that the few times I’ve had an issue with your platform I have always received a response very quickly (even on weekends!). So keep up the good work – and please: do not change your vision.

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  • Ahmed Dawood

    Wildfire prides being bought over by Google which is why the move. As a social agency none of our clients can afford that.

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  • Scott Ayres

    Did anyone even use Wildfire anyway?? Oh and I love how people are posting links to their own app they are peddling.. People never learn..

    • Jon Loomer

      The one post I regret writing was one about buying likes. Now the comments are bombarded by people selling likes. I delete and ban constantly, doesn’t matter.

  • Holly Wade


    Thanks for the info. I hadn’t heard the Wildfire news. I will say I’m a little disappointed; I’ve used them for promotions in the past and liked them. I will look into these other options and will pass the info on to my clients.


  • Jim Rocket

    Hey Jon,
    You should clearly take a look at Kontestapp: A cutting-edge platform to create and spread promotions on several channels and device, with complete analytics and CRM. We’d love a feedback!

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  • sabine

    Here is another option,

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  • Giancarlo Massaro

    Hi Jon,

    I’d like to add another to the list – for those interested in sweepstakes only, check out to build, run, and manage sweepstakes on your own website.

  • akash malik

    Hi Jon,

    I’d like to add another to your list – Please check our apps . A set of 5 apps (incl Facebook Store) is free here – We will offer more Free apps very shortly.

    Akash Malik
    Founder Apps Mav

  • Jenny @ Abundant.Life

    Great article…but what I really want to know is where you got your social sharing plugin floating on the left. It’s gorgeous!!! :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Jenny! It’s the Flare plugin.

      • Jenny @ Abundant.Life


        • Jenny @ Abundant.Life

          I’m totally hacking it and adding some stuff. ;) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how it ads the stuff at the top.

  • Matt

    what about offerpop? my favorite platform, and I’ve tried a bunch.

  • Akash Malik

    Hi Jon,
    I hope you don’t mind my plug for our suite of facebook apps . We have some industry vertical apps as well for e.g. Facebook Shop App, Restaurant & Cafe App, Hotel App. We will also be launching some transactional apps which will instantly reward Fans with unique vouchers and coupons which can be used on the merchants’websites.
    Founder Apps Mav

  • Matt

    you forgot offerpop!

  • Alex Shamy

    Thanks for mentioning Heyo, John. Glad to see there is still a thriving market despite Facebook’s latest changes to their rules.

  • Biljana Lukovic

    Hi, John,
    Hope you don’t mind if I put a recommendation for since we offer a wide range of applications for Facebook fan pages – from sweepstakes to business and management tools. Various applications offer has been distributed in 6 different categories, bases of different fan page categorization and business needs. A bouquet of 20+ applications are designed to help fan page admins run their pages and convert visitors into followers and eventually into customers. We don’t have fan page likes limitation, we offer different apps’ editions tailored to fit different businesses in size and numbers and we offer professional Agency Partner Program with various yearly benefits. Apps are customizable, flexible and easy to use with rich gallery of ready-made skins, fully mobile enabled and professional. Take a look at video tutorials and presentations on megafanapps YouTube channel and for more info, contact us 24/7.
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    Biljana Lukovic,
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  • Bernard

    Has anyone used Fandrive ?